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Aluminum Coil for Beverage Cans, Food Cans & Closures

Aluminum Coil for Beverage Cans, Food Cans & Closures

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3000 Series
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Mill Finish
Decorations,Door & Window

Aluminum Coil for Beverage Cans, Food Cans & Closures

l  Product Introduction

Aluminium Coil is widely used in manufacturing aluminum thin sheet and aluminum foil. It is suitable for further machining with original standard quality. It is easy to be controlled and be manufactured to according to requirements.

l  Product  Specification

Production Range (mm)
  Aluminum Sheets/Coils for Food Cans  Aluminum Sheets/Coils for Food Cans

 ThicknessWidth  ThicknessWidth Length 
 Body 0.250 min.2300 max. 0.18-0.25 500-1020 1045 max. 
 End 0.222 min. 2300 max. 0.20-0.30 100-1020 1045 max.
 Tab 0.235 min. 45 min. 45 min 29 min.Coils only 

Production Range (mm)
Beverage Cans- DimensionFood Cans-Coil Dimensions

Inside DiameterOutside DiameterInside DiameterOutside Diameter
Body400 or 5001850 max.400 or 5001800 max.
End400 or 5001850 max.300 or 400 or 5001800 max.
Tab4001850 max.300 or 5001800 max.


Closures-Dimension Range
Length(Sheet)1045 max.
Inside Diameter300 or 400 or 500 on carton core
Outside Diameter1800 max



Body:Pre-lubricated: According to customer requirement.Degreased, Chromium phosphate converted and DOS treated.Pre-treated: Degreased, Chromium phosphate converted and if requested DOS treated.
End:Pre-coated & Pre-maxed: According to customer requirements.Pre-treated: Degreased, Chromium phosphate converted and DOS treated. Coated: Pre-waxed and lacquered on public or product side of the can, or both.Coated: Lacquered on either or both sides.
Tab:Coated: Clear or coloured expoxy, or bare: degreased and DOS re-oiledCoated: Clear or coloured coated or bare: degreased and DOS re-oiled


l  Packaging & Delivery 

Packaging detail: Standard seaworthy exporting carton, Wooden pallets, waterproof paper and plastic                                       coverage or as customer's requirements

Delivery detailabout 25 days from received oiginal L/C or advanced payment

l  Company Profile

CNBM International Corporation, China National Building Materials (Group) Corporation, is one of the largest companies in China building material & equipment industry, with 42,800 employees and sales in 2005 of US Dollar 4.395 billion. In 2006, China National Building Material Company Limited was listed on Hong Kong Stock Market with the stock code as 3323. 

Aluminium coil is one of the popular product in the market of CNBM. With advanced technology and equipment, CNBM has sold its hight quality color coated aluminium coil to the world.

l  CNBM World Wide

l  Product Images

Aluminum Coil for Beverage Cans, Food Cans & Closures

Aluminum Coil for Beverage Cans, Food Cans & Closures

l  Certificates


l  FAQ

Q: Do you provide free samples?

A: Yes, free samples will be sent to you on freight at destination.

Q: Can I get your latest products catalogue?

A: Yes, it will be sent to you in no time.

Q: What is the MOQ?

A: 2.5 tons

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: We accept L/C, T/T.

