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What are the advantages of cement tile machine?
equipment investment, fast, high yield. More ordinary molding color tile molding unit: high technical content, fast, high yield (single class production increased by 80%), high product efficiency, good market prospects.
The processing method of the tile machine
Ingredients when the sand too much, resulting in tile sticky enough, when there is cracks in the cracks.
What steps are required during the installation of the cement tile machine?
Host installation: the user in accordance with the size of the foundation map dug the foundation, according to the requirements of the drawings for the foot of the embedded hole or under the embedded iron with concrete pouring, for the installation of embedded holes into the anchor bolts (M24 × 360) and then Grouting, embedded iron can be a one-time cast into the installation and direct welding with the host, based on the plane must be level, the smaller the better the better.
Analysis on the Problems of Cement Shade Machine
Pan alkali base water, alkali or salt content is too high, the water vapor will bring out the salt and the bottom of the film or surface precipitation; tile body alkaline, in the water after the alkali will be discharged through the pores, the formation of small bubbles. Remove all the affected and the loss of adhesion of the film, to be fully dry tile body, treated with oxalic acid and washed with water, dry and then brushing; follow the construction specifications, do grass-roots waterproof, to ensure that the substrate conditions meet the construction requirements. Gloss uneven uneven base layer is not uniform, the adsorption of the film is not high; film thickness is not uniform; the same side using different construction tools; the same side using different batches of products.