Petroleum Hydroleum Resin with SGS from China Factory

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Product Description:

1 Structure of  Petroleum Resin Description 

 It is aromatic hydrocarbon resin, light yellow granular, with good transparency and luster, good solubility, compatibility, aqueous stability, insulation and chemical stability, and with good adhesiveness and heat conductivity. 


2 Main Features of the Petroleum Resin 

 Softning point from 90 to 140, Light Colour, Granule, Better Fluidity, Transparent, Low Smell, Excellent antiaging Property, Quick Drying, Good Smudge Resistance


3 Petroleum Resin Images

Petroleum Resin  Petroleum ResinPetroleum Resin

Petroleum Resin Petroleum Resin Petroleum ResinPetroleum Hydroleum Resin with SGS from China Factory Petroleum Hydroleum Resin with SGS from China Factory

Petroleum Hydroleum Resin with SGS from China Factory Petroleum Hydroleum Resin with SGS from China Factory

4 Petroleum Resin Specification

Color (in 50% Toluene)from No 7 to No.18
Soften Point (DC)80-90; 100+/-5; 110+/-5; 120+/-5; 130+/-5; over 130
Acid value (mgKOH/g)0.5max
Iodine value
(g I2/100g)
Ash value0.1% max.
PH value6-8

Usage of C9: 

1. Coating production: Used in paint and reinforced latex coating, also applied in oil soluble coating. 

2. Rubber treatment: Used as adhesion booster. 

3. Adhesive production: Used in adhesive, especially for melting glue and pressure-sensitive glue. 

4. Printing ink production: It can be dissolved in hydrocarbon resin, it owns high soft point and stable performance, so it can be used in ink. 

5. Paper making industry: Used in paper sizing agent. 

6. Other application; Used as oil field water treatment agent & slurry additives, pitch modified agent. 

Color (in 50% Toluene)No.4-5
Soften Point (DC)80-90; 90-100; 100-110; 110-120
Acid value (mg/KOH/g)0.5% max.
Iodine value (g I2/100g)20/120
Ash value0.1% max.

Usage of C5: 

 1. Road marking paint: It can improve on the brightness, bonding, water and weather-resistance and may perfection for the dispersing and drying of any pigments. 

2. Rubber: It goes compatible with both natural and synthetic rubber and characterized as adhesive, softening and reinforcement, it functions as an ideal for manufacturing of tyres and processing of any rubbers. 

3. Adhesive: It is compatible well with high polymerization based substances, and is characteristic of excellent and stable bonding and heat resistance and changes retardant with both time and temperature. 

Other application: It is also widely used in fields of oil ink, paper bonding, sealant etc. 

5 FAQ of Petroleum Resin 

1) How to control the products’ quality?
We have always placed great emphasis on quality control to ensure that excellent quality level is maintained. Moreover, the principle we always maintain is "to provide customers with better quality, better price and better service".


2) Can you provide OEM service?
Yes, we work on OEM orders. 


 3) What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?
1, Type of the products
2, Color Number(if have)
3, package
4, Quantities

5, Please send us some pictures for checking if possible so we can do best as your request. Otherwise, we will recommend relevant products with details for your reference.


4)  How many days will sample be finished and how we control the sample charge?
Samples will be sent within 5 working days after we are in receipt of the payment. The sample charge is free, but the charges of shipping will be paid by the customer. You can pay the shipping charges by telex transfer(T/T),Payeasy.

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Q:What is resin and classification of resins?
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Urea formaldehyde resin is a water-soluble resin, easily cured, the cured resin colorless, non-toxic, good light resistance, long-term use does not change color, heat molding will not change color, can add various colorants to prepare various brightly colored products.
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Q:What's the matter of producing resin crafts with holes in them?
There are holes, there are air, there are two reasons:1, some of the air dissolved below the atmospheric pressure in the resin will be released during the curing process2, the resin pouring process is not in the vacuum environment, so the whole process can not completely exhaust the air
Q:The resin is broken. What can stick together?
Room temperature (25 DEG C) A glue and B by visual 1:1 ratio using a plastic coated surface rubber sheet is coated on the adhesive to be mixed immediately after the fixed 5-10 minutes basic positioning. (not a large amount of mixed glue).
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