PET coated sheet for home electrical appliances

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3000 m.t./month

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1100 / 3003/3004/3105/5052/8011 and PET and so on


O-H112,H16, H18, H24, H26, H28




for roof, for other apprication





Model Number:

Aluminium color coated sheet


soid, metallic, high gloss,stone,timber,brush,mirror,sparkling etc


SGS / CE / CTC / ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 14001:2004 / GB/T 1774-1999


any length depands on the coil weight

Coating paint:

PVDF, PE(Polyester), epoxy, polyamide, polyurethane

outer diameter::


Inner diameter:

150mm,405mm, 500mm, 505mm, 510mm

Gauge range:



PVDF 15 years/PE 10years

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Standard export packing: 4 eye bands and 4 circumferential bands in steel, galvanized metal fluted rings on inner and outer edges, galvanized metal & waterproof paper wall protection disk, galvanized metal & waterproof paper around circumference and bore protection.
Delivery Detail:15 days after receiving 30% deposite


color coated aluminium plate price 
1.entity factory 
2.high technology 
3.quality assurance 
4.very competitive price

Dark Blue Color Coated Aluminum Plate In Pe And Pvdf Coating



1. Grade

Series:1100 etc.
Series: 3003 3004 3005 etc.
Series: 5006, 5052
Series: 8011 etc.


2. Thickness

 Plate Thickness0.1mm, 0.12mm,0.15mm,0.20mm,0.25mm,0.28mm,0.3mm,0.35mm,0.38mm, 0.4mm,0.5mm, 0.53mm, 0.58mm,0.68mm,0.7omm,0.73mm,0.75mm, 0.90mm,  1mm
Coil Thickness0.1mm, 0.12mm,0.15mm,0.20mm,0.25mm,0.28mm,0.3mm,0.35mm,0.38mm, 0.4mm,0.5mm, 0.53mm, 0.58mm,0.68mm,0.7omm,0.73mm,0.75mm, 0.90mm,  1mm




AA1100, 3003, 3004, 3105, 5006, 5052, 8011, etc , etc.


H16, H18, H24, H26, H28


From 0.08mm to 1.2mm


Standard width:1240mm, 1270MM

Special width:1000mm, 1200mm, 1240mm, 1270mm, 1520mm, 1620mm


Standard dia:1200mm

Interior dia: 

150mm,405mm, 500mm, 505mm, 510mm

outer diameter: 1200mm


2.5 T/coil,3.0 T/coil

Coating thickness

 as per customer’s request

Protective film


  as per customer’s request


Coating paint

 PVDF, PE(Polyester), epoxy, polyamide, polyurethane


  soid, metallic, high gloss,stone,timber,brush,mirror,sparkling, RAL or by customer requirements.


as per customer’s request

SurfaceEmbossed, mill finish, coated
Coating Hardness(pencil resistance)More than 2h
Coating adhesion1J
Impact ResistanceNo peeling or cracking(50 kg/cm)
ApplicationACP,wall cladding,facades,roofs and canopies,ceilings,signboards,blind window,display platforms,electrical panels,etc
Coating Thicknessmore than 16 micron
more than 28micron








































Application (IDEABOND color-coated aluminium coil):

     The characteristics of color-coated aluminium coil is its light texture, bright colors,

easy molding process, not rusting , etc, it's widely used in insulation board, aluminum

curtain wall, aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing system, aluminum ceiling and many

other areas.

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Q:The soup can be placed in the refrigerator cold?
The soup can be placed in the refrigerator cold?
Q:The use of the refrigerator
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Price is not the most important one. I'll give you some advice. I hope I can help you:The day before, the industry pointed out that the refrigerator on the market there are a lot of unrealistic propaganda, almost all kinds of refrigerators are called "green refrigerator", "environmental protection refrigerator", "fluorine free refrigerator, refrigerator and other names, it is easy to make consumers into misunderstanding. To this end, the industry pointed out that the following problems deserve consumer attention:
Q:Why don't you put hot food into the fridge?
In a short period of time can form a thick layer of frost on the evaporator. The evaporator refrigerator will obstruct heat transfer to the external influence. The cooling effect. At the same time the thermostat probe was also frost covered, can not detect the temperature in the box, so that the compressor work. Unable to stop cooling. Only after the frost. Open the compressor in order to work again.Therefore, hot food can not be put directly into the refrigerator. Wait until the temperature drops to room temperature before putting it in the refrigerator
Q:When did the refrigerator come into being?
In 1930, air cooled continuous diffusion absorption refrigerators with different heating methods were put on the market. In 1931, a new refrigerant Freon F12 was developed and used in refrigerators. In the latter half of 50s, household thermoelectric refrigerators began to be produced. In 50s, China began producing refrigerators, mainly for factories and research and testing units, and gradually popularized families in 80s.
Q:Is this refrigerator smaller and cooler? The bigger the refrigeration or digital?
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Q:Why can't something hot be put into the fridge directly?
Two, affect the refrigerator cooling operation, thereby shortening the life of the refrigerator.Three, make freezer add frost cold degree, increase power consumption thereby
Q:The refrigerator should be put in place so far
Refrigerator is best not to put in the bedroom, should be far away from the bed is better. If the housing area is limited, you must put the bedroom, the distance from the bed should not be less than 2 meters. This is because:
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Electronic temperature controller for refrigerator temperature can be set directly on the panel of the refrigerator, the freezer temperature is 18 degrees below zero, the temperature of the refrigerating chamber is appropriate between 4 - 8 degrees. Of course, if the food in the refrigerator is less or no special requirements, save for a short time, in the frozen food and fresh. Next, the refrigerator temperature the higher the more power.

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