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1. Structure of Black Annealed Iron Wire Description:
Black Annealed Iron is durable and inexpensive, usually comes in the form of coil wire or cut wire, and is used in construction or daily use as binding material, or material for weaving wire mesh.Black Annealed Iron Wire widely used in weaving wire mesh, binding wire ,loop wire and cut wire,etc. It is softness and pliability, strong breaking strength, coated with anticorrosive oil. Hard to rust. Mainly used for binding materials, Daily use and using as binding wire for construction.

2. Main Features of Black Annealed Iron Wire

• Use widely

• High quality and low price

• Corrosion- resistant

• Practical use

• Durable


3. Black Annealed Iron Wire Images

Black Annealed Tie Wire/ Binding Wire/BWG14-BWG22 Good Quality Factory

Black Annealed Tie Wire/ Binding Wire/BWG14-BWG22 Good Quality Factory

Black Annealed Tie Wire/ Binding Wire/BWG14-BWG22 Good Quality Factory

4.Black Annealed Iron Wire Specification

Black Annealed Tie Wire/ Binding Wire/BWG14-BWG22 Good Quality Factory                                           

5. FAQ

We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely

①How about your black annealed wire?

Our company is a professional manufacturer of wire in China. The mainly product is Galvanized Iron Wire and Black Annealed Iron Wire. We export 30000 tons wires and wire mesh all over the world. We can offer high qulaity products with competitive price.


What is our service?

1).Be promptly to reply each inquiry within 5 hours;

2).Quality controlled in the factory from sample to mass production;

3).Keep on service until the goods arrive to customers;

4).After-serive in time to save your time.

How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of Black Annealed Iron Wire within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The pacific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers. Commonly 15 to 20 working days can be served.


Q:Question about the 3.5mm cable, I cut it open and there are 4 individual wires inside of it. I've only ever seen 2 wires and a loose one. Which ones are right/left and would the other 2 both be ground?The colors are red/green/white/black. I'm assuming the red/white are right left like normal? But I'm not too sure.
yeah audio cable..
Q:how we can predict the maximum load that stainless steel cable wire can achieved?
There's okorder /
Q:I'm trying to install an aftermarket radio in my 2005 suzuki forenza, but it isn't working. The display on the radio doesn't even light up. I'm thinking that it is because there are some unused wires on the oem harness. There is no plug on the original harness thanks to a previous owner, so an adapter plug is out of the question, so i just need to know what wires should or should not be connected to what other wires. The ones which have no equivalent on the aftermarket radio are: illumination wire, and dimmer wire. If someone could provide some info, that would be awesome. The radio being installed is a sony cdx-gt57up.
Suzuki Wiring Harness
Q:I want to connect a fan with light and pull chain only to a box that has the old wiring black and white to the new wiring black,white and green.Is this possible and how do I do it.
Black to black, white to white, the ground goes to the metal box. Only use a light weight fan, less than 6 lbs. KT wiring should be replaced ASAP. The insulation on the old wiring deteriorates over the years with heat and become a fire hazard. Most insurance companies want that type of wiring removed.
Q:Source 115V 20A breakerI have 12/2 wire and want to wire this:GFCI 15A receptacle -to- 15A receptacle -to- 15A receptacleI have basic wiring skills, just need reassurance. Thanks.
Hi Mike, Simple circuit. You need to wire the colored wire (usually black) to the hot side of each plug first. Then install the common (usually white) to the common side of your plugs. Then wire the ground to each plug. (I would wire each plug complete as I went.) At the panel you should connect the common and the ground being careful you don't touch the power strip the breakers are installed on. Then you should install the breaker in the panel after you attach the colored (usually black) wire to it. I accept email if you want more info.
Q:hi can anyone help i am currently building a 50cc scooter up from scratch i have most parts but ive started on the wiring does anyone know where i can get a wiring diagram also what wire recharges the battery from the magnetic pickup thanks
I have a wiring diagram for my Vespa 50 but it is a 1967 with no battery, magneto only. What is the year of your scooter?
Q:Hello, i am trying to hook up power windows in my truck. the motor has two wires and the switch has 3 wires. i just need the relay. i just need to know what kind of relay i need and how to hook it up. i know i need a reversing relay and that it needs to use the 3 switch wires along with the two motor wires and the two power wires. does anyone know what this relay is called and where i could find it online? thank you.
a 3 phase motor has 3 windings whose centers are separated by 120° mechanically. The phases in a 3-phase system are separated by 120° electrically. The sum of the magnetic fields produced by these currents has a constant magnitude, and rotates the direction determined by connection of the phase wires. Arbitrarily giving ABC as one direction of rotation, then BAC = ACB = CBA reverses the rotation of the field in the motor, reversing its rotation.
Q:Broken dryer, 4 bladed wire, Old dryer available to me, has a 3 wire cord, can I swap the cords?
Yes, download the owners manual, it will tell you how to the unground neutral, and use 4 wire cord, but generally you will just need to disconnect a jumper that connects the center terminal to ground, then connect the ground wire to the frame. Post the model number if you need help finding it. I am a little confused, it seems your first and second question are opposite, but doesn't matter, all dryers in North America can work with either type. The code says you have to use the 4 wire receptacle unless you only have three wires in the junction box. NEC 250.140 Frames of Ranges and Clothes Dryers Frames of electric ranges... shall be connected to the equipment grounding conductor... Exception: for existing branch-circuit installation only where an equipment grounding conductor is not present in the outlet or junction box, the frames of electric ranges...clothes dryers, and outlet or junction boxes that are part of the circuit for these appliances shall be permitted to be connected to the grounded circuit conductor... The Equipment grounding conductor is the green wire. The grounded circuit conductor is the white/neutral wire.
Q:Okay I bought a new light for outside my home. I called the electrician, he got the wiring from the ground and we added cement so we would bolt down the light. Now i need help adding a photocontrol.
no offence and no help but WHY did you not take a note of the connections as others have been told to do,in reality it makes no difference what colour of wiring goes where it is what the wire does that is important in other words if you swap the brown and blue at a light it will still work can you not remember what the connections were at onset of job.Best plan of action when dealing with electrics is if you do not know what to do do not do it
Q:Im trying to make a wire figure out of floral wire! HOW?!?!?! HELP!
take the wire and make the circle head first. then get the body wire and wrap the end of the to the head. get the right amount of wire for the arms and lay it across the body wire then twist it around the body in the middle a few times. for the legs bend them in the middle and wrap the bottom of the body around the bend.

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