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Do I need a safety helmet for indoor work?
Yes, helmets aren't just for falling objects.
How many safety caps can an injection machine produce in a day?
Injection molding machine performance and matching. For two days, the product will be broken on the injection molding machine is also a lot, the daily output will have an impact
What's the purpose of a safety helmet?
In the construction operation, protective helmet is quite large, it not only can bear and disperse the impact of falling objects, but also can protect or reduce impact damage falling head first with the high, can save a person's life. In fact, the right to wear helmets once saved a lot of tunnel construction personnel life we also witnessed.
How is the safety helmet graded? Red, white... On what level?
Red indicates that it is dying. White means no danger. Green means you are stuck
How do you use a screen print or a picture on a safety helmet?
Very simple, first of all to do a screen version, this version of the general typing, photocopying shop can do, and then ink printing on it.
What color is the safety helmet?! Who are those?
Safety helmets at construction sites have strict grades: the helmet of a general manager is much better in quality than the average worker.
How to buy a helmet
The use of helmets, first of all to understand the protective performance of helmets, structural features, and grasp the correct use and maintenance methods, otherwise, will make the helmet in the event of shock can not play a protective role.According to statistics of the departments concerned, 15% of the falling objects were caused by improper use of helmets.
What color hats do you represent on a construction site?
A construction site requires a safety helmet to enter the scene. Generally speaking, there is no uniform stipulation about the color of the helmet. Blue is usually worn by supervisors, designated by the local supervisory authority. The safety helmet use of the construction unit, there are many kinds of colors, such as white, red, yellow, is eye-catching effect.