Construction Support System High Strength Scaffolding Steel Props

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Heavy Duty and Light Duty


Galvanized, Painted, HDG, Powder Coated


Pallets or as Customer's Requirements

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Pallets or As Customer's Requirements
Delivery Detail:25 Days


2.Heavy and Light Duty 
3.Material: Steel 
4.Surface: Galvanized or HDG or Painted or Powder Coated

Product Description



OEM Service is offered

Stable and Durable

High Strength

Material: Steel

Type: Heavy Duty and Light Duty

Surface : Galvanized or HDG or Painted or Powder Coated

Package : Pallets or As Customer's Requirements

Delivery Time: 25days

Custom Made: Available

1. We are experienced manufacturer in Hebei with more than 4 years experience and cooperating with more many countries.


2. We supply qualified products which are certified by SGS and ISO9001:2008. Strict QC to make sure your profit.


3. Timely delivery can be guaranteed because we have a factory which covers an area of 30000sqm and its daily output is more than 50 tons.


4.  A competitive price can be offered because we are a professional manufacturer of scaffolding with an advantage on cost-controlling & production management.



Our main products include formwork system, concrete machine, racking system, all kinds of scaffolding system, scaffolding accessories, and etc.

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Q:Can I re pierce my scaffold that once rejected?
No. If it rejected it the first time than don't try it again. Leave it alone.
Q:is a off shore scaffold er class as a trade?
Scaffolder is not considered to be a trade in Australia and is not included on any lists of occupations that are eligible for an immigration visa. Having a job offer or employer sponsorship makes no difference - the occupation is simply not eligible. The occupation is ANZSCO code 821712 Scaffolder and no Level 8 occupations are included on any lists.
Q:Bowl button steel pipe scaffolding and fastener scaffolding comparison, which is good stability
In the sandwich board outside the sticky layer of thin plywood
Q:Building construction bowl button steel pipe scaffolding and fastener scaffolding which cost high
Polystyrene foam board is the cheapest, extruded board is good but expensive
Q:Snug or scaffold piercing?
I love and have both but I do favor my scaffold due to the fun wavy bars that are available =] lol. Hope this helps!
Q:Scaffold/Industrial Piercing Hypertrophy Scar Tissue..?
i'm not real sure what your asking,but i had an industrial and mine got ripped out from the top and i have a scar a small dent-looking thing in skin where it ripped.but it's been almost six months now since it got tore out and the bump is finally gone..
Q:How do the townspeople in the Scarlet Letter react to Hester as she stands on the scaffold?
They react by mocking her. To Hester it is a humiliating experience. It is meant to be one. This reveals the childish nature of the puritanical society at the time. There is Aso a bit of irony in the fact that they are supposed to be looking down on her when intact literally, she is looking down at them because the scaffold is mounted about 4-5 feel up.
Q:Full house scaffolding acceptance should pay attention to what the problem
It can climb up or down along the building This system makes the scaffolding technology completely changed: one is not to turn the shelf; the second is to remove the scaffolding of the dismantling process (after assembly has been used to complete the construction), and not limited by the height of the building, The manpower and the material are saved And in the security point of view for the traditional scaffolding have a greater improvement In the high-rise buildings with great development advantages But also has the structure of fixed shortcomings Floor scaffolding: Advantages: 1) bearing capacity When the scaffolding geometry and construction in line with the relevant requirements of the specification, under normal circumstances, scaffolding single tube column bearing capacity of up to 15kN ~ 35kN (15tf ~ 35tf, design) Fastener steel scaffolding 2) easy assembly and disassembly, erection flexible As the length of the pipe is easy to adjust, fastener connection is simple, and thus can be adapted to a variety of flat, facade buildings and structures with scaffolding 3) more economical, simple processing, a low investment costs; if carefully designed scaffold geometry, pay attention to improve the use of steel pipe turnover, the amount of material can also achieve better economic results Fastener steel pipe frame equivalent to about 15 kg per square meter of building steel The bolt tightening torque should not be less than 40N · m, and should not be greater than 65N · m; [1] 2) The bar at the node is eccentric, 3) The connection quality of the fastener joints is significantly affected by the quality of the fastener itself and the operation of the workers The connection quality of the fastener joints is significant
Q:Can I change my scaffold barbell to a clear one?
My industrial (scaffold) piercing got infected about six months after I got it pierced and I took out my bar and switched it to a new bar and it actually helped clear up the infection. You've had it long enough you can change the piercing and changing the bar might help with the infection. Just make sure you clean the piercing with a warm sea salt soak daily and the infection with clear up a lot faster. Good luck!
Q:What percentage of fall-related deaths result from workers falling from scaffolding?
Apparently around fifty workers die each year from falling from scaffolding in the United Kingdom. Now, I don't know the stats, but if you think about all the old people who fall, the number of general unfortunate accidents and riding/cycling and other sport related deaths, I would imagine that the percentage is pretty low. I assume the general percentage would be about the same in the uk and us?

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