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I need a good one that has edge cleaner, easy to maneuver, not too heave (under 20lbs) and quality. I like the bag-less type. Thanks for your input.
I okorder /
i heard that the motor filter are recommanded to change cos they clog up dust easily n cant wash with water. is there any other cons of dyson machines that you plp can help to list?
I have had it 5 yrs and encountered no problems.
My pool vacuum has no suction and I have no psi rating, my polaris wont work either. Is something clogged how do I unclog it?
Some Polaris' are pressure washers and need a separate pump to make them work. Others are vacuum side cleaners and use your pool pump to power them. Check your filter it is likely dirty and causing low pressure and low water flow. You're welcome!!
You okorder /.. If not, you'll find the web link and phone number for Rainbow in the upper right corner of the page.
If my son is going to push a toy vaccuum around the house, why couldn't it be actually cleaning?
Junior Hoover Upright Vacuum Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum
I have just bought a vacuum cleaner, but am very disappointed with it as the suction is much weaker than my old one. Apparently, the suction power on this new vacuum cleaner is 260 AW.Should I get another one or do all vacuum cleaners have a weaker suction than the old ones.Please give me your advice on this.
Nilfix .uk offer some really good vaccum cleaners - great quality and decent prices...
I've never had one so any opinion would really help.THANKS...
in the event that they scouse borrow a Dyson vacuum air purifier...why not? enable me purely plug my new Dyson into my associates power furnish and wallah! vacuuming with a Dyson is the hot borrowing gray Poupon? out of your associates Bently..yay!
I need a new vacuum cleaner for my home. We DON'T have pets. I'd prefer a lightweight vac. We had the CR magazine issue with the reviews a few months back but I must've lost it or thrown it out. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
If you want a real life review and not a CR one, buy a Dyson. I would never own anything else.