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Causes of fog on DuPont nylon fr50 products
For this defect, the solution is to increase the melt temperature and increase the injection speed
CAD see others tagging is the corner mark, how to mark it out?
The corner mark in AutoCAD, this name is a bit special. In fact, when a horizontal or vertical distance is marked in linear form, the completed annotation is the corner mark.
Gypsum wire installation dimension, 10 cm corner line, how many corners should be removed?
Plaster line is the house decoration material, mainly indoor decoration. With a variety of patterns, practical and beautiful.
How can the aluminum alloy window be fixed with the corner and the whole frame?
Foshan windows and doors mature products manufacturers have matching doors and windows products dedicated corner, because the corner and the doors and windows connected to the width of the frame to coordinate. Generally used corner has 90 degrees, 135 degrees, and universal corner. Albert doors and windows have a complete solution.
Pcliao injection of smooth surface not light is going on
This defect is commonly believed to occur frequently during die filling and pressure holding. In fact, dark spots appear near the gate and usually occur at the beginning of the injection cycle. Tests show that the occurrence of surface slip is actually due to the injection speed, or rather the flow velocity at the tip of the melt flow.
Microcrystalline stone xinzhongyuan ceramics why stick after a period of time where the angle is easy to crack?
Microcrystalline stone have generally avoided cutting angle of L, and the corner if you are generally cut shop workers will have cracks, then can not see, but a long time stress release crack will be larger, if it is a thin transparent ceramics to the occurrence of this phenomenon, there is a possibility that the sintering temperature of microcrystalline stone will not lead to this phenomenon, there is a buy - stone, I suggest you buy a Baird.
Does it need extra money to decorate the corner of the plaster line?
This is extra. Corner and corner are 2. The corner is more expensive than the corner line
What are the applicable industries of corner labeling machines?
You can see the XYJ-T-PZ10A0R automatic corner sealing fast Yijie labeling machine, dedicated to the box corner labeling, in the box on the plane and the plane angle of side labeling, to prevent open function.