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Material: Galvanized Iron Wire,Iron Wire Cross Sectional Shape: Round Application: Construction Wire Mesh
Type: Galvanized,U Type Wire,Loop Tie Wire Wild in Width: 1.1M Surface Treatment: galvanized
Metal Wire Drawing: Cold Drawing Status: In Hard State Thickness: Metal Thick Wire
Galvanized Technique: Hot Dipped Galvanized,Electro Galvanized

Product Description:

China Supplier Soft Tie Wire Black Annealed Iron Wire

Material:Low carbon steel
MOQ:1 ton
sample: free sample

black soft wire for construction /black soft construction wire

Material:Low carbon steel Q195
Features of the black annealed wrapping wire  soft tenacity, strong tensile strength, corrosion resistance, folding resistance is strong, colour and lustre is uniform

Production Process: the Q195 wire rod drawing model into the black iron wire, through 1000° high temperature firing, black iron wire after annealing treatment, soft wire, can increase the wire tensile degrees.

Tensile strength: 350mpa-380mpa

Specification: # 14 # - 36, also can be customized according to customer's requirements.

Packing: 25 kg per roll, usually inside plastic outside white woven bag or burlap.

Usage : can be used to weave silk screen or cut into wire cutting, used in construction, industrial arts, etc.Soft wire after annealing, increased flexibility, building tie wire.Binding reinforcement effect is better.

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China Supplier Soft Tie Wire Black Annealed Iron WireChina Supplier Soft Tie Wire Black Annealed Iron Wire

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