Q:Are there any limitations or restrictions on the use of aluminum coils?
Yes, there are limitations and restrictions on the use of aluminum coils. Some of the limitations include the maximum operating temperature, which is typically lower compared to other metals, such as copper. Aluminum coils may also have lower electrical conductivity, making them unsuitable for certain applications that require high conductivity. Additionally, the corrosion resistance of aluminum coils can be compromised in certain environments, necessitating protective coatings or alternative materials. Lastly, the strength and durability of aluminum coils may be lower compared to other materials, which may limit their use in certain high-stress applications.
Q:I was wondering if you could mold clay into a sphere then fill it with aluminum. Then put it over a fire and wait until the aluminum melts then put it in a freezer and it would come out as a sturdy, aluminum sphere. Thanks!
Do not try this at home! Seriously, this is exactly the kind of process that is used for casting metals. However, you need to have very strong molds with no cracks in them. Also, aluminum presents special problems. Solid aluminum does not corrode the way iron does, because it very quickly forms a protective tough layer of aluminum oxide. But molten aluminum can catch fire, with devastating consequences.
Q:How do aluminum coils contribute to energy-efficient lighting?
The energy efficiency of lighting systems is greatly enhanced by aluminum coils. The exceptional thermal conductivity of aluminum coils is the main advantage when used in lighting applications. Due to its high thermal conductivity, aluminum can effectively transfer heat away from the light source and disperse it into the surroundings. This property prevents lighting fixtures from overheating and ensures the longevity and efficiency of the entire system. Furthermore, aluminum coils are lightweight and have a high strength-to-weight ratio, making them perfect for creating compact and durable lighting fixtures. By utilizing aluminum coils, manufacturers can design and produce lighting products that are lighter and more efficient, thereby reducing overall energy consumption. Additionally, aluminum coils have a high reflectivity, allowing them to efficiently distribute and reflect light. This characteristic results in better light output and ensures that a larger portion of the emitted light is effectively utilized, thereby reducing energy waste. Moreover, aluminum is a highly recyclable material that can be reused and repurposed multiple times without losing its qualities. This recyclability contributes to the overall sustainability of energy-efficient lighting systems, reducing the environmental impact associated with their production and disposal. To sum up, aluminum coils contribute to energy-efficient lighting by effectively dissipating heat, reducing energy consumption through lightweight designs, optimizing light distribution, and promoting sustainability through recyclability.
Q:Never put oil in the water. Oil keeps the pasta from absorbing the sauce. Also add a little of the pasta water 3 Tbs. to the sauce. This helps sauce to adhere to pasta. The best remedy for pasta sticking. Use an aluminum stock pot. (tall pan). I don't know why but this works. I have using this stock pot for pasta for 40 years. I've tried stainless, non-stick, etc. they all stick. Except for the Aluminum.1 lb. of pasta, 4 qts. of water. 1Tbs. saltTurn burner to high,keep it therebring to boil then boil for 3 minutes, add 1 TBS salt, add pasta. Stir slowly 2 minutes, until the water boils. Cook tender enough for a fork to cut through but still a little firm
cool tip. thanks.
Q:Are aluminum coils suitable for heat exchangers?
Yes, aluminum coils are suitable for heat exchangers. Aluminum is a highly efficient and effective material for heat transfer due to its high thermal conductivity. It can quickly transfer heat from one medium to another, making it ideal for heat exchangers where efficient heat transfer is required. Additionally, aluminum coils are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and have excellent durability, making them a popular choice for various applications, including heat exchangers. The corrosion resistance of aluminum ensures that the coils can withstand harsh environments and prevent the formation of rust or corrosion, prolonging the lifespan of the heat exchanger. Moreover, aluminum coils are easily moldable and can be formed into various shapes, allowing for flexibility in design and construction of heat exchangers. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including HVAC systems, refrigeration units, and automotive cooling systems. In summary, aluminum coils are well-suited for heat exchangers due to their high thermal conductivity, lightweight nature, corrosion resistance, durability, and versatility. These properties make aluminum coils an excellent choice for efficient heat transfer in various industries.
Q:We are shopping for a new LQ trailer. We are looking at several different brands and noticed that some have aluminum skin on an aluminum frame, and others have aluminum skin on a steel frame. Other than the obvious differences in weight and cost, what are other benefits/disadvantages of each? Thanks
Aluminum Trailer Frames
Q:Are there any environmental considerations when using aluminum coils?
Yes, there are several environmental considerations when using aluminum coils. Firstly, the production of aluminum coils requires mining and extraction of bauxite, which can lead to habitat destruction and biodiversity loss. Additionally, the extraction and refining processes consume significant amounts of energy, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. However, aluminum is highly recyclable, and using recycled aluminum reduces the environmental impact by saving energy and reducing waste. Proper disposal and recycling of aluminum coils are crucial to minimize environmental harm.
Q:Are aluminum coils suitable for electrical conductors?
Aluminum coils, indeed, prove to be suitable for electrical conductors. Due to its remarkable electrical conductivity, aluminum has become a widely utilized material in the electrical industry. It possesses approximately 61% conductivity in comparison to copper, the utmost commonly employed metal for electrical conductors. Lightweight, cost-effective, and possessing good thermal conductivity, aluminum coils have become a favored selection for a range of electrical applications. Nonetheless, it is noteworthy that aluminum has a lower tensile strength than copper, thus potentially demanding a larger cross-sectional area to attain an equivalent level of current carrying capacity. Furthermore, to prevent oxidation and guarantee efficient electrical conductivity in aluminum coils, it is imperative to employ proper insulation and connectors.
Q:* How is hitting with a aluminum Wiffle Ball feel and work out?* Did you like the results you had hitting with a aluminum Wiffle Ball bat?
I did her like this I did her like that I did it with a wiffle ball bat
Q:I want to roll aluminum rolls and operate the machine for more than three years
(2) shutdown leaves firewood period (during inductrial injury treatment and rehabilitation) according to the original wage compensation;

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