Black Anodized aluminium plates 5083 2-20mm

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Loading Port:
China main port
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
5 m.t.
Supply Capability:
360 m.t./month
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Item specifice

1000 Series,5000 Series,3000 Series
Surface Treatment:
Coated,Embossed,Anodized,Mill Finish
O-H112,Half Hard,Hard
Decorations,Door & Window,Food,Insulation Material
D/C, C/C
Net Weight (kg):
Wooden pallets with paper intereaved

Mill Finish Black Anodized Aluminum Sheet

1. Commodity: 5083 Aluminium Plain Sheet for Marine Use

2. Alloy No.:  5083

3. Size: Thickness: 2-20mm (Tolorance±0.02mm) Width:200-1600mm(Tolorance±1mm) Length:500-1500mm(Tolorance±1mm)

4.Application: air plane, refrigerators ,audio equipment, ships building ect

5.Month Capacity: 5000MT/Month

6. Specification:



Aluminum plate/ Aluminum sheet,aluminium plate price, aluminium chequer plate,aluminium sheet,aluminium sheet price














2m,3m,5.8m,6m,or as required



Bright, polished, hair line, brush, sand blast, checkered, embossed, etching, etc.


Price Term

Ex-work, FOB, CIF , CFR, etc.


Payment Term

T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc.


Delivery Time

According to order’s quantity.



Export standard package: bundled wooden box, suit for all kinds of transport, 

or be required.





Export to

Asia, Europe, Africa and South America



air plane, ship building, refrigators and other industry products

Black Anodized aluminium plates 5083 2-20mm

Black Anodized aluminium plates 5083 2-20mm

Packaging detail: First, plastic cloth; Second, Pearl Wool ; Third, wooden cases with dry agent ,without fumigation, wooden pallets

Delivery detail: Within 25days




1. How can I get some samples?                        

We are honored to offer you samples. New clients are expected to pay for the courier cost. The samples are free for you.

 2 Do you have any certificates?             

Our products passed inspection of SGS, FDA, and CE Quality is priority! Every worker keeps the QC from the very beginning to the very end, Quality control department especially responsible for quality checking in each process.

 3 Can your factory print or emboss my logo on the goods?

  Yes, we can print or emboss the logo on the goods or their packing box.

 4 What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

1) The specification of products (length x width x thickness);

2) The temper and alloy.

3) The final product you will use to be made

4 It will be better if you can show us the pictures or design sketch. Samples will be best for clarifying. If not, we will recommend relevant products with details for reference.We usually produce goods based on customers 

Samples or based on customers’ picture, logo, sizes etc.

