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Aluminum Coil

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1 Specifications of Aluminum Sheet 1070


Alloy Number

AA1050 , AA1060 ,AA1070 ,AA1100 etc.


H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H32, HO, F


0.1mm – 500mm


 10mm- 2200mm


GB/T3880-2006, ASTM, ISO, EU standard

Special Specification is available on customer’s requirement


2 Usage/Applications of Aluminum Sheet 1070

Aluminum Plates is between 0.1 mm and 500mm in thickness and has a wide variety of uses in the construction industry including aluminium siding and roofing. Sheet is also used widely in construction, decoration, transport applications and other various industrial filed, such as automobile body panels, airframes, curtain walls and the hulls of boats etc.

CNBM produces aluminum plates which meets the highest standards in its own mill while save the cost. Our strong quality control term bring you the most-qualified products. And with state-of-the-art equipment, and the state owned company background, we have to say, you will understand why there are so many company choose CNBM to be their supplier. CNBM aluminum complying with YS/T 429-2000(Chinese Industry Standard),GB/T 3880,EN485,ASTM B209.


3 Packaging & Delivery of Aluminum Sheet 1070


Packaging:Seaworthy package, bubble plastic bag inside, anti-moisture paper wrapped outside, covered with cartons, on wooden pallets, in containers. Pallet weight: Max. 2.30 tons.

Shipment:the goods will be delivered in 40 days after getting the buyer's payment.


4 Production Flow of Aluminum Sheet 1070

Rolling--Annealing--Slitting--Sawing, Cut-To-Length, Shearing


Q:What is the melting point of 101 aluminum sheets?
Approximately 660 degrees Celsius or 1220 degrees Fahrenheit is the melting point of 101 aluminum sheets.
Q:Can aluminum sheets be used for honeycomb panels?
Yes, aluminum sheets can be used for honeycomb panels. Honeycomb panels are typically made by bonding two thin sheets of material, such as aluminum, to a honeycomb core material. Aluminum sheets are commonly used for their lightweight and high strength properties, making them an ideal choice for honeycomb panel construction. The honeycomb structure provides excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making the panels suitable for various applications, including aerospace, automotive, construction, and furniture industries. The aluminum sheets offer durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of fabrication, making them a popular choice for honeycomb panels.
Q:How many square meters does the aluminum plate engrave?
The price of aluminum sheet is calculated according to the price of aluminum ingot + processing fee (aluminum plate state), and the specific price is also different according to the size and size of aluminum sheet. If you have any questions, please ask, thank you.
Q:Can aluminum sheet be used for solar panels?
Absolutely! When it comes to solar panels, aluminum sheet is a fantastic choice. Thanks to its remarkable strength, durability, and lightweight nature, aluminum is a widely favored material for constructing these panels. Its versatility shines through as it serves as both the frame and mounting structure, providing unparalleled support and stability. Moreover, its exceptional resistance to corrosion is a crucial factor given the panels' exposure to the elements. On top of all that, aluminum's highly conductive properties allow for efficient electricity transfer from the solar cells within the panel. All in all, incorporating aluminum sheet into solar panel construction significantly enhances their performance, longevity, and overall efficiency.
Q:I've heard twice in the past 2 days on ESPN that they think Aluminum bats are dangerous. I disagree with this cause if they were dangerous why would they allow them to use them in college and high school. Isnt that what the BESR certification mean that the bat is safe that the ball isnt going to come off at super high speeds. i just wanted to get your opinion.
Yes I heard this also and let me tell you something the wooden bats are also dangerous. I hate hitting a ball and then I get stung and that hurts. I like the aluminum bats better, so they should just keep them on the market because they are not so much dangerous then the wooden one's.
Q:Are aluminum sheets prone to warping?
Under certain conditions, aluminum sheets may be susceptible to warping. Unlike steel, aluminum is a relatively soft metal, making it more prone to bending or distorting. However, the extent of warping in aluminum sheets depends on various factors, including sheet thickness, alloy composition, temperature exposure, and applied stress levels. Thinner aluminum sheets have less structural integrity, making them more prone to warping. Conversely, thicker sheets are more resistant to warping due to their increased rigidity. The specific alloy composition of the aluminum sheet also affects its susceptibility to warping. Warping can occur due to temperature fluctuations. High temperatures cause aluminum to expand, and without proper support, it may bend or warp. Similarly, rapid cooling causes contraction, leading to warping. The level of stress applied to aluminum sheets can contribute to warping. Excessive bending, pressure, or unevenly distributed loads can deform the sheet. To minimize warping, it is crucial to handle aluminum sheets carefully, provide adequate support during temperature changes, and avoid applying excessive stress. Additionally, using thicker sheets or selecting alloys with higher tensile strength helps reduce the risk of warping.
Q:Are aluminum sheets suitable for automotive wheels?
Automotive wheels can indeed be made from aluminum sheets. Aluminum, being both lightweight and strong, offers numerous advantages in the automotive industry. The incorporation of aluminum wheels can notably decrease the weight that is not supported by the suspension, thereby enhancing fuel efficiency and maneuverability. Moreover, aluminum possesses exceptional heat dissipation properties, which effectively prevent the brakes from overheating. Not to mention, aluminum wheels exude a sleek and stylish appearance, making them highly favored by car enthusiasts. It is worth mentioning, however, that not all aluminum sheets are suitable for automotive wheels. It is imperative to choose aluminum sheets of superior quality that have been specifically engineered to meet the stringent requirements of strength, durability, and heat resistance for automotive wheel applications.
Q:Can aluminum sheet be bent or formed into different shapes?
Yes, aluminum sheet can be bent or formed into different shapes through processes such as bending, rolling, or pressing, due to its malleability and ductility.
Q:I can't seem to find what uses or contains Aluminum Nitride. Help!
Don't know where you looked, but this came up with very basic web search. Metallization methods are available to allow Aluminium nitride to be used in electronics applications similar to those of alumina and beryllium oxide. Among the applications of Aluminium nitride are opto-electronics, dielectric layers in optical storage media, electronic substrates, chip carriers where high thermal conductivity is essential, military applications, as a crucible to grow crystals of gallium arsenide, steel and semiconductor manufacturing. Epitaxially grown thin film crystalline aluminium nitride is also used for surface acoustic wave sensors (SAW's) deposited on silicon wafers because of the Aluminium nitride's piezoelectric properties. One application is an RF filter used in mobile phones called a thin film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR). This is a MEMS device that uses aluminium nitride sandwiched between two metal layers.
Q:Is plastic or alumium container more harmful to store food in if it does get to the food while heating.
Neither is great, but aluminum is worse (especally when heated). Also you can't put aluminum in the microwave since it sparks (technically it should not be used for cooking), but plastic leaches stuff info food, especially if it's via ceranwrap on top (in a microwave). Storing things in platic tupperware in the fridge is fine since the temperatures are cold enough that no reactions can happen, but for cooking and eating, ceramic is preferable. Aluminum on the other hand should just be avoided (for baking pyrex glass/ceramic is better). Out of all the forms of aluminum, aluminum foil is the most likely to leech stuff. Hope that helps!
We are a well-known enterprise specializing in the production and sales of aluminum sheets and coils. Since the establishment of us, we have been devoted to setting up a good CIS and completely implementing ISO9001 quality management system.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Henan,China
Year Established 2002
Annual Output Value Above US$200 Million
Main Markets Mid East;Eastern Europe;North America
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;ISO 14001:2004;OHSAS 18001

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 30%-50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 21-50 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average

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