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What is the meaning of the charge of the polymer?
Lithium polymer battery full name should be lithium-ion polymer battery, so it seems, lithium polymer battery is actually a lithium-ion battery.
What are the main ingredients for plastic coatings?
A single component to understand, that is, paint in the storage, sales time is a can of a group, you buy a paint he gave you a can, which contains the main components of paint and thinner. Use it as long as you can fully stir the construction, and its film and curing is to rely on the formation of dilution of the diluent, the construction time is not strict requirements, a long time with the thinner of the volatile paint will thicken, Add appropriate amount of thinner and then restore as ever.
Kansai Paint of West Coatings
2017: China's Chongqing longevity to establish Asia's largest anti-corrosion coating production and R & D base, and for the first time the world's leading anti-corrosion coating technology into China.
Is there a Mali textile pigment?
Not fading pigments, only mineral pigments. This is very particular about the Tibetan painting Buddha and Thangka are using this color for thousands of years unchanged. There are ancient paintings of Chinese painting is also useful, so to this painting is also out of the general. Zhang Daqian painted green stone green landscape are used mineral pigments, blue is used in the turquoise, the red is used in the red coral ... ... and so on, in the past, there are specialized for the yellow house paint.
What kind of paint cost-effective, good recommendation?
This is actually very difficult to say which paint brand cost-effective, everyone's needs and decoration budget is not the same, each paint brand also have their own advantages.
DNA can be dyed by what dye
Principle and analysis (1) DNA of eukaryotic cells is mainly distributed in the nucleus, RNA is mainly distributed in the cytoplasm. (2) methyl cyanide and pyroxene two kinds of dye on DNA and RNA affinity is different, methyl green on DNA affinity is strong, the DNA appears green, and pilocarpine has strong affinity for RNA, and the RNA is red, and the cells are stained with a mixture of methyl green and piroum red to simultaneously show DNA and RNA in cells (At the same time methyl green with diphenylamine or gentian violet instead of doing parallel)
How to make watercolor paint is not easy to fall off?
Other need to pay attention to: to avoid high temperature and sunlight, avoid contact with water and chemical solvents, away from heat ~ dust ~ electrical appliances, to avoid collision, do not touch the picture. If the dust can be used cotton sticks or soft cotton cloth carefully clean up, if the light can be better to clean the surface of the water, but to dry in time.
Is the lithium polymer battery or lithium-ion battery easy to explode?
From the structure, the polymer battery is generally flexible package, the shell is thin, relatively soft, lithium-ion battery using hard packaging, thick shell, relatively hard, from a security point of view, the flexible packaging of the battery once the sudden damage, such as charging Voltage is too high, the temperature is too high caused by the explosion, its destructive far less than the hard-packed lithium battery.