Vacuum cleaner with uv light for bed and mattress sofa

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Product Description:

Product description:


Voltage : 220V 50HZ, 300w


Cable & plug : 4M VED Plug






1.UV Bed Vacuum cleaner with vibration pad

-UV 99% bacteria killing

-Dual suction entries patented

2.No telescopic tube, just for bed and sofa use only

3.Killing mites & bacteria through UV light

4.Universal wheel pneumatic to brush, It's easy to operate,nowhere for deep dust to hide 



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Q:Are commercial vacuum cleaners available for home use?
Sure why not. If you can find a store that sells one. I'd check in the yellow pages for commercial cleaning supplies. Expect to pay a significant premium. It will not have more suction. The plastic bits will be replaced by metal and it will have a longer cord.
Q:what type of plastic is any dyson upright vacuum cleaner made up of?
Q:Are Mezzo Vacuum Cleaners any good?
I think it;s based on the price. The cheaper the dodgier. But i think its a good brand. Hoped i helped
Q:Which brand of vacuum cleaners would a gladiator buy?
Yes , I think you are correct , a gladiator would prefer a Kenmore vacuum cleaner...........
Q:Does anyone have one of those robot vacuum cleaners? Is it any good?
in case you're searching for for a style of robotic vacuum purifier which will sparkling all the mess basically like human with component then i'm sorry yet you're finding on the incorrect path, certainly those robots are designed for repetitive room upkeep, i'm think you have pets, or young ones who often create room around yet you do to no longer do the cleansing ingredient many times returned then basically permit the robotic do it. it somewhat is going to sparkling dirt, hairs, husk and different floor airborne dirt and dirt. With the progression in technologies robots have recovered too. they don't get caught now, The battery existence has superior to a bigger component. you do no longer would desire to hardship approximately its charging they do it them self. whilst they experience low on power they'll at once return to the flexibility source and satisfy the charging needs.
Q:My dog is scared of everything please help?
If the dog is a puppy, it will gain confidence as it matures. If it's an adult, you're going to have to push him out of his comfort zone or fear will rule his life. You know what they say, what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. I had a dog that was freaky scared of car rides. A friend told me to just keep taking her in the car for longer and longer rides--said she'd never heard of a dog that died of car ride fright. She was right. I took the dog on a cross-country road trip, and by the third day, she had settled down and will now ride to the moon and back.
Q:My vacuum cleaner shoots stuff out the bottom! What's wrong?
Agreed with the others. You definitely need to empty the bag or bin container completely and change the filter (or wash it, depending on which vacuum cleaner you have). Check that there are no blockages anywhere. What make/model do you have?
Q:Nit picker on vacuum. Have you ever heard of this, would you use it for nit picking if needed?
Thanks, I just learned something new. Patent # 6086682. Although it probably works, I don't want the nits in my sweeper. It's bad enough sweeping the carpet for fleas. It gets costly purchasing vacuum bags every week, but I would not have it any other way. Apparently, this nit picker attachment for a vacuum goes back to 1908. Inventors:Anderson, Daniel P. (3206 N. Averill, Flint, MI, 48506) Application Number:09/290638
Q:Any Toy Vacuum Cleaners that actually pick stuff up?
Junior Hoover Upright Vacuum Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum
Q:Help with this algebra 2 question PLEASE!!!!?
For increasing cubic binomials the final formula is as follows: (a + b) ^ 3 = a^3 + 3*a^2*b^a million + 3*a^a million*b^2 + b^3 on your case, a is x and b is -y^5 So (x - y^5)^3 = x^3 + 3*x^2*(-y^5)^a million + 3*x^a million*(-y^5)^2 + (-y^5)^3 Simplified: =x^3 - 3x^2*y^5 + 3x*y^10 - y^15 :D

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