Spray Paint Galvanized Steel

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How to use the pigment three primary colors (red, yellow, blue) out of brown and brown?
This should be the amount of the problem with the first three colors mixed with black and then add a lot of yellow and a small amount of red
I have a canvas, all my paints, and a really strong urge to paint. but i have no idea what to do a painting of. any ideas?
Paint a sunset setting over and ocean, paint a sailboat off to the left, and some waves, under the water, paint an octopus, a few fish, and seweed, sand, a shell or two, and a jellyfish wouldnt hurt! haha, sorry if i'm taking away your creative freedom! i'm at the beach, and i just sketched it!
paint color blue...
for a good paint job these days starting price is around 1200 bucks, and for a car that size it would probably run around 12-1500 bucks to get it done right,if you want one on it that would last,you can get some cheap fly by night paint job on it that would last for about a year for about 6-800 bucks but the,ll use cheap paint on it and in about a year it will turn dull looking because of the cheap paint they used on it,i know i paint once in a while and i got one to do now its a 68 mustang,and supplies alone are costing me more than 600 bucks to paint this car with,and that's using ppg paint on it,its about the best on the market right now,good luck.
Brush latex paint or stickers good wallpaper?
Costs. In general, the cost of wallpaper is higher. The price is very sensitive, then paint more affordable; if the price can also accept the ability, in fact, you can choose local wallpaper.
How is the paint made? What is the material?
Most of the early search of vegetable oil as the main raw material, it is called "paint", such as the health of the original eco-cooked tung oil. Whether the traditional natural materials as raw materials of paint products, or modern development of synthetic chemical products as raw materials Of the coating products, all belong to the organic chemical polymer materials, the formation of the coating is a type of polymer compounds in accordance with the modern classification of chemical products, paint is a fine chemical products. Modern coatings are gradually becoming a class of multi-functional Engineering materials, chemical industry is an important industry
Is coated with a type of paint? What are the characteristics? What is the difference with the finish?
To be painted three times in the middle of that time called halfway my explanation is not?
Is water-based paint and clear paint the same thing?
Not the same thing.
Is the paint good for 5 kg or 9 kg?
You let the paint master count about how many kilograms, but also do not believe, you then sell paint that told him how many plates shared, she will give you count, the amount of the best calculated by the two Of that to buy, as 5KG or 9KG, if the brand model all the same, it still buy 9KG it, to be cheaper. Quality is the same.