Safety Hat/hard hatCE Certificate HDPE Or ABS Material Construction

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Product NameCE Certificate HDPE Or ABS Material Construction safety hat/hard hat
Item No.M110
MaterialABS OR PE
UseShock Resistance, Electrical Insulation, Chemical Resistance

Master carton size54*44*59CM
Colorflourencent yellow,orange White or customized

printing,embroidery Customized logos are welcome

MOQ40 pcs/per size/per color
BrandJin Hua Zoyo-Safety PPE Factory
PackingStandard export package, or as customers requirement.
Sample Time1-5 days
Sample Policy

1)For the first cooperation, sample and shipping cost will be charged from the customer, but the cost will be fully returned to you when bulk orders confirmed.

2)When you become our old customer, we won't charge you the sample fee or shipping fee.


We accept payment terms: T/T

T/T :30% deposit upon approval sample, the balance paid before shipment.


By sea or air or combined transportation.



Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Detail:1 full set per neutral color box, 4 sets per carton, carton size:54.5*44*59cm, N/G.W:3.5/4.5kgs
Delivery Detail:Usual within 35 days but depends on final order qty,etc.

  CE Certificate HDPE Or ABS Material Construction safety hat/hard hat

Q:What is the color distribution of the helmet?The construction industry is fine
Easy to find watchful. Miners cap is now the color besides black, and other colors, and the safety cap on the sticky reflective material or luminescent material so that it can arouse people's attention in the dark light. Some departments use helmets in different colors, to distinguish between job titles, such as security management personnel wearing green cross mark White Helmets, maintenance personnel wearing orange helmets.
Q:What's the material of the safety helmet?
There are a lot of production safety cap materials, materials commonly used at home and abroad production safety helmet shell are: ABS material, HDPE material and PC material, FRP material; the cap hoop internal structure, mainly composed of LDPE, PA and other materials produced by HDPE; the top liner or sponge composite nylon material production, suction the sweat belt from PVC film, acrylic fiber or cloth towel sponge material, acrylic and polyester with cap hoop corresponding connecting piece. The main products of the main helmets in the world are briefly described as follows: (according to international practice, classification of safety helmet materials)
Q:What's the disadvantage of wearing a safety helmet for a long time? And how to take measures to avoid the disadvantages of this writing?
Safety cap for hot and easy to breed bacteria and even cause inflammation of the scalp, can use the disposable safety helmet pad to keep cap clean; tight cap will hinder the blood circulation of the head, bad hair growth; because of the occupation relationship always wearing a hat, should start early maintenance, multi massage scalp, hat in my spare time take the scalp "breathing"
Q:Can welders wear helmets on a construction site?
Do not take a helmet with the scene, do not need to bring about, and personal identity does not matter.
Q:What are the electrical labor protection products?
Electrical and power play as the name suggests is to make workers, work is electrical environment and conditions, so the PPE must have electrical insulating property, to protect the electrical safety, effect of outside force, Shanghai before moving trade limited company dedicated to providing safe for electricity workers labor supplies solutions, 1 head protection: safety hats, 2 foot protection, insulation, anti puncture, anti-static safety shoes; 3, hand protection: insulated gloves, 4, aerial protection: safety belt and safety rope. 5, eye protection: anti glare eye mask, anti fog mask, etc., 6, body protection: bright reflective clothing.
Q:Who are you going to wear a safety helmet for?
The use of safety helmet maintenance and precautions, selection of suitable safety helmet and his head, top hat lining and the hat shell must be kept within the top 20-50mm of space, form a system of energy absorption buffer, the impact force distribution in the whole area of the skull, to reduce head injury.
Q:How do chemical enterprises wear helmets?
Before putting on the helmet, adjust the cap and adjust the belt to the right position, then fasten the elastic band in the cap. Cushion cushion's elastic is adjusted by the belt, the human head and the top of the cap space vertical distance generally between 25 ~ 50mm, at least not less than 32mm is good. In order to ensure that when the impact occurs, the cap has enough space for buffering, usually also conducive to head and head ventilation between the body.
Q:What's wrong with a long helmet with a hair pressure distortion?
Blowing hair, blowing before applying micro styling wax. We must first apply a micro shaping effect of the wax, remember curly hair before, do not let the hair is the kind of rigid styling wax. After the hair dryer, the micro setting effect will be very natural, and relatively easy to create the desired degree of fluffy at any time, this is the most effective way.
Q:Can bamboo helmets be used for work?
Which type of helmet is available for use in any workplace, depending on the job, the nature of the workplace hazards and the type of helmet.Bamboo helmets are generally not suitable for use in places where fire is dangerous.
Q:The role of a safety helmet
The design of security reinforcement to enhance the crown at the top of the shell strength, in external shocks, the safety helmet is not easy to damage or cracks; design of internal components has played a buffer role, to maximize the protection of the safety of the workers. In terms of structural components and the selection of materials, or from see appearance design of safety helmet, it have to undergo a rigorous scientific testing. This is also why the safety helmets must be located to the qualified supplier purchase reason.

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