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What does the scaffold represent to the Puritan community in the Scarlet Letter?
Every chapter in The Scarlet Letter has symbols displayed through characterization, setting, colors, and light. The most dramatic chapters using these techniques are the chapters comprising the three scaffold scenes and the meeting in the forest between Hester and Dimmesdale. Hawthorne’s ability to introduce these symbols and change them through the context of his story is but one of the reasons The Scarlet Letter is considered his masterpiece and a peerless example of the romance novel. Think about what takes place on the scaffold in all three scenes.
I was at work today hauling boxes 60 feet up on scaffolding and was wondering when I hauled the box up, would the forces acting on the box make it harder to pull up as I got higher?
To my knowledge, the only force on the box to reckon with in your question is the force of gravity. For all practical purposes it stays the same in that distance you're working with. Gravity does decrease the higher up you go, but you won't notice it at all just going 60 feet. The box might feel heavier as you go up higher just due to your muscles getting tired from hauling it up the scaffold.
i'm writing a poem through the eyes of a scaffolding used to hang witches in the salem witch trials... and i wanted to know if people died abruptly when hung this way? or did they suffocate? i've come to believe that a scaffold had a trap door or a floor that would fall out of place and thus the 'witch' would hang.. so did the fall break their necks? or did they slowly suffocate?
it was designed to break a persons neck, but some people werent so lucky and had to hang there till they suffocated.
Where can I find safety standards for Scaffolding?
ANSI A10.8-2001 Safety Requirements for Scaffolding Scope: Establishes safety requirements for the construction, operation, maintenance, and use of scaffolds used in the construc- tion, demolition and maintenance of build- ings and structures.
I got a 16 gauge barbell going through two parts of my cartilage. It's at the top of my cartilage and the other one is right on the little bit of cartilage left down by the ear lobe. is that industrial? because I keep on hear people talk about the cartilage hurting more then the other one. does that mean I don't have industrial?
Same thing.
as what the topic name, what is the inspection work that should be carried out before and when erecting the scaffold ?
The place where its being erected the type of scaffold the type of clamps the material it is made of and the actual design of the constructed scaffold. and is the set up according to regulations.
I have been pierced for around 3 months beginning to have a few problems with it which are starting to worry me. Firstly bumps have appeared on each hole which my piercer said were scars that should heal within 4 weeks is this true? my bottom hole has got some loose skin beside it which bleeds most times that I clean it,why is that there,is it normal? Over all,the piercing does not look very nice to look at with all this going on. Help?
Same probelms! q: The bumps are hypo-something scarring. Cant exactly remember the name. The bleeding and extra skin is normal but not healthy. Chica, sounds like you have infection, but not bad. Do three salt water soaks a day, and clean in with antibacterail soap in the shower, and everything should be back to normal within the week! q: salt water soaks: mix a cup of hot water and 1/4 teaspoon of pure sea salt take cotton swabs and drench the solution on your ear for ten min. five per hole.
When I got my piercing done there was quite alot of blood, it was caked into my hair and all over my ear, I went home and cleaned it up with cotton buds and then went out. When I woke up this morning there was so much blood all in my hair and on my ear so i'm pretty worried. Is this normal? Some of it even looked like little bloodclots.
I wouldn't worry too much. I have a friend whose did this as well. Turns out that she just happened to be someone who bled a lot with that kind of piercing. Mine didn't do that, everyone's is kinda different. If you're really worried, there's no harm in seeing a doctor just to make sure, but they may just reassure you that you just happen to be someone whose ears get a lot of circulation. Eventually, my friend just took hers out because, as you probably know, it takes around a year for it to heal well enough, and hers would continue to bleed when it tugged as she slept or hit it or anything so I'm not sure if it ever would have eased up.