24 X 24 X 1/4 Aluminum Plate

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I want to experiment with different types of curls, and I heard rollers are better than ironsWhat are the best hot irons, that arent to pricey, but will work on fine hairAlso, what are some tips on using them?????PS if you give me a good answer ill answer one of your questions
Paynes bay St.James it will cost about $15- 20 by taxi,very nice beach,lots of topless sexy girls with T strings on cruise ship days,lots of jet sking and water sports,the beach is nice wide sandy the water is calm and crystal clear.Lots of snorkelling,one of the most popular beaches in Barbados,hot spot for swimming with turtles,this iw where all of the catamarans go with all their guest for swimming and snorkelling.The south coast is very rough and very uncomfortable,sometimes when lying on the sand the wind keep blowing sand in your face and all over you stuff.I would not reccommend Crane beach or south coast.
I'm trying to lose weight and I've been on this VERY restricting diet for the last 4 weeks, and I really can't do it anymoreI'm always running out of food because I guess I buy so little, but the stuff they want me to eat is really expensive or takes 2-3 hours to make, plus its a very confusing diet, but it did help me lose a little weightI was wondering if I will still lose weight if I just portion control to the max of 1,500 calories a day and 2 to 2 and a half hours of working out a day ( 1 is an hour and a half is a mix of yoga, and aerobics, and the other hour is pure cardio.) Lol, I just want to eat normal food in portions again, and I don't even touch soda!! I drink 100 ounces of water a day, and maybe a cup of tea or coffee with a sugar substitute once or twice a week.
baking paper-other paper will stick if its not greased
I have a home built Yagi antenna, and for the 5 elements on it I used 14 guage copper wire (stranded) (I am not using high wattage)Do I need to strip the insulation from the copper wire for the antenna to function? (as you might have guessed, it is not).
I probably wouldn't strip the insulationCopper oxidises over timeThe skin effect tends to concentrate the current in the outer layers of the conductors and copper oxide does conduct, but not very well! You haven't said what frequency band you're working on, but a few questions come to mind: How precise have you been with the lengths of each element and the spacing between them? You need to be really accurate to get good results at VHF/UHFAre you using a balun to connect the cable to the driven element? A coax cable implies an unbalanced feed, which doesn't match all that well to a balanced dipoleYou tend to get r.fcurrent flowing down the outer screen of the coaxA simple quarter wave sleeve balun is better than nothingAre you using a folded dipole for the driven element? A simple half wave dipole on its own is not a bad match to 50 ohms, but the interaction with the passive elements of a yagi tends to bring the impedance down quite a bit to the point where it's not a good matchA folded element offers a much better matchI take it that you have put a SWR meter on the thing to check for matching? The results can be misleadingHave you allowed for the velocity factor of the wires when calculating the required lengths?
I recently saw a program on public television for the fiber 35 dietThe diet appealed to me because 1) I eat a lot of vegetables/high fiber foods anyway and 2) the diet's creator claims that eating 35 or more grams of fiber per day causes your body to burn a couple hundred calories just by processing the fiberI've been on the diet only 2 weeks and have gotten past the nightmare cramping, bloating and ahem constant gas expulsion, but I'm wondering if this will really work in the long runI've read some consumer reviews on the fiber 35 diet and wonder if the rave reviews of losing tons of weight are really trueAnyone have any experience with this? I'm on this diet primarily to lose weight and secondarily to preserve my health with healthy eatingIn a typical day I eat a couple bags of frozen vegetables (broccoli, corn, etc.), a can of lentil or black bean soup, red beans rice, oranges, and oatmeal or bran cerealNo meat, which is a new thing for me!
Do you have a family living there? It could be that they can't afford those items (to open the cheat menu pres ctrl, shift and c all togethertype in rosebud and hit enter for a quick 50,000)If not, do you have any hacks or cheats active that may be affecting the game? They should be selectable)
can you lay ceramic tile on wood floor?
Doesn't really matter where you buy it, but do look for R valueThat just means how warm it will keep you-the higher the better(if you double up layers, you will double the R value) Also, the rolled fiberglass is very itchy to work with-there are foamboards that also work well(or an expanding foam you can spray in, though that works best between walls.)
Most rolled insulation I'm finding is for 13-17 inches wide, my attic, with an angled roof has 24 inches between beams.
Try silver polishIf it isn't real silver, the plating may be worn off, and it is not restorable.
Hey guys so I straighten my hair every other dayI have actually singed off some pieces, it's pretty badI think I should take a break from it so that my hair can go back to being healthyHow long should I give it? And also, how can I make my hair grow faster?Willing to try anything! Thanks!
You should probably go the hairdressers and have your hair trimmed, to get rid of any split/damaged endsThey will probably give you the right kind of conditioner to use as well, but you need to get a conditioner (and shampoo) that are designed to nourish and repair dry and damaged hairI think you should leave it a good few weeks before straightening your hair, and when you do start straightening again, or even if you're just blow-drying your hair, then use a heat-protect serum before you doAnd make sure your hair is only slightly damp when you straighten itSome people say your hair should be damp, but if it is then the moisture in your hair will evaporate and it's pretty bad for your hairBut, if it's totally dry, it won't be effectiveSo yeah, make sure it's pretty much dry, add some heat protect serum, and go for it (:
Hi people .can anyone help out in suggesting a high fibre diet not to lose weigh but to keep bowels movin ?
First of all, the amounts the nutrition books want you to have for high fiber will keep you neverendingly in the bathroomThe US Government recommends 5 - 9 servings a day of fruits and vegetablesAdd in some beans a few times a week and 2 - 4 servings of grains a day, preferably with some of them being whole grainsDon't forget to keep hydrated, though again, the folk remedy of 8 glasses of water may be too manyGo by what your body is comfortable withOatmeal - the real stuff, not instant or microwave pap - is a good whole grainBran cereals can be surprisingly tasty (Post Bran Flakes, Kellogg's Bran Flakes)Have an orange, rather than OJOr blend fruit in with ice and water for a smoothie or with milk for a shakeIf you want eggs, make an omelet or a scramble with strawberries, onions/peppers/tomatoes/spices, mushrooms, or other stuff inside Side salads such as a mixed leafy green salad with tomatoes or whatever; cole slaw, broccoli slaw, carrot-pineapple-raisin salad, Middle Eastern tomato-cucumber salad, whole grain pasta salad, even potato salad, are all good with your main lunch course - could be a whole grain sandwich, a soup with veggies and rice in it, a stirfry, etcFor dinner, add veggies to any casserole, stirfry, stew or as sides for a chop, chicken or fishPotatoes count! Now, everyone will disapprove of me for saying this, but potato chips, tortilla chips, popcorn, etc all have fiberLimit them, of course, because they also have tons of fat and calories, but they sure do have fiber Also, add fiber in gradually, over the course of a few weeks so your body has time to adjust.