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Drive to do a linear movement of the spiral, look at the net efficiency of the ball screw rod is relatively high, if the ball screw to make the counter revolution, is the nut with a one-way bearing vertical fixation, screw up and down reciprocating motion, so that you can do, if possible, wire rod length 40CM screw diameter, 8MM, vertical pressure 80N of the screw, choose the lead big nut can make the speed to 700 RPM in the under pressure?
But the rod itself can not be subjected to radial force, otherwise the life will be greatly reduced.Specific circumstances of specific analysis.
What kind of lubricant does nylon transmission use?
If you really need lubricating oil, choose the lowest viscosity is good, must be less, prevent seepage to the product; vegetable oil, edible oil can also
The axial force of this drive eliminates the problem of how to do it! Thank you for the exam tomorrow
It's too much trouble drawing you. Let's give you a train of thought.Bevel gear 1 and 2 drive the axis II to the right direction; in order to offset the force of the axis II, it requires the rotation of the helical gear to meet the gear 4 to gear 3 to the left of the force. (it's about coaxial steering.).
When the coupling is linked, can the drive shaft be thinner than the motor shaft?
Actually, the problem is mechanical mechanics.On the one hand, the size of the drive shaft in addition to considering the matching of the motor shaft
How to prevent the transmission shaft from breaking and falling off?
Must be maintained regularly in accordance with technical specifications. Make sure the parts are well secured and well lubricated.The strict implementation of the standard maintenance, maintenance in V type with a dial indicator measuring shaft bending, if more than 0.SInmSubject to correction.Lubricate the intermediate bearing periodically, and install the bearing cap properly, adjust it in use.Replace the worn cross axle, bearings and other transmission parts in time.In the use of vehicles, attention should be paid to starting, shifting smoothly, reasonably using clutch and brake to reduce the impact of power transmission.
What are the functions of an automobile powertrain? What is the function of each part of it?
Composition and distribution of automobile transmission system:The composition and layout of the automobile powertrain vary with the type of engine, the location of the installation, and the use of the car. For example, off-road vehicles are mostly driven by four wheels, and in the transmission system, the actuators and other assemblies are added. As for the vehicle with front lead, there is no transmission shaft in its drive train.
What part of the transmission mechanism of the walking conveyor?
Cone gear reducerYK series cone - cylindrical gear reducer for working conditions: ambient temperature -40 ~ 40 degrees; the input shaft speed of not more than 1500r/min, the gear meshing line speed is not greater than 25m/s, the motor starting torque is two times of the rated torque reducer. The characteristic of YK series: using a circular arc bevel gear and the one or two, three gear combination, the bevel gear as high level (four level reducer as level second), in order to reduce the size of the small bevel gear; gear are made of high quality alloy steel carburizing and quenching, refined processing, cylindrical gear accuracy reached GB/T10095 in the 6 stage, the bevel gear precision of GB/T11365 in grade 7;
This problem for a long time, a drive shaft with a key, how to fix the position after the rotation of concrete keyway, don't specify the rotation and rotation angle, through parallel or perpendicular to that location
What do I do if I want the slot above to be horizontal?