• aluminum 4ft x 8ft sheets corrugated roofing sheet roof tile System 1
  • aluminum 4ft x 8ft sheets corrugated roofing sheet roof tile System 2
  • aluminum 4ft x 8ft sheets corrugated roofing sheet roof tile System 3
aluminum 4ft x 8ft sheets corrugated roofing sheet roof tile

aluminum 4ft x 8ft sheets corrugated roofing sheet roof tile

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9000 m.t./month

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Item specifice

1000 Series,3000 Series,4000 Series,5000 Series,6000 Series,7000 Series,2000 Series
Surface Treatment:
Coated,Embossed,Anodized,Polished,Mill Finish,Color Coated,Oxidized,Enameled Wire,Brushed,Printed,Composited,Holographic Impression,Sand Blasted,Powder Coating
T3-T8,O-H112,T351-T651,T351-T851,Soft,Half Hard,Hard
Liner & Wad,Decorations,Door & Window,Heat Sink,Transportation Tools,Glass Wall,Food,Kitchen Use,Pharmaceutical,Seal & Closure,Insulation Material,Label & Tag


commodityaluminum 4ft x 8ft sheets corrugated steel roofing sheet color steel roof tile roofing




ASTM A653M-04/JIS G3302/DIN EN10143/GBT 2518-2008

AS1397-2001, EN10215-1995, ASTM A792M-02, JIS G3321-1998

Basal plate

Cold rolled steel coil ,hot dipped galvanized/galvalume steel coil

Zinc Coating

Z30-Z275G/m2, AZ30-150g/m2




750-1250mm(before corrugation)

600-1050mm(after corrugation)

Wave depth


Wave distance


coloraccording to RAL
lengthas your requestment

Product feature


water resistance,light weight,easy installation,aesthetic,high tensile




standard export water-proof package with steel strips fixed




Top:10-25um back:5-10um




exterior and interior wall,roofs,and soffits




1.Design according to customers 'requirements

2.Production under ISO9001-2008 Quality System

3.Easy to be installed as light weight

4.Z360-275/AZ30-150 is suitable for many application

5.Our products are recyclable materials

6.The less construction period, the more using time.

aluminum 4ft x 8ft sheets corrugated roofing sheet roof tile

                            Production  line                         

 We have six producting line of color aluminum tile. Our annual output is 8000 ton,due to the most advanced and mordern lines

why choose us                             

our advantage of color steel tile

1.corrosion resistance 

2.light weight:Metal covered and metal frame buildings offer the safest possible shelter during the storms. Correctly  earthed aluminium, because of its high electrical conductivity, offers excellent protection from lighting damage.

3.High strength:bending and compression resistance, used as building enclosure and bearing structure

4.Easy to install:no need special tools, do not break, crack or leak.

5.Energy-saving:saving of the structural steel by up to 40%.

6.Beautiful design

7.Quake-proof, fire-proof, rain-proof.

8.It can be recycled and good for environments.

aluminum 4ft x 8ft sheets corrugated roofing sheet roof tile

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2.We have full stock and can deliver within short time

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Our products are very popular to be exported to the Russian market,Korea South-East Asia,India,Middle-East,Africa,North-Europe,South- America,and so on.

