12V Compressor Cooler Portable Fridge and Freezer 18L/25L

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Precise Temperature Control: Use microcomputer touch buttons to adjust the temperature, simple and easy to operate, precise temperature control Portable Freezer.


Compressor Refrigeration: Portable Freezer adopt frequency conversion compressor for refrigeration. Three gear battery protection settings. Turn off the power and keep heat preservation and cold storage.


Premium Quality : The appearance design is fashionable, and the box material is made of automobile ABS and PP, which is durable, resistant to crashes and not easy to deform.The car fridge has two cooling modes to choose from MAX(fast cooling) and ECO(energy saving).


Low Noise: Low noise and high efficiency, enjoy a quiet and comfortable environment. 12V/24V/100240V universal for household appliances trucks RVs boats. RV Refrigerator built to meet standard specification, strictly follow factory quality control.



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Q:Will it take hours for the refrigerator to move?
Under normal circumstances, it is best to put on more than two hours before re energized. The reason is that when moving, there may be too much compressor oil into the system inside the freezer, and the compressor may be mixed with frozen oil and other dirty things, easy to make the refrigerator is not refrigeration. So, when you move to a place, you have to wait two hours or so before you turn on the electricity. Also, it is better not to put things in, first let the refrigerator go to the natural stop, and then put things. It's good for the fridge.
Q:Why can't the hot stuff be refrigerated in the fridge?
Two. Affect the refrigerator cooling operation, thereby shortening the life of the refrigerator.Three, make freezer add frost cold degree, increase power consumption thereby
Q:How do you remove the water from the fridge?
The food in the store, the temperature is too high without cooling directly into the refrigerator, hot air with high moisture, in the refrigerator cooling will cause a large amount of condensed water, condensed water generated is greater than the discharge speed will cause water. Another reason is that the door number is too frequent, causing a lot of hot air into the refrigerator, the hot air will produce condensed water in the condenser, condensed water generated is greater than the speed will cause water discharge.
Q:I can't touch both sides of the fridge. What's the reason?
The radiator of the refrigerator is on either side or back of the refrigerator.Therefore, as long as the refrigeration, this situation is normal.However, pay attention to the refrigerator around 15 cm apart, so that it is easy to dissipate heat.
Q:Mangoes are stored at room temperature Or do you keep it in the fridge?
How should tropical fruit be stored?:In daily life, tropical fruit is best placed in a light, cool place to store, and if you must put in the refrigerator, should be placed in a high temperature vegetable and fruit trough, the preservation of the time is best not more than two days. Some bought yet ripe tropical fruits, such as color blue banana, cold resistance is even worse, so don't put it in the freezer. Otherwise, they can not only mature properly, but also rot and become inedible. Tropical fruits can be accelerated at normal temperatures after being removed from the refrigerator, so eat them as soon as possible
Q:Do you save more energy or less electricity in the fridge?
Eight minutes of food storage is more suitable. When the food in the fridge is too small, the heat capacity will become smaller, and the refrigerator door will accelerate the release of the air conditioner. The compressor will start frequently and the power consumption will be increased. When the stored food is full, it is not conducive to the circulation of cold air, and the ice in the refrigerator is easy to freeze. The running time of the compressor will be increased, and the power consumption will be increased. Therefore, 80% of the volume of food stored inside the refrigerator is appropriate.
Q:How do you adjust the temperature of the refrigerator?Is that O - 7 temperature, how to tune ah?
Mechanical refrigerator temperature control knob, there are 0 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 files, the larger the number, the freezer temperature is low, the compressor working time is long, the power consumption is large. The thermostat stalls should be based on the seasonal variation of temperature regulation, we can tune in 3, spring and autumn, you have to look at the specific requirements of the freezing chamber can reach 18 degrees below zero. In order to achieve the purpose of saving energy and food preservation, we can be transferred to the 1 or 2 stalls in summer, winter should be transferred to the 4 or 5 files.
Q:When did the refrigerator come into being?
In 1930, air cooled continuous diffusion absorption refrigerators with different heating methods were put on the market. In 1931, a new refrigerant Freon F12 was developed and used in refrigerators. In the latter half of 50s, household thermoelectric refrigerators began to be produced. In 50s, China began producing refrigerators, mainly for factories and research and testing units, and gradually popularized families in 80s.
Q:Can chocolate be put in the fridge?
Chocolate will spoil the fridgeDelicate and smooth chocolate is a favorite of many people. In order to keep it for a long time, in daily life, people will put chocolate into the refrigerator as well as other foods. In fact, this approach is inappropriate.In terms of ingredients, chocolate can be divided into two categories: pure chocolate, and chocolate, which is made from cocoa butter (including refined oils, vegetable fats, etc.) instead of cocoa butter. If the storage of the chocolate in the fridge will make the chocolate surface icing or oil caused by anti frost.This is because, first of all, if the storage environment is wet, the sugar in chocolate is easily dissolved by the surface water, leaving the sugar crystal after the evaporation of water. Even the sealed packaging, water or from the outer edges of the folded or infiltration into the office, the chocolate surface is a thin layer of white icing was covered. In addition, the cocoa oil grain will dissolve, penetrate to the surface of chocolate, recrystallization, lead to chocolate appear "anti frost" phenomenon. Among them, dark chocolate stored at relative humidity of 82% - 85%, milk chocolate in the relative humidity of more than 78% of the conditions, it will absorb the surface of the water vapor.
Q:How high is the outlet of the fridge?
6, the refrigerator outlet from the ground 0.3m or 1.5m (according to the refrigerator location and size);7, air conditioning, exhaust fan and other sockets from the ground 1.9m to 2.0m;8, electric water heater outlet should be in the water heater on the right side of the ground from 1.4m to 1.5m installation, pay attention to the socket is not located above the electric heater;9. The outlet of the terrace should be above 1.4m, and avoid the sunshine and rain as much as possible.

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