Scaffolding Round Steel Tube

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Product Description:

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0.5 - 2.5 mm

Outer Diameter:
20 - 219 mm
Place of Origin:
Shandong China (Mainland)
Secondary Or Not:
Structure Pipe
Surface Treatment:
Special Pipe:
EMT Pipe
Alloy Or Not:
plain end

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:In bundle,wooden cases,non woven cloth or bags,or as required.
Delivery Detail:DURING 25 days


BS EN10219 scaffolding steel tube
1.W.T :0.5-2.5mm
2.O.D :20-219mm

NameBS EN10219 scaffolding steel tube
StandardASMEAS106 ASMESA210 ASMESA213 ASMESA335 DIN17175 GB3087 GB5310
GradeA,B,V,T11,T12,T22,T91,St35.8,St45.8 ,20#,20G,20MnG,20MoG,15GrMoG,12Cr1MoVG
Lengthas required
Packagewrapped in buandles with strips,black painting,plastic caps on both ends,according to customer's requirements
Delivery timeduring 25 days after receiving customer's deposit
PaymentT/T L/C Paypal  Western union

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Q:Full house scaffolding acceptance should pay attention to what the problem
It can climb up or down along the building This system makes the scaffolding technology completely changed: one is not to turn the shelf; the second is to remove the scaffolding of the dismantling process (after assembly has been used to complete the construction), and not limited by the height of the building, The manpower and the material are saved And in the security point of view for the traditional scaffolding have a greater improvement In the high-rise buildings with great development advantages But also has the structure of fixed shortcomings Floor scaffolding: Advantages: 1) bearing capacity When the scaffolding geometry and construction in line with the relevant requirements of the specification, under normal circumstances, scaffolding single tube column bearing capacity of up to 15kN ~ 35kN (15tf ~ 35tf, design) Fastener steel scaffolding 2) easy assembly and disassembly, erection flexible As the length of the pipe is easy to adjust, fastener connection is simple, and thus can be adapted to a variety of flat, facade buildings and structures with scaffolding 3) more economical, simple processing, a low investment costs; if carefully designed scaffold geometry, pay attention to improve the use of steel pipe turnover, the amount of material can also achieve better economic results Fastener steel pipe frame equivalent to about 15 kg per square meter of building steel The bolt tightening torque should not be less than 40N · m, and should not be greater than 65N · m; [1] 2) The bar at the node is eccentric, 3) The connection quality of the fastener joints is significantly affected by the quality of the fastener itself and the operation of the workers The connection quality of the fastener joints is significant
Q:What are the design requirements for fastener type steel pipe scaffolds
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Q:What are the structural requirements for steel pipe scaffolds
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Q:I made one of those 'Scaffold' things, except I left in the root. It is OK?
Now dat be sum tung twistin yumbo gumbo der
Q:Novice scaffolding erection, steel banding, template installation, concrete pouring common problems and precautions!
Do the support point with the need to run so long how to support a person not to mention shop bamboo and springboard
Q:Steel pipe scaffolding door, bowl button, button button, plate sales are what they look like?
Polystyrene foam is divided into expansive EPS and continuous extrusion XPS two, compared with EPS sheet, XPS board is the third generation of rigid foam insulation material, from the process it overcomes the EPS board The locusts are the production process that can not be replaced by the EPS board
Q:Ironically, how does Hester find refuge on the scaffold?
Symbolically the scaffold represents the strict moral code of the Puritans. It displays Hester's act and her punishment and the only place where Dimmesdale is safe from the reach of Chillingworth. It also represents acknowledgment of sin. It is here that both Hester and Dimmesdale acknowledge their sin.
Q:I put studs in my scaffolding...?
Did it hurt? You should be able to get the bar back thru, I know I personally make the hole in my helix bigger than the earring I usually wear in it. Its tender for a few days then its fine.
Q:How to write Feature articles, Letters to the editors and editorials Can i please have a scaffold 4 mi yearlys
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Q:industrial (scaffold) or belly piercing?
I have my belly button pierced and i would definatley go with that. Pretty much, the only pain for the bellybutton is getting it pierced then it doesnt hurt after (unless you hit it WHICH HURTS ALOT) it takes a while to heal but doesnt hurt and you can change it. I have my cartilage pierced and WOW. it hurt alot and it hurts for a longer time afterwards. The peircer may say you cant get your industrial if your ear is too small and if your cartilage is thick it will hurt alot more. personally i would say go with belly button., :)

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