Hot DIP Galvanized Steel Wire for Garden

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Item specifice

Galvanized Iron Wire
Cross Sectional Shape:
Construction Wire Mesh
Wild in Width:
Surface Treatment:
Metal Wire Drawing:
Hot Drawing,Cold Drawing
In Hard State
Metal Thick Wire
Galvanized Technique:
Hot Dipped Galvanized,Electro Galvanized

  1. Wire style:

Electro Galvanized Iron Wire

Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire

2. Use:  

Mainly used in communication equipment, medical equipment and weaving nets, brushes, cables, filters, high pressure pipe, construction, handicrafts and other industries.

we can be made according to customers specific requirements 

3.Features of Galvanized Wire:

Material: low carbon steel wire  

Tensile Strength: 400--580Mpa 

Standard wire gauge for electro galvanized iron wire: From 8# to 16#

Hot-DIP galvanized iron wire standard wire gauge: From 8# to 24# 

Short Description:
1)BV, ISO certificates and SGS test can be provided to assure the quality of our products

2)We have long-term cooperated factory, you can get a competitive price with high quality.

3)Your enquiry will get quickest and most efficient response. We can provide samples for your evaluation as well as fastest delivery

Product Details:

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Wire for Garden
Item typeCarbon Steel

Q235, SS400, A36, S235JR


Cold Drawn


Struction, Decoration, etc...

Surface treatment

GradeCarbon steel
Packing DetailsBig quantity: in bulk
Small order: hold in Containers
20ft container can hold 25tons, 40ft container hold 26 tons
Deliveryabout 7days after received the deposit or L/C

Payment term:

1100% T/T in advance.
230% deposit by T/T;70% balance pay against copy of B/L;

Hot DIP Galvanized Steel Wire for Garden (CZ-W10)

Factory Show:
Hot DIP Galvanized Steel Wire for Garden (CZ-W10)

Hot DIP Galvanized Steel Wire for Garden (CZ-W10)

Hot DIP Galvanized Steel Wire for Garden (CZ-W10)
Hot DIP Galvanized Steel Wire for Garden (CZ-W10)

