Epoxy Vinyl Resin with Good Quality and Best Price

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Product Description:

Product  description:

Its other properties are similar to those of epoxy resins. Certain applications require only a thin coating of fiberglass adhesive for protection.

One common variety is polyester resin fiberglass, a liquid resin polymerized into a solid, and resistant to most solvents. Fiberglass can be laminated from the epoxy resin, crafted into glass-reinforced plastic structures, glass wool, or chopped strand mats of randomly arranged short fibers.

Specifications : 




Acid value   mgKOH/g    


 Viscosity   25℃,Pa·s  


Gel time   25℃,min 


Solid content   


Epoxy Vinyl Resin with Good Quality and Best Price 

 Application :

Corrosion-resistant FRP lining and the overall FRP storage tanks, pipelines, towers, tanks and other chemical equipments and products;

Pultrusion FRP products, grid and electrical insulation FRP materials;

Available for HLU, FW, PL, SPU, RTM, flake glass, filled linings and coating compounds.


Features :

Good balance of chemical resistance, solubility, film strength and thermoplasticity;

Adhesion to PVC substrates;

Miscible with functionalized solution vinyl resins;

FDA approved for food contact applications;

 Epoxy Vinyl Resin with Good Quality and Best Price

Package&Storage : 

Package:200kg or 18kg clean and dry iron drum;

Safety suggestion:Accelerator and curing agent must be separated during the storage and transportation

Skin and eyes should be avoided to contact with resin, and necessary protective equipment and clothing should be worn, prohibit strictly pour into the water. For details

Epoxy Vinyl Resin with Good Quality and Best Price


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15days after receiving the deposit

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We are factory,and we have more than 10 years of experience.


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Q:Is EVA resin harmful to human body?
The characteristics of EVA resin with good flexibility, rubber like elasticity, at -50 degrees still can have good flexibility, transparency and good surface gloss, good chemical stability, anti aging and ozone resistance, good strength, non-toxic. With the filler of good mixing, coloring and molding processing good.
Q:What's the difference between a mixed base and a resin base band?
Hybrid base ribbon: both high quality printing and durability, wide range of applications, good price effect. High adaptability, scratch resistance, applicable materials: copper, paper, clothing, tag.
Q:Using unsaturated resin to make glass fiber reinforced plastic products, without adding accelerant, only curing agent, can I? What is the function of accelerant?
Its promoter is cobalt water (cobalt cobalt cobalt solution), its role is to promote the curing reaction (to speed up the reaction). Without accelerators, the cure rate is only a little slower.
Q:Does phoenix brand 6101 and EP hardener mix with fever? What type of epoxy resin has a strong adhesion on PVC?
The adhesion of epoxy resin and PVC have a great relationship with the PVC type carbide unplasticised PVC epoxy resin adhesive to the surface of PVC easily, a little deal about it; soft PVC and epoxy resin adhesion is not good, basically not stick.
Q:Presbyopic glasses and glass lens resin lens which is better?
The advantages of glass: light transmittance is better, can reach more than 99%, high density, the same degree of lens than the resin sheet much thinner lenses used for a long time is not easy to yellowing, long service life, cheap, high hardness, should not wear flowers.Disadvantages of glass: fragile, heavier than resin, and if you are not 300 degrees high, then glass and resin can be selected. Only the glass will be heavier, the lenses fragile, the glass can not do frameless and half frame glasses, and can only be selected in the full box. If equipped with resin that would be a lot lighter than glass, the thickness of a bit thick. The resin lenses are not limited to frames, and are available with frameless, half frame, and full frames.
Q:The difference between resin sheet and glass sheet
Anti Dent: generally hot, small volume of material easy to cause dents and spots in the glass, but if it touches the resin lens, it will automatically open, and will not cause any traces on the surface of the lens.7. resin mirror surface reflection than ordinary glass piece is low, also less dazzling.8. resin double lens does not have chromatic aberration, this is because the resin double optical lens is the whole structure, therefore, the fused glass double lens has less chromatic aberration.9. resin lens transmittance is as high as 92%, more than 2% higher than ordinary glass.10. resin lenses resist a wide range of chemicals and solvents, and almost all household solvents and chemicals do not affect or impair it.
Q:The difference between resin anchoring agent and cement coil
The cement roll anchor is one of the bonded bolt, which is often used in the initial support of highway tunnel.
Q:Lighting industry to do the lamp rack, there are many resin materials used, I ask what kind of material in the end, what are the advantages?
Strictly speaking, is a chemical phenolic resin structure, there are many types, widely used in light industry and heavy industry in our daily life, we often come to, such as plastic, resin lenses, coatings, rosin.
Q:Which trees can produce resin?
Resin is a plastic product, not a knot on a tree.
Q:What kind of sandpaper should be used for sanding the resin model?
The best selection of resin model of water sand paper because the resin dust after being inhaled into the lungs can lead to poisoning generally used Tamiya sandpaper more durable in Taobao or model shop to buy the best preparation for 400 mesh 2 mesh 1000 mesh grinding polishing with general resin models are to be painted, burnish is not recommended too smooth to avoid paint adhesion not enough

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