Stainless Steel Protective Film

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What are the screen saver tips?
With the widespread popularity of laptops, users spend more and more time working on computers every day.
What are the screen protector brands?
· Hong Kong card Deng Shi AR protective film
What is the material of the screen protector?
PP material protective film is the first to appear in the market, the chemical name is polypropylene, there is no adsorption capacity, the general glue to stick, tear off the screen will leave a mark on the glue, a long time will corrode the screen.
What is a screen protector?
Coating, can play the role of scratch, the best screen protection film is involved in metal elements,
Notebook screen protective film how to paste?
Personal opinion: because the laptop screen is the most important hardware, and in the course of the screen will produce a lot of heat, in order to facilitate the use of the screen in the process of generating a lot of heat dissipation, or do not paste the screen protective film,
What are the relevant parameters of the screen protector?
While the laptop computer protective film transmittance is generally around 85%, better in about 90%.