Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass 3.3 used for Projector lens

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1. Description:

Borosilicate 3.3 serves as a material of truly functional and wide applications:

1). Household electrical appliance (panel for oven and fireplace, microwave tray etc.);

2). Environmental engineering and chemical engineering (Lining layer of repellence, autoclave of chemical reaction and safety


3). Lighting (spotlight and protective glass for jumbo power of floodlight);

4). Power regeneration by solar energy (solar cell base plate);

5). Fine instruments (optical filter);

6). Semi-conductor technology (LCD disc, display glass);

7). Iatrology and bio-engineering;

8). Safety protection (bullet proof glass)


Borosilicate Glass 3.3


can make as customers request

Glass Type

Heat resistant Glass

place of origin





Meet customer's personal requirement




600*800 2200*1650 2440*1830 3300*2140 3660*2140 3660*2440


Wooden box


 Projector lens

2. Actual measured parameters of Borosilicate Glass:

3. Main features:

                                                                                                   1. Great heat resistance performance, stable chemical properties

                                                                                                     high strength;

2. High light transmittance;

3. Super acid and alkali resistant;

4. Wide optical applications.

4.  Advantage

Because of the ionic bond, it has good thermal properties, mechanical properties and chemical stability, such as low expansion coefficient, high softening temperature, high strength, low density, and not easy to mold and fog.


         CNBMs largest Size: 4800X2440mm

5. Application Area:  

Can be used in fireproof curtain walls, partition walls, platforms, day lighting roofs, smoke-proof vertical walls, railings, doors and windows, elevator shafts, rail transit platform screen doors, rail locomotive doors and windows and other fields. Equipped with water spray, it can be used to replace Class A insulation type fireproof glass system, which can be widely used in building atrium, pedestrian street fireproof glass and building fireproof partition.

More Applications: 

The scope of application:

a)  Indoor heating/The windows panel heaters

b)  Cover glass heating radiator

c)  Reflecting cupand High performance pan light lamp cover

d)  Infrared dryer cover

e)  Projector protection cover

f)   UV shield

g)  Barbecue machine panel

6. Process:

7. Packing and Shipping: 

All the glass will pack in strong export plywood crates, and load in container strong firmly, to make sure safety delivery.

8. Test Report:

9. Company Brief

10. FAQ:

Q1:What’s your MOQ?

A: Generally, there is 2 tons for MOQ ,   CNBM will  give you more discount if quantity more.


Q2:Can you send me some samples to check your quality?

A:Sure, CNBM Glass could send the free samples (except special deep processing glass) for you any time. we will refund the courier charge for you once we start business.


Q3:What's the fast production time you can do?

A: It depends on the quantity of building glass you need. Normally it takes 15-45 days after drawing confirmed.


Q4:How can you make sure the glass won't broken during transportation?

A: For all the glass from our factorywe will pack them into strong export plywood crates and load the crates into container with metal belt as stable as possible. If unfortunately by accident, the glass broken, we will have insurance to cover the risk, because for all the glass from our company, we will purchase the insurance to cover all the risk for customers freely.


Q5:How can i get the best price?

In order to offer our best price for you, please send all the details as below for us:

a. what size and thickness of clear float glass/tempered glass/laminated glass are you looking for?

b. How about the approximate quantity?

c. Do you have any special requirement like drill holes, cut notches,cutouts, acid etched, silkscreen?

d. When do you need those glass?

Q:Why is the process of glass toughened always broken?
This is because of containing nickel sulfide crystal glass raw material, manufacturing technology in the world is any existing can not be completely avoided, only reduce the exploding probability through control of the purity of raw materials and processing technology to a.
Q:How do I see whether the raw material of tempered glass is made of float glass or standard glass?!
Float glass surface flat, good brightness, no tumor and bubble (less).The surface of the lattice is not very smooth, and the ripples can be seen from the side. Uneven thickness
Q:Does the material of sunglasses choose good glass or plastic?
Glass materials of high hardness, not prone to scratches, shock resistance is poor, after the impact of easily broken, and the weight is relatively heavy.
Q:Is glass fiber reinforced plastic board fireproof partition board?
A type of fireproof partition board. Glass fiber reinforced plastic sheet is flame retardant and does not support combustion performance. It can be classified into grade a fireproof board in fire prevention and fire fighting.
Q:What is inorganic glass?Want to be a fish tank, where can I find inorganic glass?
Comparison of properties between organic glass fiber reinforced plastic and inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic,Organic glass fiber reinforced plastic (short resin) advantages: 1, good toughness; 2, high strength; 3, waterproof performance is good; 4, light weight (the same size of inorganic glass weight is about 1.2 times of plexiglass)Organic glass steel defects: 1, not high temperature. (in general, Fahrenheit 70 degrees Celsius, has started 2, not aging deformation). (ultraviolet effect of easy deformation and easy to fade) 3 burning.4, give off harmful gases to human health and environmental protection, the influence of.5, the cost is high, and the price of raw materials, the fluctuations of.6 waste is not easy to deal with.
Q:The difference between natural crystal and crystal glass, merits and demerits!
Crystal glass, also known as lead crystal glass, this is a glass, but because of its luster, texture, sound and other characteristics are very similar to natural crystal, so called crystal glass.
Q:How is glass made? What material is it made of?.
Bulletproof glass is the most important indicator of bullet proof ability. The target of bullet proof ability is measured from two aspects. On the one hand, it is the ability of security protection; on the other hand, it is the kill ability of the protective guns.
Q:What is the ratio of raw materials for glass mildew proof powder?
Coconut shell plant essence ("compendium") from endocarp for palm plants in coconut. Coconut palm in plant form. The chemical composition of coconut shell containing 0.61% ash, 36.51% lignin, cellulose 53.06%, pentosan (29.27% total). Cellulose containing 20.54% pentosan, principal components in the ash and koh.
Q:Tile selection, paving process
Clean up the grass ground, cement mortar, fixed elevation, elastic line, sheet materials choosing, soaking wet, standard for the installation of block, paving cement mortar, paving stone, pouring and cleaning, maintenance and commissioning.
Q:Who can tell me the raw material and function of the flashy glass?
The roll of the roll is rotated, and the glass belt is pulled out of the tin groove into the annealing furnace. After annealing and cutting, the flat glass product is obtained.

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