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How Apple tablet planted antivirus software
If you use the WINDOWS system, then it is the same as the ordinary PC, and if you use the apple system, there is no need for antivirus software.
Can you change the router code on your mobile phone or tablet PC?
In the browser address bar, enter the router's access address, generally,,, account and password are generally admin, or you see the bottom of the router, generally have tag description
The apple tablet computer that can be inserted SIM card, how can the chaca
Apple does not have a tablet with SIM mobile cards, 3G version is only using pure data card, running traffic, can not callSamsung's 3G version of the tablet is using SIM mobile card tablet, support calls, send text messages, there are microphones and headphones, that is, an enlarged version of the NOTE mobile phone.
Can Apple phone and tablet charger be shared?
Apple mobile phone charger charging current is apple tablet 1A is 2.1A, the apple mobile phone charger Apple tablet not charge, with Apple tablet computer Apple mobile phone charger for charging current is too large, the risk of Apple's mobile phone battery charge explosion
My friend gave me an apple tablet, that is let me find a franchise stores to install the software, but I went to the store, the salesman told me that they were not responsible for the installation of software, so I downloaded on the Internet, I found online, said Apple tablet not just downloaded online software, what is what the hell, don't see understand. In the end is a friend wrong, or salesman does not want me, perfunctory me?There's nothing in this flat, where is the software installed? If it is downloaded online, please specify where to go, how to get it, I'm a rookie
First download the iTunes on the computer, and then install, register an account, you can download the software inside the App Store.
What's the difference between a handheld computer and a tablet PC?
Handheld computers, formerly PPC, referred to as handheld personal electronic assistant equipment.The previous smartphone, and an electronic device for office, called pdas.Tablet PCs and PDAs can also be normalized to class, subjective differences, mainly volume differences. Handheld computers are generally smaller than tablets. IPAD belongs to the tablet computer. HTC can only phone a big one, which can be called a palmtop computer
Can Apple's Tablet PC pay for online banking?
1, first of all, there are places where tablets can be inserted K treasure2 K treasure is based on the window system down, so in theory, window systems should all be available. But after all, the window on the tablet is different from what we normally use. It seems to be win8's system at the moment, and the system's support for online banking is uncertain.
When I want to celebrate the new year, I'll send it to my boyfriend who is a freshmanAbout one thousand. I can't believe it on TaobaoONDA, Ramos, Samsung and cube, you have now, with it?
Recommend HUAWEI MediaPad10FHD 10.1 inches flat (1920*1200IPS quad core CPU, sixteen core GPU, Dolby surround sound, 1G memory, 8G storage)