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i mean the properties include the elasticity, impact load and ductility. am doing assignment about the perfect material that should be possessed by spring and i found alloy steel is the perfect and am confused whether stainless steel is the same with alloy steel ?
*Alloy steel is not same as stainless steel. An alloy steel is not the perfect spring steel. Since you are doing the project, please understand the carbon steel,alloy steel and super alloys. Alloy steel is steel alloyed with a variety of elements in amounts of between 1 and 50% by weight to improve its mechanical properties. Alloy steels are broken down into two groups: low alloy steels and high alloy steels. Stainless steel is a type of high alloy steel. *As far as spring material is concern , spring steel or music wire is best suited. Spring steel is a low alloy, medium carbon steel or high carbon steel with a very high yield strength. This allows objects made of spring steel to return to their original shape despite significant bending or twisting. Silicon is the key component to most spring steel alloys. An example of a spring steel used for cars would be AISI 9255 (DIN and UNI: 55Si7, AFNOR 55S7), containing 1.50%-1.80% silicon, 0.70%-1.00% manganese and 0.52%-0.60% carbon. Most spring steels (as used in cars) are hardened and tempered to about 45 Rockwell C. Since sufficient links were given earlier but I like you to go through spring steel as it is your subject matter. I have done the project on The design of a helical compression spring selected material was ASTM A228 (0.80–0.95% carbon).
Is it possible to have a 25 room Hotel building with Steel structure. Thay is instead of traditional RCC can we have a 25 room hotel constructed using steel construction? Is it economic and how much time will it take to construct the same? Appraximate area would be 5000sq.ft to 10000sqft.
it is possible...but with the current ever rising cost of is more expensive than reinforced concrete..... more disadvantage is tat u have to use large I sections for the columns as steel do not take compression as good as concrete... ..tat is why u see..almost all totally steel structures are bridges where tensile strength rules more than compression.
The different methods of annealing steel coils include full annealing, process annealing, spheroidize annealing, and stress relief annealing.
The common international standards for steel coils include ASTM A36/A36M, ASTM A572/A572M, ASTM A283/A283M, ASTM A516/A516M, and EN 10025-2. These standards specify the requirements for the chemical composition, mechanical properties, and dimensions of steel coils used in various industries worldwide.
This question is directed to anyone who has played or know someone who plays a lap or pedal steel guitar.I've been a guitarist for about 8 years now and have played a variety of styles from rock, fingerstyle/classical, singer/songwriter acoustic stuff, ect, and now I've really had an interest in learning how to play a lap steel or pedal steel guitar. I am completely new to the instrument(s), so I'm seeking all the information I can. I do know that a pedal steel is a lot more expensive, so I'm probably looking to start on a lap steel for now. Basically how should I get started? Should I find a cheap lap steel at a pawn shop or purchase something new? Are there any good method books out there? I'm a pretty experienced guitarist, so should I expect to get the hang of it quickly? Is there much of a market for a lap/pedal steel player? haha.Also, I am left handed. How much trouble would it be to re-string a steel guitar? Or would I be better off getting a left-handed model?
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Steel coils are used in the production of railway tracks as they provide the raw material for manufacturing the rails. The steel coils are first processed and shaped into long, straight rails through various processes such as rolling and heat treatment. These rails are then laid and joined together to form the railway tracks, providing a sturdy and durable foundation for trains to run on.
Many gerber knives are made out of what gerber calls high Carbon steels and I was wondering if anyone knew exactly what is this mysterious steel.
The carbon content of the knife is done during the smelting process.For instance a knife that has a high carbon content will keep an edge much longer than one with a lower content. It is tricky because too much will cause the knife to be brittle and break easily. Annealing is also part of the process of knife making.
Steel or stainless steel
Steel often has impurities that can generate fumes, which cause a fever identical to smoke inhalation. You always need to be concerned about what you are breathing around hot metal.