Q:what were the cinergy field (riverfront stadium, cincinnati, oh) seats made of? were they metal or aluminum? i know they were silver under the red paint...
Yes, they were. Aluminum IS a metal. Aluminium is a soft, durable, lightweight, ductile and malleable metal with appearance ranging from silvery to dull gray
Q:Alumina is the protective coating that covers aluminum when exposed to oxygen. It's actually corroded aluminum that prevents the aluminum from continuously corroding.What I didn't know until recently was that alumina is an electrical insulator. If that's the case why then isn't aluminum an insulator if one is trying to pass current along its surface?
Aluminum is an efficient conductor of electricity. A usual fabric that is not conductive is glass but glass will habits heat. Wood isn't warmth conductive or an electricity conductor however has a low combustion factor. You probably have a specific utility you are watching for then you definitely'd better ask extra certain questions.
Certain medical applications can utilize aluminum sheet. This material is lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for a range of medical devices and equipment. Prosthetic limbs, braces, and orthopedic implants can be manufactured using aluminum sheets. Additionally, medical instruments like surgical trays, sterilization containers, and imaging equipment can be produced using aluminum. However, it is important to consider that not all medical applications can use aluminum, as some devices may require specific properties or materials to meet regulatory standards and ensure patient safety. Therefore, the use of aluminum sheet in medical applications should be assessed on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the specific requirements and regulations of each application.
The density of aluminum sheets is subject to variation based on the particular alloy and thickness of the sheet. On average, aluminum sheets have a density ranging from 2.6 to 2.8 grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm³). It is worth mentioning that this figure may undergo slight modifications as a result of the precise manufacturing process and any additional coatings or treatments administered to the sheets.
The surface finish of aluminum sheet can significantly impact its optical properties. A smooth surface finish on aluminum sheet results in better light reflection and less scattering, leading to higher reflectivity. This means that more light is reflected off the surface, making the aluminum sheet appear brighter and more reflective. On the other hand, a rough or textured surface finish on aluminum sheet can cause light to scatter in different directions, reducing reflectivity. This can result in a duller and less reflective appearance. Additionally, the surface finish can affect the appearance of any coatings or films applied to the aluminum sheet. A smooth surface finish allows for better adhesion and uniformity of coatings, enhancing their optical properties. In summary, a smooth surface finish on aluminum sheet enhances its optical properties by increasing reflectivity and reducing scattering, resulting in a brighter and more reflective appearance.
Q:If not, where can i buy some aluminum?
is your minuscule excuse for a dick a dick?
Q:What is the final concentration of aluminum cation?
You have to be able to determine the number of moles of Al+3 that each solution contributes to the final solution: 1. aluminum chloride: AlCl3 Multiply the volume (in L) by the molarity to determine the number of moles of each compound dissolved in solution. 0.0431 L x 0.279 M = 0.0120 mol AlCl3 in solution When the AlCl3 in placed in the water, it dissociates to form the following ions: AlCl3 -- Al+3 + 3Cl- So for every one mole of AlCl3 placed in the water, one mole of aluminum ions will dissociate. Therefore, since we have 0.0120 mole of AlCl3 in the solution, that means that the aluminum chloride will contribute 0.0120 Al+3 ions to the final solution. 2. Aluminum sulfate: Al2(SO4)3 Multiply the volume (in L) by the molarity to determine the number of moles of each compound dissolved in solution. 0.0146 L x 0.464 M = 0.00677 mol Al2(SO4)3 in solution When the Al2(SO4)3 in placed in the water, it dissociates to form the following ions: Al2(SO4)3 -- 2Al+3 + 3(SO4)-2 So for every one mole of Al2(SO4)3 placed in the water, two mole of aluminum ions will dissociate. Use the mole ratios of the dissociation reaction to determine the number of moles of Al+3 ions that the aluminum sulfate contributes to the solution. 0.00677 mol Al2(SO4)3 x (2 mol Al+3 ions / 1 mol Al2(SO4)3) = 0.01354 mol Al+3 ions Therefore, the total number of Al+3 ions in solution is the sum: 0.01354 + 0.0120 = 0.02554 mol Al+3 ions The last piece of information needed to determine the concentration of the final solution is the volume of the final solution. Since the two volumes were mixed, the volume of the final solution will be the sum of the two solutions. 0.0431 L + 0.0146 L = 0.0577 L Therefore, to calculate molarity: Molarity = moles of solute / liters of solution Molarity = 0.02554 mol / 0.0577 L = 0.443 M Al+3
Yes, aluminum sheets can be laser engraved. Laser engraving is a versatile and precise method of marking or engraving various materials, including metals like aluminum. The process involves using a high-powered laser beam to remove the top layer of the aluminum sheet, creating a permanent and precise engraving. Laser engraving on aluminum sheets is commonly used in industries such as signage, jewelry, and industrial manufacturing for applications such as branding, product identification, and decorative purposes. The level of detail and resolution achievable through laser engraving on aluminum sheets depends on the power and settings of the laser machine used.
Q:In which autocomponents usage of aluminium is better or otherwise?
Aluminium is lighter as well as stronger than CI. Thats the reason most of the Automobile manufacturers use Aluminium for car bodies while they use cast iron for the underframes and internal chassis....NMN
Q:Which kind of glue is best for bonding aluminum sheets?

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