Mini Fridge ETC4 No noise made from ABS plastic

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Product Description:

Cold & heat are transferred through thermoelectric module;

Convenient-plug into any 12 volt cigarette lighter in car, boat or plug into safe AC adaptor in.  

Power :  36W±10%  

DC: 12V; 


Cold: 15-20℃ below ambient temperature   

Hot: 50-60℃ by set-point thermostat  

No noise.  

Material: ABS plastic.


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Q:Why does the fridge smell white? What is this white gas?
Water vapor is invisible, invisible, colorless, odorless, and transparent. It contains a large amount of water vapor in the air. "White vapor" is a mass of white substance that we can see with the naked eye. Since the white vapor can be seen, it is clear that it is not water vapor. It is actually a small drop of water or a small drop of water that is liquefied by steam.
Q:How do you remove ice from a household refrigerator?
Hot water deicingTo remove ice from hot water, you must first disconnect the refrigerator and remove the food from the refrigerator. After putting bowls of hot water in the refrigerator, you will find the refrigerator in static ice will gradually begin to fall off after a few minutes, wait until after the refrigerator ice ice will fall off completely removed, while the refrigerator at the bottom of the tank is clean, use this as a refrigerator in addition to ice, fast and without the manual cleaning is very convenient.
Q:What are the reasons why the new refrigerator is not cool?
Refrigerators may not refrigerate for the following reasons:1 、 compressor high pressure output buffer tube broken or fixed the pipe screw loose, resulting in high-pressure pipe does not exhaust, low-pressure tube does not inhale, so the compressor is running, but not refrigeration.
Q:How long can you put vegetables in the fridge for a few days?
Extend the vegetables insurance time, the easiest way is to use old newspapers, the leaf spray of water, then use newspaper wrapped, stems erect in posture towards under the refrigerator freezer, can effectively extend the preservation time, keep fresh.Usually "green leafy vegetables" directly in the fridge is most likely to be dehydrated, put into the refrigerator before doing processing, will maintain "green vegetables" fresh tsunehisa.
Q:How often does the refrigerator clear the ice?
In general, refrigerators used to clean ice every year are 3-4 months apart.Method for removing ice in refrigerator:(1) the first temperature compensation to 0, and then shut the refrigerator (not directly closed junction temperature compensation), unplug the power. The things in the drawer and frozen layer all out, so that the inside of the natural cream melted, with dry cloth, then you can recover.(2) clear out the things in the refrigerator, blow the ice slowly with the small gear of the hair dryer, and add water to the towel at the bottom of the refrigerator. To clean up some of the ice, it is best to wipe with a clean towel dipped in venom, and then wipe clean with water. At the same time keep the drainage hole is blocked. Then, check and clean the refrigerator at the bottom of the water storage tank, if there is water, is generally dirty. Finally the fridge and put it back, remember to put the water vapor condensation in the air in the clean wipe. It is not easy to frost again. In the same way, do not put water in the refrigerator when you put it in the refrigerator(3) the defrosting of refrigerator has brilliant idea. Some refrigerators need defrost, and the artificial refrigerator defrosting is time-consuming and laborious, and the defrosting effect is not good. Here you recommend a cream trick. According to the size of the refrigerator, cut a slightly thicker plastic film onto the frosted wall of the freezer without using any glue...
Q:What is the difference between the refrigerator energy efficiency and the two grade energy efficiency?
The first level of energy efficiency is the most energy-efficient models.Grade two energy efficiency can be interpreted as a relatively energy-efficient refrigerator.
Q:With what to clean the refrigerator, the smell of the refrigerator go fast?
In order to protect the refrigerator, it is better to use clean and soft cotton cloth.Five methods of removing peculiar smell in refrigeratorThe ash on the exposure of the container, into the refrigerator, you can achieve the deodorizing effect, the general 150 liters refrigerator, put a briquette of coal ash can, for every 1 days of 3-5. The honeycomb briquette can be completely put into the refrigerator, and it can also remove the peculiar smell.
Q:What do you mean by the stall in the refrigerator?
The smaller the number indicated by the thermostat, the higher the temperature. Under the condition that the ambient temperature is at the standard temperature, the control temperature of the 1 gears is about 9 degrees, and 7, when the temperature is controlled at about 1 degrees. Therefore, according to the outdoor temperature changes, the change of gear control can effectively reduce power consumption.Summer outdoor temperature is higher, temperature control can be adjusted in the 3-4 stalls, the temperature is generally about 4 degrees -6 degrees Celsius, which not only ensure the refrigerator downtime, but also to ensure the refrigerator cooling effect. On the contrary, it will cause the refrigerator to turn on or stop for a long time;The ambient temperature is low in winter, the temperature can be adjusted in the 5-7 file, the average temperature at 2 DEG -4 DEG C; in winter due to low temperature environment, fast heat dissipation, the refrigerator has not automatic switching function of the winter temperature in the ambient temperature is below 16 DEG C, need to use hot or open the temperature compensation switch, ensure the refrigerator operation rate and freezing effect. On the other hand, will cause the refrigerator does not boot or thaw phenomenon.
Q:Are the refrigerator stalls 1 or 7?
In the summer, the temperature is relatively high, if the thermostat knob was 3 or greater than 3 words, the refrigerator storage room in order to meet the temperature requirements, frequent starting of compressor, although the freezer temperature is 18 degrees below zero even lower, but cause power waste, shorten the service life of the refrigerator, and this is our do not want to. Therefore, the correct adjustment of the refrigerator temperature controller knob can make us both fresh and save electricity. 6: 7 is frozen, you noticed, did not turn off the refrigerator, and then open, the number is from small to large, 7: 7 is the most cold. But generally it is transferred to 3--4 can. If there are more things, it will be a little bit larger, 8: 7 relatively cold
Q:The refrigerator should be put in place so far
Refrigerator is best not to put in the bedroom, should be far away from the bed is better. If the housing area is limited, you must put the bedroom, the distance from the bed should not be less than 2 meters. This is because:

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