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PE Bags

Product name: HDPE, PE clean plastic bag

Product specifications: customized according to customer requirements

Production process: low pressure co-extrusion

Material: LDPE

Color: Transparent

Thickness: single side: 0.07MM, double side 0.14MM, often said 7 wires, 14 wires

Usage: vacuum sealer seal

Use: purification workshop

Packing method: 200 PCS/bag, double packing

Mode of transportation: automobile, express, logistics

Storage tips: Dry and seal

Product Introduction: Dust-free silicone-free purified PE/PO plastic bag is made and processed in a class 100 dust-free room. Its ingredients are high quality and pure PE resin which does not contain ammonia, silicone oil and phthalates. The indoor film extrusion molding is completed in a class 100 dust-free room. The particulates and non-volatile residues are particularly low, ROHS tested and designed for dust-free products that require very low levels of ionic contamination and released gases


  • Transparent

  • Packaging bags used by all industries for general clean packaging

  • Superior cleanliness levels

  • High tensile strength

Industries of Application

  • Electronics

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Medical devices

  • Computer

  • Semi-conductors

  • Laser optics

  • Medical offices

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Laboratories

  • Instrumentation

Q:Why can't we discard plastic products at will?
PVC (polyvinyl chloride), is rarely used for food packaging. It is best not to buy the use of this material: high temperature to produce harmful substances, even in the process of manufacturing it will release toxic substances enter the body with food, may cause breast cancer, congenital defects and other diseases. At present, this kind of material has few containers for packing food. Never use it if it is in use. "
Yes, olive nets can be used in combination with irrigation scheduling techniques. The nets can help conserve water by reducing evaporation and preventing excessive soil moisture loss, allowing for more efficient use of irrigation. Additionally, they can provide shade and reduce water stress on olive trees, which can further improve their water-use efficiency.
Yes, olive nets are typically fire-resistant. They are made from materials that have high heat resistance and are designed to prevent the spread of fire.
Q:How can you increase the hardness of PE plastics?
Use of polyethylene plastic stiffening agent. The chemistry and physics of the special effect, in the use of a small amount of conditions, can effectively increase the PE plastic, including LDPE, HDPE, PE flame retardant PE, mineral filler and reclaimed PE plastic hardness, flexural modulus and mechanical properties, suitable for various molding process and plastic products such as pipe, sheet, injection molding products, the use of convenience, safety and environmental protection, by Ma'anshan Keli chemical technology development and production company. In addition, there are ABS plastic reinforced agent and PP plastic reinforced rigid agent and so on. They have the same function.
Olive nets prevent olives from being damaged during harvesting by providing a protective barrier between the olives and the ground. These nets are spread out underneath the olive trees, and as the olives are picked or shaken from the branches, they fall onto the nets instead of directly onto the hard ground. This prevents bruising or other physical damage to the olives, ensuring they remain intact and of high quality.
Yes, olive nets can be used in combination with automated irrigation systems. The nets can be installed to protect the olive trees from birds or other pests while the automated irrigation system ensures that the trees receive the necessary amount of water for optimal growth and productivity.
To remove an olive net, start by loosening the corners and edges of the net. Then, carefully lift the net from one side and roll it up towards the center, making sure to gather any fallen olives along the way. Finally, gently remove the rolled-up net, ensuring it is free from any remaining olives or debris.
Q:How do I wipe the paint off the plastic?
According to the plastic color, the specific way to remove is as follows.(1) water color, you can use detergent or detergent dipped in water directly wash off.(2) oily color, you can use alcohol, oil, paint thinner removal.(3) solidified paint, paint remover can be used, but pay attention to proper amount.
Yes, olive nets can be used to improve fruit set. Olive nets are commonly used in olive groves to protect the olive trees and fruits from birds, insects, and other potential damages. By covering the trees with olive nets during the flowering period, the pollination process can be enhanced as it prevents pollen loss due to wind or bird interference. This leads to better fruit set and ultimately increases the yield and quality of olives.
Q:Can plastic bottles be recycled?
People are often used to drink bottles, mineral water, bottled water to drink. Some consumers feel strange when they drink plastic bottled drinks. Taste change is mainly because of plastic packaging for the beverage by the sun exposure after a particularly hot summer, the plastic bottle is easy to produce odor, some people think that this with a plastic bottle logo: consisting of three arrow triangle, the number 1-7 in higher numbers marked more heat resistant bottle. A triangle consisting of three arrows

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