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Thursday night, while I was sleeping, someone rang the door bell franctically, and then tried to go thru the window, and our sliding glass door. They couldnt open anything, so they couldnt get in. I thought it was my imagination, until they rung the door bell again, and tried to get thru the window I was looking thru! I have 2 kids, so I was scared for their safety.. Ya sure, the cops came, but I leave like every single light on now! I am trying to fall asleep now, but I am scared to sleep because I keep hearing banging and what not.. Should I just forget about it, try to fall asleep, or what? Please help! This is also a 4 point easy question! BUT HONEST ANSWERS PLEASE! My fiance doesn't get home until 12am or so I haven't been to sleep yet!
Ya there is probably some THC in your system but with a week and a half to clean your system there should be no worries. Just clean your piece and keep smoking spice if you want. With that much time without taking a hit of some actual weed your piss would be clean. Plus that resin is probably well cooked up.Take a resin hit from your piece if it taste like some weed then clean it. If your trippin out about it one way is go to a head shop and pick up some detox. I use maxdetoc (32 bucks where i live) from my local head shop and I smoke up to 2 days before a UA . Has worked for me for a couple times as well as friends. I would worry about taking UA's in the first place ether if your not on probo for drug charges.
Is there any food grade epoxy resin?
In the past and the latest version of the national mandatory food additive standard GB2760-2014, has never included epoxy resin, so it does not matter what kind of food grade epoxy resin.
I will be taking the motorcycle safety course in a week and it requires full-fingered, wrist-protective gloves. Does anybody know of a brand that I can get for cheap, since I probably will never wear them again. They seem to be almost impossible to find
Lightning strikes are instant and sporadic.Getting a stable energy supply will prove extremely difficult.Its like the problem of solar power but ten times worse.There isn't a certainty that you'll have that light energy source consistently.There can be a cloud,It could rain which cuts of the source of light energy.So the general problem is keeping it consistent
Why baking soda is used to make dough rise and why is it also used in fire extinguishers?
Having experience in both polymer clay and resin casting (but not together), I would say yesthe chance for success is high. My only thought is that your resin casting might provide some clean-up problems if your baked clay mold has any undercuts in it. Since the resin doesn't create extreme amounts of heat during curing, you might also experiment by using an oil-based clay for your mold material. The key word here is experiment! Make a simple mold out of as many materials that you think might work, mix some resin, cast into the molds, sit back, wait, and evaluate your processes. Good luck!
Has anyone had any experience with the Glaser Safety Slug in .45 ACP? If so what type of pistol, make and model? What have been the results and failure to fire, jams? Thanks as always for your time.
Yes I do love the great sheriff! We want about a million more jails like his! It might get the attention of some of these fools who're trying to get a room on the nearby penitentiary!
My dog is small (Chihuahua) but sheds excessively. Her hair is everywhere which I know is all apart of having a pet that sheds. I have hardwood floors and sweeping gets the majority but the hair is still on the furniture, clothes and even in my shoes :) Would a hand dust vac help?
Possible; but they probably wanted to find a reason to dump you anyway to do it.
my pc was infected with a spyware, i did some risky clean-up thing using a software i found in the internet to remove the malware.. after, i discovered that my control panel was lost or corrupted coz i cant open it any more.. along with it, i cant also access my sound manager, desktop property settings and other utilities under control panel is there any way i can do aside from reformatting to restore my control panel? ive tried system restore but it didnt solve the problem pls help. thanks.. c,
To collect resin for the purpose of smoking it you've got to scrape the piece. Bad stuff could happen if you're smoking resin that was saturated with alcohol.
er .. How the heck do i get this thing off ?its almost completly rounded
Wow you got a 10year old's sense of humour. If you were a REAL firefighter you know that that shitt hurts and isnt funny.