Pulley-clip Scaffolding

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Pulley-clip Scaffolding


①Safe & Stable  The pulley-clip scaffold has perfect mechanical properties:The theoretical data of the eccentric distance of the vertical pole joints of pulley-clip scaffold is zero,which improves the axial compressive strength of the vertical poles,plays the mechanical properties of the material and impressive entire stability.Furthermore,the tensile forces and pressures on each joint of the pulley-clip scaffold in operation are in reasonable distribution state,which ensures the pulley-clip scaffold has perfect rigidity and entire stability.
②Efficient & Economic By the statistics,the connecting and dismounting efficiency of pulley-clip scaffold is 6-8 tines higher than coupler scaffold,5-7 times higher than frame scaffold,3-4 times higher than cup-lock scaffolding.The steel tube scaffold does not have any special locking part structurally, which greatly improves the locking reliability..The connecting and dismounting speed is fast with distinct effect in high rise and high altitude operation.Simple process saves construction time and effort,and reduces labor intensity.
③Ultra-low Loss  Realize that the steel scaffold does not have moving spare parts strcturally and solve the easy loss,
Easy damage and uneasy transportation problems of the spare parts of the scaffold. The building and dismounting are safer with more distinct role in high-rise and high altitude operations. The lost and stolen rate is below 0.5%.
④Wide Application  It adapts to the technical characteristics and economic characteristics of the engineering, can be used independently and solves the problem of joint use with the cup lock scaffold, which provides convenience in technology and economic benefit for the building site which has used cup lock scaffold in large amount to use pulley-clip scaffold.


Q:I was doing steel grille, ready to erect a fastener full scaffolding, an area of .100 square meters, 6m high. Need the length of the tube length? How many buckle?
In China, bamboo scaffolding in small and medium construction units is more common, one is very low cost, 2 lighter than the steel scaffolding
Q:Engineering construction safety aspects of the norms of which? Which set of standards in the artificial digging wall related content? Please list, thank you
(A), erection of the preparatory work before the erection of units of the project should be the person in charge of the scaffolding demolition plan requirements, the safety of technology for the end of the workshop, the two sides to fulfill the signing procedures
Q:a 617 N window washer is standing on a scaffold supported by a vertical rope at each end. The scaffold weighs 385 N and is 4.48m long. Assume the window washer stnads 1.06m from the left end.What is the tension of the rope on the right?What is the tension of the rope on the left?Answer in units of N.
Set up a net moment equation. To find the tension in the rope on the right use the spot where the left rope connects to the scaffold as rotation point. Then it's just force times distance for the rope and the man and the net moment will be zero. For the the left end use the right side as your rotation point. Tr (x1) + Wm(x2) = 0 Tr = Tension in right rope x1 = length of board Wm = Weight of man x2 = man's distance from left rope.
Steel tube couplers can be used to connect scaffold tubes of varying sizes, ensuring compatibility and safety in scaffolding structures. These couplers, also referred to as scaffolding clamps, are specifically designed to securely connect two scaffold tubes. They come in different sizes and configurations to accommodate various tube sizes and types, such as the commonly used 48.3mm (1.9 inches) outside diameter tubes. Equipped with either a threaded bolt or wedge mechanism, these couplers can be tightened to create a robust and stable joint between the tubes.
Q:It's a fiberglass flooring with scaffolding at the bottom to completely cover a pool.
check the Makati Business Club...
Q:Exterior scaffolding step, pitch, span, respectively, what is the meaning
The function is to send the heat of the hot water from the main machine through the axial fan Radiators distributed to the room and the shed, so that the room and the temperature inside the shed quickly increased, with dual effects of cold and warm
No, steel tube couplers are not adjustable for different heights in scaffolding with restricted access. Steel tube couplers are used to connect and secure steel tubes in scaffolding systems, but they do not have the capability to adjust the height of the scaffolding. In situations where there is restricted access and the scaffolding needs to be adjusted to different heights, alternative solutions such as adjustable base plates, telescopic props, or adjustable scaffolding systems should be considered. These options provide the flexibility to adjust the height of the scaffolding in restricted areas without the need for disassembling and reassembling the entire structure.
Yes, there are specific weight restrictions and limitations for steel tube couplers. The weight capacity or load-bearing capacity of a steel tube coupler depends on various factors such as its size, design, material, and quality. Steel tube couplers are typically designed and manufactured to meet specific load requirements and safety standards. The weight restrictions or limitations for steel tube couplers are typically mentioned by the manufacturer in the product specifications or guidelines. It is important to follow these guidelines and not exceed the recommended weight capacity to ensure the safe and proper functioning of the coupler. Factors such as the type and application of the coupler, the intended load, and the overall structural integrity of the system should also be considered when determining the weight restrictions for steel tube couplers. It is advisable to consult the manufacturer or a structural engineer for specific weight restrictions and limitations based on the specific application and requirements.
Steel tube couplers are a suitable option for supporting heavy loads or equipment on scaffolding. These couplers are designed specifically to securely connect two or more scaffolding tubes, offering a strong and dependable connection. Their construction enables them to withstand substantial loads and guarantee the stability and safety of the scaffolding structure. The utilization of steel tube couplers is widespread in construction and industrial environments, particularly when there is a need to support heavy equipment or loads on scaffolding. It is crucial to ensure that the installation of steel tube couplers is done correctly and that qualified professionals design and erect the scaffolding structure to guarantee its safety and stability.
Steel tube couplers are utilized in scaffolding to securely connect and join the diverse components of the scaffold structure. These couplers are specifically designed to establish a robust and dependable connection between the tubes, thereby ensuring stability and safety for the workers utilizing the scaffolding. The implementation of couplers enables the scaffolding to be conveniently assembled, disassembled, and altered, thereby allowing for flexibility and adaptability in construction projects. Additionally, these steel tube couplers possess corrosion resistance and exceptional load-bearing capabilities, rendering them suitable for a wide range of construction applications. In essence, the primary objective of utilizing steel tube couplers in scaffolding is to establish a stable and secure structure that effectively supports both workers and materials throughout the construction process.

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