Fiberglass Ceiling Tile Acoustic Ceiling Board

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Item specifice:

Material: Fiberglass Feature: Soundproof,Heat Insulation,Fireproof Color: Black,White,Red,Green,Blue
Position: Interior Certification: CE,ISO Thickness: 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, etc
Wildth: 60cm, 61cm, 120cm, 122cm Fonction: Fireproof Board Ceiling,Soundproof Ceiling,Normal Ceiling,Integrated Ceiling,Heat Insulation Ceiling,Moisture-Proof Ceiling,Mould-Proof Ceiling,Waterproof Ceiling Application: Office,Hotel,Household,Dust Free Room,Public
Shape: Square,Irregular,Rectangle

Product Description:

Products Description
Fiberglass Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are great for use in both residential and commercial applications. It is an effective and affordable way to build sound absorbing acoustical ceilings with excellent sound absorption properties. They are effective in eliminating unwanted ceiling boundary reflections and controlling excessive room reverberation. They are widely applied in offices, restaurants, recording studios, theaters, cinemas, schools, garages, conference room, dance halls, etc.


1. Excellent sound insulation.
2. Non-combustible, fire-proof.
3. Light weight and no sagging, wraapping or delaminationg.
4. Green eco-friendly building materials.


It's recommended that this panels be installed to the opposite two walls to cntrol the echo of the surroundings.
The panels are widly used in hotels, meeting rooms, auditoriums, music rooms, libraried, etc, where have special requiest for sound absorption.


1. Is OEM available?
Re: Yes, OEM service is available.
2. Are you factory?
Re: Yes. we are the largest factory in China.
3. Can we get sample?
Re: Yes, sample is free for our customer.
4. How many days for production
Re: usually 4 weeks after receiving of downpayment



Fiberglass Ceiling Tile Acoustic Ceiling Board 

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Q:We are rennovating my basement. There was a drop ceiling and thin paneling on the walls. I took out the drop ceiling and the paneling. The main goal is to get an efficient way to heat the space. The house has radiator heating so I figured we could use the heat from the pipes as the main heating source.We will put in a new drop ceiling that stays above the pipes (exposing the pipes will heat the space). What kind of insulation is recommended for the new drop ceiling to keep the heat in? I was recommended either fiberglass or foam insulation.The framing on the walls is good and I would like to reuse. What type of insulation on the walls? We will be drywalling them. Once again, I was recommended fiberglass but to put a plastic barrier between the wall and insulation. What do you think?I am open to any suggestions.Thanks!
For the walls use fiberglass kraft faced(paper on one side) and no plastic or unfaced insulation with plastic. R-11 or R-13 for 2x4 walls. For the ceiling, I wouldn't bother with it. Instead add a radiator to the basement area and add a new pump and thermostat to create a new zone. Otherwise the basement would only be heated when some other area of the house needs more heat, this usually makes the basement too cold or too hot.
Q:If you were a single woman with no man around, how would you fix a hole in the ceiling from water damage? And the roof? On a budget. Is this possible for a small woman to do this job by herself? Can someone give me step by step instructions? Photo of the damage attatched.
I would repair it. It is not terribly difficult or costly - but your circumstance is complicated by the texture on the ceiling. You would need to purchase some lightweight joint compound, some fiberglass reinforcing mesh or tape, a couple of inexpensive plastic spackling knives (and you will need either a step-ladder or some other stable platform to work from. You will clean out the damaged area and remove all loose materials. Then use a knife to spread some joint compound in the hole, not too much but enough to cover everything with a thin coat. Spread the reinforcing material over this and add a small amount more compound. Smooth this as best you can with a knife. Allow to cure overnight. Repeat with thin coats of compound only until smooth. Sand lightly to remove tool marks. Now you have as smooth area in a textured area. There are texture-sprays-in-a-can that you can try, or you can just leave it smooth, Paint. Done. It takes some time, and you will learn as you go - so don't expect perfection right away. Good luck with it.
Q:Indoor ground artificial marble paving after the bow is the reason
Decorative materials are divided into two parts: part of the outdoor materials, part of the indoor materials.
Q:Do the glass fiber composite material be bad for the human body?
The only drawback of fiberglass is that it can cause itching after contact with the human body.
Q:I have hanged the drywalls on both the ceiling and walls. My questions is how should I tape the joints between the ceiling and walls? Should I use a regular paper tape, a fiberglass mesh or a paper corner bead (inside corner)?
there is a certain art to taping sheetrock, but don't be afraid anyone can do it 1. make sure you mix your spackle well, use a drill and paddle for the first coat, apply an ample coat and then tape, don't get too far ahead of your abilities. the second coat should feather the first coat outward, and when doing corners do one inside at a time after the tape coat.Just remember its easier taking it of when its wet than dry. Also mix some dish washing liquid for the second coat, this will prevent bubling.
Q:What is the relationship between the two? Or who is engaged in the electronics industry, can give me talk about the industry's industrial chain and technical process? Thank you.
Glass fiber is an excellent inorganic nonmetallic material. English formerly known as: glass fiber or fiberglass. Ingredients are silica, alumina, calcium oxide, boron oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium oxide and the like. It is a glass ball or waste glass as raw material by high temperature melting, drawing, yarn, weaving and other technology. And finally the formation of various types of products, glass fiber monofilament diameter from a few microns to twenty meters a few microns, equivalent to a hair of 1 / 20-1 / 5, each bundle of fiber raw silk has hundreds or even Thousands of single-wire composition, usually as a composite material in the reinforcement materials, electrical insulation materials and insulation materials, circuit boards, widely used in various areas of the national economy.
Q:What is the new house decoration is a good wallpaper or paint latex paint it?
Of course the wallpaper is fine! Wallpaper after the renovation is also convenient renovation
Q:Bought a house about a year ago, and the basement ceiling is stuffed with fiberglass insulation. It's warm in the basement, especially the room where the furnace is, but we hardly ever use it.I'm wondering if all that insulation is trapping the heat the furnace gives off while it runs, preventing it from rising upstairs? Would it be worth removing it myself or just let it all stay in the ceiling? If you recommend removal what's the best way to dispose of it?Thanks!
it rather is not a great deal interior the homestead. Your basement would desire to have some air bypass from the furnace nonetheless. in case you have a sign up or return air interior the basement in simple terms make constructive they are open slightly. it rather is extra of a difficulty for an outdoors wall of your place. Pull slightly of all of it the way down to work out if the joist hollow area feels damp. i might wager it won't. do not situation approximately it, it is going to never be a difficulty. in case you prefer you additionally could make slits interior the vapor barrier with a application knife. i might leave it because it rather is.
Q:Some people think that do not need to check the color of magnesium chloride, you can know its color, why? Mg (OH) 2 white MgCO3 white Mg (NO3) 2 white Mg3N2 light yellow MgCl2 white From the above to illustrate the problem ...
As the case, magnesium ion crystals are white MgCl2 is a magnesium ion crystal, so it is white
Q:My insulation was installed paper towards the roof.
My husband has been in construction for over 15 years, and it ALWAYS goes paper side OUT, it keeps any insulation pieces from coming off onto the people that install the drywall, and if the drywall ever has to be removed due to water damage, etc, the paper should help keep the insulation from falling all over the floor. Insulation has very small fiberglass pieces in it that can get into your lungs if you inhale it and cause serious problems, so if you need to pull it out and re-install it, use a breathing mask! Good luck, Tricia

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