Galvanized Iron Wire In Coil With High Quality

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Item specifice

Galvanized Iron Wire
Cross Sectional Shape:
Construction Wire Mesh
Wild in Width:
Surface Treatment:
Metal Wire Drawing:
Cold Drawing
In Hard State
Metal Thick Wire
Galvanized Technique:
Hot Dipped Galvanized,Electro Galvanized

Product description
High Quality Galvanized Iron Wire
Material: High quality low carbon steel

Processing And Character: Have been gone through the process of wire drawing, acid washing, rust removing, annealing and coiling, it offers excellent flexibility and softness.

Usage: Used in weaving wire mesh, construction, handicrafts, express way fencing mesh, packaging of products and other daily uses.

Specification: Hot dipped galvanized iron wire, BWG24-BWG8; Electric galvanized iron wire: BWG36-BWG8

Product show
High Quality Galvanized Iron Wire
High Quality Galvanized Iron WireHigh Quality Galvanized Iron WireHigh Quality Galvanized Iron Wire 

Galvanized wire
gauge size


Q:1) How does the type of wire affect resistance?2) How does the length of wire affect resistance?3) How does the diameter of the wire affect resistance?4) How does temperature affect resistance?
1) How does the type of wire affect resistance? Wires can be made of different materials , and each material has its own resistance properties, some materials have high resistance and others have low resistance. 2) How does the length of wire affect resistance? Think of it this way , when increasing the length of the wire it will be harder for the electrons to pass through, which means higher resistance it will be. 3) How does the diameter of the wire affect resistance? Small diameter wires have high resistance , because when the diameter of the wire is small it will be hard for the electrons to pass through the wire, unlikely if it has big diameter then it has small resistance because now the electrons can move easy because of its big diameter. 4) How does temperature affect resistance? Temperature also effects wires resistance, when the temperature in the wire increases the resistance will also increase, to understand why imagine your self holding a wire and buring some area in it , what will happen is the heat will melt that section and cut the wire so its like an open circuit which means very high resistance (No electrons will pass through the wire). Good Luck.
Q:Has anyone ever used welding wire in their car audio setup?Is it more flexible or less than other car power wire? Is this a big problem?Is it a good or bad jacket?Would you use it again?I am looking at buying some welding wire from weldingsupply because it is .81 per foot. I would love to know if anyone has done this before and what they thought. The wire i am looking at is 4 gague.
i did almost 15 years ago it was ship and i like the wire the problem was engine noise for 3 months and i refuse to believe it was on a simple cable but once i replace it with 4 gauge normal inexpensive wire the noise was solve not a good idea
Q:My dog chewed the wiring and i dont know how to re-connect
Lets see, if your dog chewed the wires, he probably did it right at the valves. Here's what you do (depending on how many valves you have) 1. Each valve solenoid has 2 wires coming out of it. Grab one (of the 2- it doesn't matter which) wire from each valve and twist them together. Call this the COMMON wire (usually white). 2. Go to the clock/timer/controller and look to see where the wires are connected. Check to see which color wire is deginated as the COMMON wire (or doesn't have a station number designation) 3. Once you find out which wie is the common, go back to the valves and twist this wire onto your BUNDLE with a wire nut. 4. Connect the remaining wires at each valve to any corresponding wire (on the other end). Make sure that you eventually solidify these connections with waterproof wire connectors. 5. Check the stations at the clock, running individual stations and making sure the correct run-times correspond to the valve assignments- adjust or flip wires at the clock instead of switching wires at the valves.
Q:running wire from wall out let to a on and off switch and then to another outlet
your outlet has 4 poles on it, 2 on each side, run the existing wires (black and white) to the top poles, black (+) on the brass side, then run your new wires from the bottom poles to the switch. when you get to the switch run the black wire to either pole of the switch, and continue your white wire to the new outlet, then tie a black wire to the other side of the new outlet and back to the switch. remember that outlets have polarity, hook the hot (black) to the brass side only. if you have any doubts obtain skilled help, you can get hurt very quick or start a fire if you haven't wired it correctly.
Q:I am replacing an old outlet with a GFCI and I have encountered a red wire...what is the red wire for?
Just loose in the box or was it connected to the receptacle? If connected, it could be a switched wire to control half the receptacle. That won't work with a GFCI receptacle. Wire nut it off in the box.
Q:I have two black wires running to a light switch that I need to extend about a foot. I cannot identify the hot wire because both wires are black and I have no white wire. Can I cap off both wires and then test each with a voltmeter? If the circuit is not complete, will the hot wire still be live?
Both wires in a switch are in the hot leg. There is no neutral. One is the hot feed, the other goes to the hot wire of the device. If you have a neutral or a ground in the box, you can test for hot with a meter. Touch one probe to one black wire, the other to neutral or ground. If you get ~120V, that;s your hot. Otherwise, the other wire is. If all else fails, you can use a pen tester, but the meter is much more accurate. Hope this helps.
Q:Replacing my 3 prong dryer outlet but there is a blk, red, wht, and a bare wire in the box. I know where the colored ones go on the outlet but what do I do with the bare one? I didn't remove the old one so I don't know how the old 3 prong outlet was wired with these wires. Thanks.
Dryer Plug Wiring
Q:how do you hook up a wired connection with xbox 360 if you have an wireless connection(the wire included with the 360)
shady fox is right.
Q:I'm doing a science project on resistance and I need several different types of wire. I know to use copper wire, but what else could I ask for at a hardware store?
Types okorder
Q:In that chart it has 2 sections, one is maximum amps for chassis wiring and the other is maximum amps for power transmission. What is considered chassis wiring and what is considered power transmission?
Chassis wiring assumes each wire is routed separately, and power wiring assumes they are wired in a bundle. In chassis wiring the cooling of the conductors is better, because they are all exposed directly to air. In a bundle, some of the wires are not in direct contact withe the air.

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