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(1) YZ series motors are shaded pole motors with single-phrase and four-poles, and running at the rated voltage/frequency of 220-240V, 50/60HZ or 110-120V, 60HZ.

(2) Shade pole AC fan motor are widely applied to radiators, evaporators,condensing unit,ice machine and other refridgration equipments.

(3) Their output power is from 5W to 34W, which can be adjusted according to the stack length.

(4) Motors of output power below 10W have impedance protection, and motors of output power above 10W have thermal protectors whose cut-off temperature is 135oC±5oC.

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Q:My refrigerator freezer is normal, but the freezer is not cool, not more than 6 degrees, the light does not light, it is broken there
The temperature of the refrigerating chamber is normal in between 1-10.Light is not on a switch is caused by poor contact, open the refrigerator door, find the switch lights at the door, repeatedly press a few, to see whether the light, if not light, or the switch is damaged, or the lamp is damaged, the bulb off to see whether the filament has been broken, if broken, change a good lighting try, if still not bright, that switch problem.
Q:Recently, the appliance sales season, and want to start with a cost-effective refrigerator, what is good advice?
Landlord, although the ability to measure refrigeration is an important technical indicators of refrigeration. But the use of refrigeration equipment is different, performance requirements are also differentiated.
Q:Why is the freezer in the refrigerator smaller than the freezer?
There are two main reasons, the first cold demand in daily life is greater than second, freezer, household refrigerator compressor power, refrigeration capacity is limited, can not at the same time will be a lot of food is frozen, so the freezer freezer is less than. There is a refrigerator, freezer, freezer, which can be converted into a freezer that is larger than a freezer.
Q:My refrigerator stopped for a period of time after the start again, how can not refrigeration, what is the matter?
This needs repairing. The freezer can be powered off, and the fridge won't work.
Q:How can the freezer be preserved while frozen?
What's the model? Only two boxes can be fresh and frozen
Q:The drawer of my fridge freezer was frozen every time,
This is not good. You will be stuck in the drawer to drawer damaged. If there is no drawer sticks may be damaged. But as the condensing tube will be very troublesome oh. And you this damage is man-made. The condenser tube is not within the scope of warranty appliances. You can take the position of the refrigerator a little lower. There should be a summer winter switch. If it is too good cooling effect, you can try to winter there. So the refrigerator will automatically reduce the position. Also, try to wipe the water out of the cloth before entering the refrigerator. It's good to wrap it in a dry newspaper, if necessary.
Q:How do you close the freezer room under the three door of the refrigerator?
The refrigerant flow in the refrigerator is frozen and refrigerated first. If the refrigerator is cut off, the whole refrigerator can not be refrigerated.
Q:Refrigerator freezer is very thick ice, what is the reason?
The temperature at the back is low and generally below zero. The cause of this is that there are too many cold things that block the flow of air inside, and that is, its refrigeration is intermittent and can freeze during refrigerationRefrigerator freezer is generally no vent, vent the actual drainage hole, water flow to the compressor at the top of the water receiving tray. The compressor produces heat evaporates water, cause ice vents is because the drain plug, available 1.5 meters of copper wire dredging
Q:Refrigerators are refrigerated and frozen
3. when the ambient temperature is lower than the normal starting temperature of the temperature controller, the low temperature switch of the refrigerator should be checked whether or not it is turned on. Only when the low temperature switch is turned on can the temperature controller be switched on. Refrigerator does not refrigerate the reasons, first of all, the refrigerator thermostat is installed in the freezer, the refrigerator temperature did not meet the temperature requirements of the thermostat, so the machine does not stop.4. the compressor may cause the refrigeration limit temperature of the refrigerant if the compressor does not stop working day and night. Most of this occurs in air-cooled refrigerators. The reason is that the refrigerator evaporator and frost apparatus are broken and ice jam is produced. Can not rule out the air-cooled fan broken, and too many items in the refrigerator will be blocked air outlet, resulting in poor cooling effect.
Q:The freezer in my home freezer is now frozen like a frozen layer
As for the bottom temperature compensation switch now have refrigerators are automatic, do not need to switch, if any, to open after the winter, winter was shut. As for freezer ice when the temperature sensor is found in the refrigerator temperature is not enough when refrigeration, it will freeze,

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