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Inner plate outer plate reinforcement plate
Sub-frame belongs to the chassis pieces ... ...
Solid wood floor keel how much money party?
Price varies. 1, the density of uniform selection of the density of the wooden keel, hand with a heavy feeling, with the fingernail to pull there will be no obvious traces of hand-pressed wooden keel flexible, easy to recover after bending, will not break. Hand ringing sound crisp crisp, because this fir is generally grown in the mountains, but also in the north, after the north wind blowing more and more tough. 2, cut the surface to see the selection of wood keel cross section of the child single powder pole put mad borers small size specifications are in line with the requirements, whether enough. Wood keel tail is smooth and uniform, can not have some places large, some places small. 3, the wood festival to less march less, smaller keels, if the wood knot and more will break from the wood knot. Nails, screws do not go in the knots or cut off the keel. Will lead to grass-roots is not strong.
What materials and accessories are required for solid wood flooring installation?
The first is the wood keel, pest control powder, moisture-proof pad, floor glue.
Open a decorating material shop to how much money is to sell floor gypsum board buckle plate integrated ceiling wooden doors ceiling accessories wallpaper
In recent years the economic downturn, or do not dry
RT, my house is the kind of flooring on the floor of the tile, and the family did not use the carpet, I would like to ask, this is suitable for a vacuum cleaner? The The Bought the words, can not clean the home? The The Because I listen to friends like floor tiles do not use blankets do not fit with a vacuum cleaner look! The Power penalty duo nuclear Xin Ge geese too brave to ask this master to answer the next! The The Thank you! More
Yes, I was in contact with this line. Now the vacuum cleaner is generally used in the two power penalty duo nuclear Xin Ge geese too brush with a brush, in the clean floor when you can open the brush, while rubbing the edge of cleaning more convenient! Now the vacuum cleaner on the market to choose more, but must pay attention to the motor suction and filtration effect, the same power suction is not necessarily the same, which depends on the conversion rate, Lake vacuum cleaner in the same industry in the highest rate, while the use of cyclone three generations of technology So that the filter effect is better, not easy to block, to ensure that the motor suction does not decline. In fact, the use of vacuum cleaner is still a lot, not only can suck the ground, while wearing accessories can also clean up the keyboard ah, bed sheets, curtains, furniture and so on are very good! More convenient than with a rag
What are the PVC trough models?
What is the square trunking of twelve ten square cables?...
The floor and the door has been fixed down yesterday, the ridge storage storey vegetable chop chop chicken door loaded up, the effect is not ideal, too no sense of hierarchy, what color wall for help, because the wall is currently in the state of gray! Pictures! More
In short, are not white with the white will look like that is very monotonous, must be accompanied by light, dark words will feel the door ridge storage storey vegetable chop chop chicken is equipped with, will feel very coordination
World Friends of the floor 5A service specifically refers to what?
5A service and 5A quality is supporting, because the overall effect of solid wood flooring and quality is not only associated with the installation is also very important