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I am hoping eventually to change this habit through food, and get the proper amount of fiber that way, but until that goal was fully achieved, I was wondering if there are any fiber supplements in pill form, and if so, if anyone has any they would recommend.
Thick blanketJust dont toss and turn :)
I'm trying to loose weightI need some easy vegtables to get and fruits and whatever but I want them high in fiber and low in carbsa good meal plan would be great
Your dream sounds really interestingI would interpret it in a sense that towards the end of the dream you were in an obstacle trying to get out ofMaybe there is something challenging in your life that you will overcomeOr did you watch something on TV about a river?
is there a straightning iron out there that protects from humid?
Hi there, I've been using ceramic/straightening irons for quite a while No iron alone can protect against humidityYou have to use a thermal styling spray to protect against humidityTHE BEST is Kenra thermal styling sprayI purchase mine at a local salonWorks like a charm.
ok, my hair looks great straightenedStraightening your hair or blow drying it everyday is bad for your hair so i dont want to do thatIf i use a heat protectant and blow dry/ or striaghten it 3 times a week.Would my hair get fried? please helpMy looks terrible if i just leave it down the way it isIm sick of always having it up.
They are probably using brisket with brisket seasoningThey cook theirs in the oven, but a crock pot will work too.
i remember i was a speedy walker is it possible if i try to gain my high metabolism back i can get back in a size 32 jeans and medium shirts ?
probably notfaster walking is good though for increasing aerobic activity, which strengthens your heart and makes it more efficientweight loss is surprisingly simple: burn more calories than you eatany exercise you do will help you outYou WILL burn more calories by walking fast rather than slow, but likely if it's not confortable for you to do, you will burn out of the routine faster than if you just maintained a confortable walking routineto help control your metabolism for curbing weight gain, go with the good old advice: don't skip breakfasts and get plenty of fiber (soluble and insoluble) in your diet for startsStay away from sugary drinks.a lot of weight gain can be curbed by not drinking your caloriesAlso some studies suggest that artificial sweeteners like nutrasweet actually hurt your metabolism.the body tries to counteract the lack of sugar intake by storing up what little it can getHope this helps!
How often do you go to the gym or exercise?
Nice work on your composition, Sally! Bravo to little for her revisions!
In soil mechanics class, I learned that clay particles in soil naturally bond with water along its long edges; I also know, from a ceramics class I took a while ago, that firing clay removes all the water from the clay, creating ceramicTherefore, when clay is fired into ceramic, what happens chemically to the clay particles? Do they bond together, or do they merge together to form a giant ceramic particle?
do your own homework! use a calculator if you really must.
Should I be concerned? I have not felt the urge nor do I feel any discomfortThe main reason I am concerned is that this week I have consumed about 2 jars of jalapeno peppers lolz and I am not sure what that is doing to my insides since they have not exited my body.
Celery Drink To Lose Weight