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modelling Aluminum veneer Fluorocarbon powder

modelling Aluminum veneer Fluorocarbon powder

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1.Material&structure of aluminum single plate curtain wal:Aluminum single pate curtain walls adopt high-quality and high strength aluminum plate.Its common height is 2.0 mm,2.5 mm,3.0 mm,and its modelis 2003,and its state is H24.Besides its general material's maximum dimension is 1220m x 2440m,and its structure is composed of front-panel,reinforced rib,and angle.Front-panes is directly flexed,and then stamped to form an angle bracket;it also can be formed by riveting angle bracket on the panel's flanging.Reinforced rib is jointed with electric welding bolt behind plate in order to forma firm structure.So,it strengthens aluminum curtain wall's strength and rigidity,and ensures its flatness and ability to resist wind and shock during its long termuse.If need additional sound insulation and heat preservation effects,the specialmaterials can be fixed inside the aluminum sheet.

  2.Surface treatment of aluminum single plate curtain wall: The surface of aluminum panel curtain wall is usually chromized,after that, it is treated with fluorine-carbon spray coating.Polyvinylidene fluoride resin (KANAR500)of the Fluorine carbon coating finish paint and the varnish is normally divided into 2nd coating,3rd coating or 4th coating.Fluorine carbon coating has outstanding characteristics of corrosion resistance and weathering resistance,resisting acid rain,salt fog and various air contaminants.Besides, it has good performance of thermal and cold endurance,and it can resist strong ultraviolet,can keep unfading and chalking for a long time,and has long service life.Our factory chooses the high-quality fluorine carbon coating material manufactured by well-known PPG,DNT,AKZO,and NIPPON,etc.We choose nice and various colors.Customers can directly choose in accordance with the color plate manufacturers offered or provide the color sample.

  3.Features of aluminum panel curtain wall: Aluminum single plate curtain wall is of light weight,high intensity, waterproofing,anti fouling,fireproof,anticorrosion,good process ability,low maintenance cost and long service life.Aluminum curtain wall single plate is processed into arc and obforms.With its surface sprayed with various colors, a variety of beautiful patterns are formed on the wall surface,which can match

different visual figures such as curtain wall,etc.,making buildings have a style of obvious noble elegance.

4.Application ranges: Aluminum single plate curtain wall is suitable for ornamentation of interior &external walls of various buildings,hall appearance,column decorations, pedestrian bridge,bound edge of elevator,balcony packaging,advertising instruction tablet and indoor special suspended ceiling,etc.

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