Q:I am planning to wire my single sub 400rms svc to my amplifier 400rms x 1 @4 ohms. My car model is 94 mitsubishi lancer. how many AWG ( gauge) should I use? Like for Power, ground, speaker wire. I just want to have the full potential of my sub and ampli.For my 2nd question: if I decided to put a 2nd sub wired it on the same amp making it 800rms x1 @ 2 ohms. (my amplifier is a class d mono 1600 watt peak by the way) should I need to use a capacitor?Thank you
Well a capacitor is always desired for me...even if not to help the also helps your alternator/battery. Most class D amps can handle 2 ohm mono...actually most of them can handle 1 ohm for wiring. It depends on how many amps your amplifier's fuses are. If your amp is drawing more than 50 amps I'd say 6G or thicker. less than 50amps then 8G is plenty. The wattage the amp says it puts out is misleading...the fuses on the side of the amp tell the whole story. 12g speaker wire should take care of you as well. If the amp were on the larger side (requiring 6G wire or thicker) then 8G speaker wire would be a good idea.
Q:1) How does the type of wire affect resistance?2) How does the length of wire affect resistance?3) How does the diameter of the wire affect resistance?4) How does temperature affect resistance?
1) How does the type of wire affect resistance? - This property is called resistivity changes from material to material very low for metals 2) How does the length of wire affect resistance? - If material and other dimensions are same it increases in the same ratio as the length.[If l doubles resistance doubles] 3) How does the diameter of the wire affect resistance?- If material and other dimensions are same itdecreases in the same ratio as the square of the diameter.[If diameter doubles resistance becomes one fourth] 4) For metals, the resistivity increases linearly with temperature. 4) How does temperature affect resistance?
Q:Planning a study for my youth group. The name of the series will hopefully be 'Are you wired correctly?'. The basis would be having the right tools and so on to be on fire for God. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
We Something Something Every Day
Q:I am replacing a regular light switch with a more fashionable looking design. When I took out the old light switch there was a red and a black wire attached. I am used to white and black. Which wire is considered the white wire when I am wiring this switch?
It depends on how they ran the power to the switch. In a standard circuit, white is the neutral. In the switch leg, where you are working, there is no neutral. They can use any wires for a switch except green. You had seen black and white because those are the colors in a 2 conductor Romex cable. This may be a 3 conductor which has red, white, and black. In any case, each of the 2 loose wires go on one of the the brass screws of the switch, and the ground if there is one goes on the green. Some electricians will tape the white wire if it's used in a switch leg to indicate that it's not a neutral. Hope this helps.
Q:what are the limitations of international wire transfer
Your bank may set a limit on the amount they will allow per wire transfer, but that would be the only limit. My company accepts wire transfers for international business almost daily and there have been a couple of time when I have had to have the purchasing company send a 2nd wire for the balance because the 1st exceeded the banks allowable transfer amount. Of course when that happens you have to be sure that you include the mark up to the customer invoice because you will be charges for each wire transfer by your bank. (some banks don't charge for incoming wires, some do.)
Q:Wire 1 and wire 2 are made from the same metal. Wire 2 has a larger diameter than wire 1. The electric field strengths E1 and E2 are equal. A) Compare the values of the two current densities. Is J1 greater than, less, or equal to J2?B) Compare the values of the currents I1 and I2. Is I1 greater then, less or equal to I2?
The current will be more dense in the smaller wire. The value of the current is inversely proportional to the resistiance of the wire. Resistance = resistivity * length / Area since the wires are of identical material and length, the only thing left to vary is the cross-sectional area. Area is proportional to the square of the radius (diameter), so the current will be proportional to the square of the diameter. I2 is proportional to I1^2 I2 is larger than I1 .
Q:I am currently doing a guitar build and want to do the 21 tone jimmy page wiring style. I have a few questions. I can follow the diagram attached fairly well but am just confused on certain points. 1. for all the wires excluding the pickup wires, so the majority of the black wires, should those be hot wire or ground wire? I bought a wire back that has black ground wire and hot white wire and am confused on what to use when. 2. Specifically with the black wire coming from each pickup, once those go to a terminal on the pot the black wire that comes off of that joint is a connecting wire like in question 1, not a stretch of the pickup wire correct?3. When multiple wires come to a single solder joint should you tin the pot and then add one wire at a time to that spot or solder them all together and then to the pot?
Hello there, 1) Excluding pickups, black wire hot or ground? They use black for both in that diagram. I believe the only ground wires are all marked as ground in the diagram. A ground wire will run from the case of a pot to somewhere. To the ground side of the jack. To the bridge. To another pot. As for what you bought, I have no idea what you are trying to say. There is no difference in the wire itself that is used for ground or hot. You can use any wire (except bare) for either of those. 2) The black wire from the bridge pickup goes to a terminal of the switch on the push/pull bridge volume pot. You may solder the wire and continue the same wire down to the terminal of the switch on the push/pull tone pot. Or you can use another wire to connect those switches. The black wire from the neck pickup go to the middle terminal of the neck volume pot. Again, you may continue the wire from the pickup or solder in another wire to connect to the switch on the push/pull neck tone pot. 3). When I run ground wires to the case of a pot. I used separate solder joints. I do not wrap the wires together and then solder them as a group onto the pot. I have tried that and got bad connection on some of the wires. Best to solder ground wires separately. On a switch terminal where you have two wires coming to the same terminal, I try to solder both wires at the same time to the terminal. 4). All connections are soldered. Also, you should be aware that not all pickups have the same colored wires. You need to check the color code for the brand of pickups you are using. Seymour Duncan makes his diagrams based on using his pickups. If you use some other brand, the color of the pickup wires may be different. Seymour Duncan has a pickup wire color code chart on his web site. Later, Norm
Q:My starter I replaced has 3 wires, two red and one black. Where does each wire go? Pictures would be very helpful if possible
The First red wire goes to the solenoid on the fender well right by the battery. the second red wire goes from the solenoid to the starter on the one main post there. the black wire goes from the engine block to the battery on the negative side. All connections must be tight but not not crushing on the battery
Q:I bought a new light that holds two light bulbs for my bathroom and quickly took off the old light. I then noticed that wall had three wires coming from it, a black, red, and white. The light however has four wires coming from it, 2 whites and 2 blacks. How do i wire this properly so both light bulbs can be turned on and off simultaneously?
I'm going to assume that you are in the U.S.A. (if not, then disregard the rest of my answer). On the new fixture, twist the ends of the black wires together and twist the ends of the white wires together. Connect the white fixture wires to the white wire in the wall (I hope it is in an electrical box). Connect the Black fixture wires to either the Black or Red wall wire. To determine which one, you will need to know which one is controlled by the switch on the wall. You could just pick one and see if it works. If it does not, then try the other wire. Do not use the cheap crappy wirenut connectors that usually come with these fixtures. Go to the hardware store and buy a pack of tan wirenuts (red will work if necessary.)
Q:Connecting a Pioneer AVH-P1400DVD to a 2008 Kia Sorento. I have connected the wire harness to the back of the stereo by matching each color. My issue is I have 2 wires left on each side.I have a blue wire on the wire harness, and on the stereo side I have a blue/white wire that says system remote start. Do these 2 need to go together, even though they are different color scheme, yet both are blue?Same thing with the orange wire on the harness, and I have an orange/white on the stereo, do these two need to be connected?Thanks!
the orange wire on the radio is for power antenna unless u have a antenna that automaticly goes up and down u dont need it and the blue 1 on the radio is for a amp unless u have a amp u dont need it either the orange on the harness is most likey the power antenna so u can install with if u dont already have 1 and the blue idk i would have to look at it that ant how my radio wired up but i have a JVC lol but i do know all those radios are the same just it at radio shack u will see plus ur tell meh that im wrong when i can and do have a car radio wired in my house

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