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Quick Details

2 - 9 mm

Outer Diameter:
33.4 - 114.3 mm
Place of Origin:
Tianjin China (Mainland)
Secondary Or Not:
Surface Treatment:
Special Pipe:
Thick Wall Pipe
Alloy Or Not:
Brand Name:
Strip Steel
Ending Type:
Plain end, cutting etc
Welded Line Type:
Welding technique:
Other Application:
Machine structure, water and gas transfer etc.
L/C at Sight:
Delivery Condition:
Bulk Shipping or Container
Business type:
manufacturer and trading company
Main Market::
the Middle East,Afric and Southeast Asia
BS 1387,BS EN10296,BS 6323,BS 6363,BS EN10219,GB/T 9711.1-1997,GB/T 3091-2001,GB/T3901,ASTM A53-2007,ASTM A671-2006,ASTM A252-1998,ASTM A450-1996,ASME B36.10M-2004,ASTM A523-1996,API 5L,BS,GB,ASTM,API

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:packing in bundle with steel strips; with seaworthy package at the end; could be done with your requirement.
Delivery Detail:within 10-30 days after receipt of deposit, ASAP


1.Material: Q235-Q345
3.WT:2-9mm time:15-30days



Welding TechniqueElectric Resistance Welding(ERW)
StandardsASTM A53, BS1387, GB/T9711, GB/T3901
Payment TermsL/C at sight, D/A, D/P, T/P Western Union, MoneyGram acceptable, T/T preferred
Applicationgreenhouse pipes, scaffolding pipes, transportation the ocean oil and gas, mechanical tube of ocean platform, power station, chemical industry and building, construction foundation piles, steel structure building, for low-pressur fluid service, steel structure bridges etc.
Additional Fabracationplain ends pipe,cutting threading, beveled, 3PE steel pipe, black and color painting, anti-rusting oilsteel pipe, varnish paintingsteel pipe, zinc-coating steel pipe, steel stamp, drilling, diameter reducing pipe etc.
Supply Experience10 years
Business TypeManufacturer and Trading Company
Cooperation ShipownerMSK, CMA, MSC, HMM, COSCO, UA, NYK, OOCL, HPL, YML, MOL
RemarksWe can do unregular orders as customers requests! All kinds of steel hollow pipes can be provided. Don't hesitated to contact us.

Yes, steel tube couplers are adjustable for different widths in scaffolding. These couplers are designed to connect steel tubes together to create a stable and secure scaffolding structure. They typically feature threaded bolts or nuts that can be tightened or loosened to adjust the width of the coupler. This allows for flexibility in constructing scaffolding systems that can accommodate different widths and dimensions. The adjustability of steel tube couplers makes them a versatile and convenient choice for scaffolding applications.
There are several common reasons for failure or malfunction of steel tube couplers. One of the primary reasons is improper installation. If the coupler is not properly aligned and tightened, it can lead to misalignment or slippage, causing the joint to fail. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and use the correct tools to ensure a secure and tight connection. Another common reason is corrosion. Steel tube couplers are often exposed to various environmental conditions, such as moisture, chemicals, or extreme temperatures, which can lead to corrosion. Over time, this corrosion can weaken the coupler and compromise its structural integrity, eventually resulting in failure. Inadequate maintenance or neglect can also contribute to the failure of steel tube couplers. Regular inspections, cleaning, and lubrication are necessary to prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris, or rust that can hinder the proper functioning of the coupler. Failure to maintain the couplers can accelerate their deterioration and increase the risk of malfunction. Furthermore, exceeding the load capacity is a significant cause of failure. If the coupler is subjected to excessive loads or stresses beyond its design specifications, it can result in deformation, cracking, or even complete failure of the joint. It is crucial to ensure that the coupler is used within its recommended load limits to prevent any potential failures. Lastly, poor quality materials or manufacturing defects can also contribute to the failure or malfunction of steel tube couplers. In some cases, the couplers may have weak spots, inconsistencies, or defects that compromise their strength and durability. It is essential to source couplers from reputable manufacturers and suppliers to minimize the risk of receiving faulty products. In conclusion, the common reasons for failure or malfunction of steel tube couplers include improper installation, corrosion, inadequate maintenance, exceeding load capacity, and poor quality materials or manufacturing defects. By addressing and preventing these issues, the reliability and performance of steel tube couplers can be significantly improved.
Scaffolding systems with different tube finishes can still utilize steel tube couplers. These couplers are specially designed to securely connect and fasten scaffolding tubes together, regardless of the finish they possess. The main purpose of these couplers is to establish a robust and reliable connection between the tubes, guaranteeing the stability and structural integrity of the entire scaffolding system. As long as the dimensions and specifications of the tubes align with the couplers, the finish of the tubes should not impact their compatibility. However, it is crucial to ensure that the couplers are firmly tightened and properly secured to the tubes, irrespective of their finish, in order to maintain the overall strength and safety of the scaffolding system.
Indeed, curved scaffolding structures can utilize steel tube couplers. These couplers possess great versatility, enabling the connection of steel tubes at different angles and positions. This adaptability facilitates the construction of curved scaffolding structures. By employing various coupler types, such as swivel or adjustable couplers, the steel tubes can be connected and manipulated to achieve the desired curved configuration. Consequently, steel tube couplers prove to be an optimal selection for erecting scaffolding structures that demand curved or unconventional shapes.
Yes, steel tube couplers can be used for scaffolding in uneven or sloped terrains. Steel tube couplers are versatile and can be adjusted to fit different angles and slopes. By using adjustable couplers and base plates, scaffolding can be set up securely on uneven or sloped terrains. It is important to ensure that the scaffolding is properly leveled and stabilized to maintain safety and stability. Additionally, using adjustable legs or base plates can help to compensate for the unevenness of the terrain and provide a stable foundation for the scaffolding structure.
Steel tube couplers significantly enhance the overall flexibility and adaptability of scaffolding systems. By connecting different components, such as tubes and boards, they allow for easy adjustment and modification of the structure. This ensures that scaffolding can be tailored to fit various dimensions, angles, and heights, making it versatile and suitable for different construction projects. Moreover, steel tube couplers facilitate quick assembly and disassembly, enabling efficient reconfiguration and relocation of the scaffolding system as needed.
Yes, steel tube couplers can be used for scaffolding projects in seismic areas with high ground motion. Steel tube couplers are commonly used in scaffolding systems due to their strength and stability. They provide a secure connection between tubes, ensuring the overall stability and safety of the scaffold structure. In seismic areas with high ground motion, it is crucial to use reliable and durable components to withstand the forces generated by earthquakes. Steel tube couplers are designed to handle such dynamic loads and are suitable for scaffolding projects in seismic areas with high ground motion.
Yes, steel tube couplers can be used in both indoor and outdoor scaffolding applications. They are designed to provide a secure connection between steel tubes, ensuring stability and safety in various environments.
Yes, steel tube couplers can be used in scaffolding projects that require access through walls or openings. These couplers allow for secure and sturdy connections between steel tubes, allowing scaffolding to be easily maneuvered and adjusted to fit through narrow spaces or openings in walls. They provide a reliable solution for scaffolding projects that require access through walls or openings.
To calculate the required number of steel tube couplers for a specific scaffolding project, you need to consider the total number of tubes to be connected and the specific design requirements. Each tube connection typically requires two couplers, so the number of couplers needed is half the total number of tube connections.

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