aluminum 4ft x 8ft sheets corrugated roofing sheet roof tile

Q:What is the fatigue life of aluminum sheets?
The endurance capacity of aluminum sheets pertains to the number of cycles the material can endure before failure arises under cyclic loading circumstances. Various factors, including the composition, thickness, surface finish, loading conditions, and environmental elements, can cause the endurance capacity of aluminum sheets to differ. Aluminum is renowned for its relatively high fatigue strength in comparison to other materials, rendering it a favored option in industries like aerospace, automotive, and construction. The endurance capacity of aluminum sheets is typically influenced by the presence of microstructural flaws, such as inclusions, voids, and grain boundaries. Fatigue tests are conducted, utilizing standardized procedures like ASTM E466 or ASTM E606, to ascertain the endurance capacity of aluminum sheets. These tests entail subjecting the material to cyclic loading conditions, usually at a consistent stress or strain amplitude, while monitoring the number of cycles required for failure to arise. The outcomes are then employed to generate an S-N curve, which represents the connection between the applied stress or strain amplitude and the number of cycles until failure. The S-N curve furnishes valuable insights into the endurance capacity of aluminum sheets, indicating the stress or strain levels at which the material can withstand a specific number of cycles before failure. It is crucial to note that the endurance capacity of aluminum sheets can be enhanced through various approaches, such as alloying, heat treatment, surface treatment, and appropriate design considerations. To conclude, the endurance capacity of aluminum sheets plays a pivotal role in the design of components or structures exposed to cyclic loading conditions. By comprehending the specific properties and characteristics of the aluminum alloy, coupled with proper testing and analysis, it is possible to ascertain the endurance capacity and guarantee the safe and dependable performance of aluminum sheets in diverse applications.
Q:Can aluminum sheets be easily shaped or bent into desired forms?
Aluminum sheets possess the advantageous characteristic of being effortlessly malleable, allowing them to be shaped or bent into desired configurations. This high malleability of aluminum ensures that it can be easily manipulated without any risk of fracturing or breaking. Moreover, its low density and impressive strength-to-weight ratio deem it an optimal selection for numerous applications that necessitate shaping or bending. Various techniques, including press-braking, roll-forming, or utilization of specialized tools like a sheet metal brake, can be employed to shape or bend aluminum sheets. The simplicity associated with shaping or bending aluminum sheets has propelled its widespread adoption in industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing, where customized forms and designs are frequently required.
Q:4.0mm five bars, aluminum plate, 4 aluminum plate, one ton, how many square?
The price is calculated according to the price of aluminum ingot + processing fees (aluminum state), the specific price according to the size of the aluminum plate, zero shear and the whole board price also has the difference, Jiangsu Yi Heng Liu Guangxi Henan Mingtai aluminum has the.The square and the thickness are multiplied, and then multiplied by the density is the weight, and then by weight conversion on it
Q:which is the best bonding method for aluminum sheet and plastic?
smear glue, there is a glue special for the bonding of plastic and steel materials.
Q:Which is better, a water bottle made out of steel or one made out of aluminum?
Water is heavy, why add more weight to it by using a steel bottle. You might also take along one of the filtration kits so you can refill the one bottle you are carrying.
Q:I broke the swing-arm of a cut-off saw, need to know how to weld it back. I have a stick welder and can weld steel, but have never messed with cast aluminum.
Let me guess. is your saw made by Chicago Electric by chance? I work as a welder and I tried to fix one of those retarded things a customer brought in, about a year back. The real problem here is a faulty design. Plain and simple. The metal used to make the part is extremely cheap. If you had it welded it would probably cost a bit on labor, and furthermore it's very likely to just break again in the future. See if you can find a used saw made by a name brand, like Milwakee, Delta, or Makita. If it's a tool you use often, then you'll save money in the long run, trust me.
Q:Which is good, aluminum curtain wall?
Aluminum veneer manufacturers preferred Beijing Jinsheng Aluminium Industry Co. Ltd., it is very important to choose a single aluminum plate manufacturers, Beijing Jinsheng Aluminium Industry Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of aluminum veneer, advanced CNC equipment, first-class fluorocarbon spraying line, is your trusted manufacturer of aluminum veneer, aluminum veneer of large manufacturers, advanced technology, advanced technology and to undertake all types of single aluminum plate engineering, quality assurance, price concessions.
Q:Are aluminum sheets resistant to impact and vibration?
Aluminum sheets, in general, show resistance to impact and vibration. The notable feature of aluminum lies in its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, rendering it a robust and lightweight substance. With commendable mechanical properties, including outstanding resistance to impact and vibration, aluminum sheets frequently find application in various sectors necessitating protection against such forces. Take, for instance, automotive parts, aircraft structures, and building facades. Furthermore, the addition of other elements to aluminum alloys can amplify its impact resistance and diminish vibrations. To sum up, aluminum sheets prove to be a dependable option in enduring the forces of impact and vibration.
Q:How do aluminum plates paint?
Pretreatment is usually required. Acid and alkali cleaning can be done either by oil or by xylene,The paintings do not know, but most of them are painted or printed on the aluminum plate, usually by heat transfer, silk screen, or decorative board, which is sprayed directly and then painted.
Q:what's the size of gap while pressing 6mm aluminum sheet?
choose the 8-10% of the thickness for two-sided gaps.

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