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PVC foam board with formaldehyde?
Yes, within the national standard!
PVC casing lamp with a circuit board can spray three anti-paint it?
Can spray, no response, the lamp is a long time to use, to moisture, insulation, spray three anti-paint, the better protection, improve product reliability, extend the service life, sensitive to three anti-chemical for you to answer
Where do you have to sell the PVC board for the 2000x1200x20 specification?
Very simple, you go to the sales outlets to ask chant! The The
Hollow engraved high density board and PVC which is good
Hollow carved high-density board and PVC that good this problem, in fact, see how much you do, if the wet, then try to do PVC, MDF is generally no problem. The material of this plate is made with the size of the partition you made, like the partition of the PVC board is not suitable for large carved, PVC board has a certain wayward, but the quality easily damaged. MDF is the plant fiber by breaking, the application of adhesive through the high temperature and pressure environment made of sheet metal.
How to judge the true and false PVC board?
True and false PVC to determine: you can take a small amount of PVC board with a flame burning, if a large number of black smoke, and accompanied by pungent smell of hydrogen chloride, the flame after the burning surface was black charcoal, the basic can be concluded that PVC; Not associated with a lot of black smoke, no irritating smell, and the flame after the burning surface was white or light white, it may be polyethylene or polypropylene plate.
I have an old house and recent found a spot on my ceiling where there is a watermark. upon prodding through i see that the spot where the large cast iron drainage pipe that runs to the basement that connects to the 6 PVC bathroom drainage pipe upstairs has developed a small leak. There is a small spot where this white stuff (looks old) has chipped off and that is where the leak is coming from. Nothing major, but still a drip....drip....drip...enough to ruin the drywall, and enough to be fixed. I need to know what kind of material (pvc cement, caulk, etc) i would use to seal up that joint, as ripping it all out isnt an option. Something that preferrably would set when its wet (if possible) as it seems to be nonstop dripping.thanks for the help!
Try using a repair sleeve made for water lines. It's just a metal clamp with a rubber pad, you tighten it around the pipe with a wrench. You can also try a radiator patch kit. It's putty in a tube, you pinch off a piece, knead it together til it gets warm, and push it in the hole/crack, gets hard as steel in a couple on minutes. Good luck
Pvc board and pp board that is a lot of color, the kind of more suitable for kitchen and toilet waterproof furniture, furniture for the density of the board, specifications and other parameters are generally how much, about how much the price, China Province and the surrounding area Where can I buy this type of plate, the phone number is how much (I need is 1.5cm, 1.6cm and a small part of 1cm and 2cm of the plate)
PP can be used to do furniture,
Pvc stone floor with hot water bubbles after the UV layer can be torn from the floor, and then you can smell the irritating smell, the business that no formaldehyde, but I think this taste UV layer is certainly sticking up and not hot The
Hello: I am PVC floor production process personnel, the so-called composite PVC floor layer is compound, and sometimes because of the composite temperature is not enough and other reasons there is no organic interface between the two layers of good, there will be opened The General UV layer is applied to the floor surface, the treatment did not solvent evaporation, the polymer in the coating is UV light cross-linked curing. Should not have such substances as formaldehyde. As for the source of the smell, may be the use of PVC additives and processing aids out of the question.