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There's a copper pipe in the basement that suddenly started leaking at one of the elbow fittings. What would cause it to just start dripping and making a big mess all over the basement floors and wall finishings? I turned the water off for the whole house. How can I fix this leak?
There are 3 water, a oxygen depleting gas, and foam. There is a 1-2-3 rule or ABC
How can the resin lenses be repaired?
Although the surface of resin lenses specially hardened, but compared to glass or slightly inferior, so to avoid friction and hard material. Try not to wear it while swimming at the beach.
Is the degree of crosslinking equal to the degree of curing in the process of resin curing?
Crosslinking degreeIn the branched polymer, with no chemical bond between the branches in theory. Their structure is still similar to the linear polymer can be dissolved and melted. But when formed between the side of the same or different polymer chains covalently attached, the polymer network like structure. The network depends on the size of the polymer chain the number of chemical bonds between the polymer can be cross-linked. Independent network formed by crosslinking supramolecular. Two independent interpenetrating network called IPN polymer and crosslinking non crosslinked interpenetrating network called semi interpenetrating network polymer, the molecular rotation and movement is limited, and thus improve the the strength of polymer on the macroscopic and stiffness. In addition, crosslinked polymer material also has a "memory effect". When a high enough degree of crosslinking polymers are stretched, crosslinking The chain blocks the slippage between the chains and the segments are only stretched. But when the external force is removed, the chain reverts back to its original location. Vulcanized rubber is an intuitive example of the change in properties of polymers after crosslinking and has a "memory effect"
It's about 48 x 19-20 inches and 3/4inch thick. I found a 9oz mix thats only $11 but im pretty sure that's not enough for the whole board. And i've read that i should thin out the resin, is that correct? If so, can regular sink water be used to thin it out? So should i just get the 9oz or buy a quart?
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What is the resin?
Resins are natural resins and synthetic resins. Natural resins refer to amorphous organic matter derived from secretions of plants and animals in nature
How many years can the resin handicraft be kept? How to save? Thank you
It can be kept for 10-15 years.
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Resin is tar and contains massive amounts of THC. Smoking resin is horrible for you though. That drug teacher was full of ****. Yes, if you smoke resin and are tested, you will test positive for THC.