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Would like to ask often say that the left hand to open and right hand to open what is the left hand open and right hand to open Thank you !!!! more
Left open the door: standing outside the door, the left hand to open the door (open to the inside), the door hinge on the left ... right open the door: the same way, see where the hinge, which is the door (the method applies to standing outside Open)
Their own security door, every time the door is very costly to open the door. Lock the door when the door handle up to mention, very easy. But when the door open, whether it is inserted into the key from the outside open, or from the inside down the door handle, it is difficult to open the door, that a few out from the door that a few columns (Figure) is difficult to retract Inside the door. What is the cause of this? What steps need to be done to make it switchable? More
You have no oil, and now the lock is not oil, if they have all inside will be tired of the inside. This can only change the lock core.
7 cm thick anti-theft door, what kind of power tools? What kind of drill bit Do you want to open from 2 sides? Meet the fire scrambling porphyry porphyry good phantom Han Yan door (7 cm thick) cat's eye what brand? More
There is no cat's eye on the door do not know how to install, please elaborate, the more detailed the better, with what tool hole using the hole device is right, first bought their favorite cat's eye, and then measure the cat's inner diameter is how big
Such as title. Take the key between the door and the inside. Do not care to go out to close the door, and now with another key in the outside to play long to pay the drink of the evaluation of Taiwan and Taiwan is not open. Inserted into the screw. Do not know is not inserted in the end Now has the middle of the night, the lock is definitely sleep, what way to solve the soil? Please answer in detail Thank you more
Anti-theft door lock is divided into two parts inside and outside, which plug the key. Basically there is no way to take the key down. You can try to open the door from the door with a tool to open (specific utility professional lock people have), but this The method is only fast to lock the door, and the door did not long to drink drink the evaluation of the platform of Taiwan with the key to lock the case with the key to apply the second method, their own drill with a drill drill, specifically the first lock Hood damage, and then identify the lock cylinder, first with M4 drill bit, and then drill in the end with the M8 drill can be out, oh, of course, the location of the bottom of the lock, ....., such as their own uncertain about the best or To find a professional person, the cost is generally about 50 yuan, not too expensive.
How can the key be taken out
If it is the kind of keyhole is accessible from the opposite keyhole to take a small thing to break the key to poke out if the keyhole, it can only change the lock
Which anti-theft door brand cost-effective! The The The The The
Anti-theft door, Panpan, Wang Li are good, but a good anti-theft door must have a good anti-theft lock can helium contact velvet Du Fusen asked, the lock is the core of the door, a good anti-theft lock can play a security The maximum effect of the door. We can search for "top Kyrgyzstan" to see how this lock
Buy the security door of the precautions?
To gold point of the original anti-theft lock, then you can find me Q
If the same size, which door is more expensive? Which will be more practical? More
See how to say, the shutter door is also expensive, iron gate is not cheap, there is no expensive expensive, shutter doors easy to use, installed a remote control on the end of the sea to steal the anti- Inside the iron gate, outside the curtains to put