Black Annealed Wire

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Xingang, China
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TT or LC
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5 M.T. m.t.
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2500 M.T. Per Month m.t./month
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Description of Black Annealed Wire     

1. Materials:

Low carbon steel wire (SAE 1006/1008, DIN17140/D7-1 D8-1)

2. Chemical composition:

C 0.06 - 0.12, Si below 0.30, Mn 0.25 - 0.50, P below 0.045, S below 0.050, Cr below 0.30, Ni below 0.30, Cu below 0.30

3. Wire Diameter:


4. Surface treatment:

black annealed

5. Tensile strength:

35 - 70kg/mm²

6. Elongation Rate:


7. Packing:

1 - 800kg/coil (individually wrapped and packed in pallets / boxes for ease of handling and storage) or plastic film inside and plastic cloth or hessian cloth outside.

Other customized packaging is available.

8. Usage:

Black Annealed Wire is mainly used as tie or binding wire in constructions . Very soft quality can grantee the good usage.

9. Popular Specifications

Black Annealed Wire

Wire gauge
































































23# to 38# also available for soft black iron wire (wire diameter from 0.17-4.5mm)


 black annealed wire

Black Annealed Wire

 black annealed wire


 black annealed wire


 black annealed wire

Q:Can anyone tell me how to connect a older model ceiling fan in a new house... the fan itself has one white, one black , one red, one bare wire and a green wire. The wiring in the ceiling has one white, one black, one green and one copper wire. Thanks!
hook the green to green - the copper to the copper - the white to the white . now the black in the ceiling gets hooked to red and black in the fan
Q:i already tried wiring this light, but it didn't work. I always thought black wire to black, white to white and ground to ground. i connected the light fixture black wire to the three black wires (as shown in image) and the light fixture white wire to the three white wires, and connected ground wires together.when i flipped on the breaker, the light came on with the switch on off and the breaker tripped. i'm assuming this is wrong and i provided an image as i see in my ceiling mount. Can somebody kindly direct me how to properly connect the light fixture to these wires. thanks!
without seeing the ceiling fixture container and wiring myself, i may well be hesitant to propose you as to what the greater wires are for. I anticipate which you mean the sector on the ceiling has those wires in them, not the ceiling fixture which you obtain, on account that that could have had a wiring diagram that explains what the wires may well be for. If I had to guess, i might say that the sector contains 3 wires because of the undeniable fact that it is going to have had a ceiling fan that operated on a various substitute than the easy, or possibly the easy is additionally controlled from 2 particular switches on unique aspects of the room, or may well be the two one in each of those. Do you have gotten an AC voltage tester to verify which wires are sizzling (stay) and which at the instant are not? I hate to propose this, although by potential of and massive your great wager is to conform with the wires back to their source to look what they're for. Do you have gotten a faux ceiling you are able to open up? Do the wires pass into the attic or crawlspace the place you ought to look at them jointly as not having to tear open the gypsum board or plaster ceiling? you ought to easily positioned all the whites mutually and all the blacks mutually, and verify the grounds are in place, hoping they have a reason. although now not information what they're there for is a sturdy thank you to rationale an electric fire. and that i'm specific doing that could now not be authorized via your close by electric development codes.
Q:but it says there are three Pink wires. There's not even three pink wires coming out of the car.The chassis/clip has been removed (by previous owner) and all that is left is the wires. All that is needed is a list of the colors and what they go to. Thanks.
Wiring okorder /
Q:The application is a bathroom light and exhaust fan combination. The fixtures wires are thiner than the supply wires. Should I wrap the thinner wire around the thicker wire or should I wrap them equally around each other? Then can I put a drop of solder on before I put the wire nut. Or is solder not a good idea?
If the supply wires are solid and the fixture wires are stranded put the stranded wire slightly past the end of the solid, say 1/16. Then put a yellow wire nut on them. Tug on the stranded wire to be sure it caught. If the wires are both solid, try twisting the larger wire around the smaller one. It is tricky but if you let your lineman's pliers slip a little as you twist it should work. Cut back to about 1/2 to 5/8 and install the yellow wire nut. Time was wires were soldered together, but properly installed wire nuts are just fine.
Q:when wiring subs to different ohm levels, does is matter what kind of speaker wire you use to connect to the + and - terminals? i mean like gauge wise of the speaker wire and such.
Too big of wire is just a waste of money. As Rick said, 12-16 is ideal for subs. 10 AWG would be the maximum size required.
Q:I just removed a Australian light switch that I've never seen before that controlled a bathroom ceiling fan and the bathroom light. (both buttons on a single panel switch)I have a black wire coming from the switch box that has 2 other black wires splitting out from the connection point, one of each going to the fan and the light. And a single black wire going to the ceiling fan and a red wire to the light.I'm just putting in your everyday off/on switch one for each the fan and the light. any help? what are the positive and negative wires?
The one that has a flat is the negative the one that has the bump is the positive! Hope i helped!
Q:I have a Escort 8500 x50 that I want to use in my 04' Chevy Trailblazer, I bought the hard wire kit, but which is the quot;positive ignition wire?It already includes the T-Tap I just don't know which wire to tap into! Any Help would be great!
The positive wire should be red and the ground black. You should tap into a wire that is ignition hot. Meaning it only has power when the ignition is on so it won't run down the battery. The easiest one to use would be the accessory port on the fuse panel. The ground needs to go to any good metal part. Find a screw that is in a large metal part, like the dash support, and wire it under the screw.
Q:I m wondering if there s a Neutral Wire in this picture (yes I turned off the breaker to get this photo). I want to put in a quot;Smart Light Switchand they require a Neutral Wire. I ll have an electrician do the work, but want to make sure the wire exists first.
The neutral is the white wire on the receptacle.
Q:awg is an american stander to manufacturing electrical wires
AWG has about 44 different size wires. Do you mean #19 as opposed to #10? #19 is usually not available, only even numbers, such as #18 or #20. so if you are using #19, it must be specially manufactured. #19 is a lot thinner than #10, 0.036 diameter vs 0.1 #10 can handle a lot more current then #19, 15 amps vs 2 amps edit: 12 awg (13x0.504+6x0.37) = 19 wires. 6rm ( 7x0.85) = 7 wires Those are called STRANDS. some wire is made up of strands of smaller wire twisted together so the wire is more flexible. But it can be all one strand, it can be a few, it can be hundreds, there is no real standard on that. If you search you can probably find #12 with 1 strand, 19 strands, or other numbers. Although 19 strands seems most common, there is no real reason for that number. .
Q:Having some trouble wiring fixture it seems to just stay on with the switch doing nothing.. here's the deal I have three different wires coming from ceiling power in, power out, and I believe switch.. there was a priovious light there so I know its correct just don't what wires go with what all help will be appreciated thanks
You have the incoming hot wired to the light, bypassing the switch. If you don't know what you're doing, get someone that does.
NEW STONE ,it is a factory which is specially in common nails,rrofing nails, galvanized wire wire. We have a production line for make common nails, coil nail, galvanized wire. Sold to the United States, Canada, Australia, Middle East and South America, Africa and other markets, and to high-quality product quality deeply overseas customer recognition and praise.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Hebei, China
Year Established 1998
Annual Output Value Above US$ more than 5,000,000
Main Markets Mid East; Eastern Europe and America; North America; and other coutries
Company Certifications ISO9001:2000

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 70%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 100 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above,1000,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 3 producce line,50 units machine
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Reasonable; Average;

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