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sorry to say but polyester resin from hardware stores are made for general use and are brittle.there are thousands of resinsfrom soft and stiky totohard and any combination between these ,best bet bamboo or any hard wood,much cheeper an easier to make
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1st off, it's important that others reading this don't confuse boat epoxy resins which are only soluble in ketone, esters and other alcoholes with water insoluble epoxy resin as we're talking two completely different resins here. Boat epoxy resins of course, are in the field of adhesives, surface coatings, laminating, nad casting, and as a raw material - epichlorohydrin and bisphenol.Water insoluble epoxy however is concerned with a group of resin consisting of hydrogen and a halogen and having an atomic number. These water-soluble glycidyl ethers of glycerine are prepared by reacting glycerine with an epoxyalkyl halide in the presence of a acid catalyst, subsequently the emulsion is extremely ph dependent. The ph of which, is effected by the condensation reaction as well as the dehydrohalogenation reaction and yes, if you change the ph too much in the wrong direction, it will coagulate. I am from Texas and built boats for 40 years and experimented with epoxy. Jim (James) Bertram, at Lake Jackson.used to come out and we'd test his latest product. James ended up with the patent on water insoluble epoxy which he sold to Dow Chemical. So, if you call anyone, I would call him, or them.
Function and use of resin adhesive?
Harm to humans: exposure to excessive amounts of untreated gum resin can cause allergic reactions to the skin, so it is better to wear gloves
Why would a Class A fire extinguisher not be used on a Class C fire?
Pass on many of the small fire extinguishers that you find in small hardware stores. You will want to get a 5lb extinguisher rated for class A, B, and C fires (preferably one that can be recharged). A small 2.5lb extinguisher that is often sold in hardware stores is simply too small to use on many fires by someone that does not use them very often. A 5lb should be plenty for you without taking up too much space. The ABC rating tells you that it is good for common combustibles such as wood and paper (Class A), flammable liquids such as oil and grease (Class B), and electrical fires (Class C). By ensuring that you get one that is rechargeable, you can simply have it serviced rather than replaced if you need to use it. Look in the phone book for fire protection and you should find a nice list of local companies that will sell and service fire extinguishers. Also, spend some time learning how to use one correctly Pull the pin, Aim at the BASE of the fire, Squeeze the handle, and Sweep from side to side (remember PASS).
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Fiberglass would be stronger and lighter. Resin won't sink far into plywood. The polyester resin used for fiberglass is extremely brittle, all the strength comes from the fiberglass embedded in it.
What's the difference between pure cotton and resin?
Resin usually refers to softening or melting range after heating. When softening, it tends to flow under external force. At normal temperature, it is solid, semi solid, and sometimes liquid organic polymer.
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How To Use Resin Molds
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