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In general they seem similar, although I know that the nature of the lyrics differs between them, but what exactly is the difference between Metal Core and Death Metal?
I have found a TON of great Metal in the 90s, in all sorts of different Genres. EPICA -utterly owns the Symphonic Metal scene of this decade MASTADON - Great Prog Metal GOJIRA - Same as Mastadon EVILE -Return of the Thrasher IHSAHN -His progressive Black Metal post-Emperor is simply amazing. OGRE - Amazing Retro Stoner/Doom THE SWORD -Maybe a little too loved by some due to Guitar Hero, but I think they earn it on their music. ELUVEITIE - I would call them the Metallica of Folk Metal. Exceppt I think their acoustic and folk divergence actually strengthens their catalog, whereas Metallica's meanderings generally weakened it. ARKONA - Tied with Eluveitie for my favorite Folk Metal band. Misha Scream is stunning as a vocalist. LEAVES EYES - My kind of Gothic Metal OBSCURA - To mind the inheritors of Atheist's mantle as king of Prog Death. I could seriously go on and on. And that is without even touching the resurgence of many classic bands like Iron Maiden and Death Angel.
Love all types of metal, name any please
Prepared okorder
rap metal, alternative metal, nu-metal, reggae metal, metalcore, melodic death metal
i love metal coz it different from others.. and i like BFMV, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Cradle of filth (they still consider as metal eventhoe its black metal)...
Now, metals are made in high tech furnaces that blow pure oxygen through it, but the furnaces are made out of metal, so how did they get the metal to make the furnace with?
Yes, I'm actually a big fan of it. Hammerfall and Iced Earth reign supreme for me.
i am a death metal fan but doesnt dress like a death metal fan, coudl you tell me what my hair clothes shoes etc. should be so i look like a death metal fan.
If you are planning to start on your woodworking project, this isn't something you should use, it's something that you would be insane not to.
looking for some great nu metal bands. thankx!
Screw all the trends including emo. METAL for life.
which metals are considered to be transition metals?
They aren't even Metal. They can be considered Nu Metal or Alternative Metal but its not a form of Death Metal or even True Metal.
any black metalers out there.seriously i see none its like theyre hiding or something all i see are skaters and punks but i dont see any metal fans especially black metal.any here around la???
metal... come on rock just doesnt bring the musicianship, lyrics, and sheer brilliant songwriting intensity that metal brings... rock is still good ( all i listen to is classic and prog rock though, cause modern rock sucks!), but metal no competition! nice avatar very black metal!