Unsaturated Polyester Resin Product Code:196

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high purity,low price,high quality,Extensive use

  UPR Technique Data (196)





Yellow green liquid

Acid value






Gel time



solids content






Barcol hardness




unsaturated polyester resin product code:196

Unsaturated Polyester Resin


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2. Good Service : We treat clients as friend.


3. Good Quality :We have strict quality control system .Good reputation in the market.


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1. Application

  1) General purpose laminating resin and Laminating resin for boats

  2) Resin transfer molding resin

  3) Heat resistance and chemical resistance resin

  4) Super corrosion resistance resin

  5) Filament winding resin and pultrusion molding resin

  6) Corrugated panel molding resin

  7) Clear casting resin and special casting resin

  8) Onyx marble resin and general marble resin

  9) Gel coat resin and color paste / pigment

  10) Others

 unsaturated polyester resin product code:196


unsaturated polyester resin product code:196



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Q:Is there any food grade epoxy resin?
In the past and the latest version of the national mandatory food additive standard GB2760-2014, has never included epoxy resin, so it does not matter what kind of food grade epoxy resin.
Q:How many kilograms of 1 cubic meter epoxy resin mortar?
The epoxy resin mortar is a kind of epoxy resin Kashi Eisa mixed with high viscosity slurry. Epoxy resin grout. LD-007 epoxy grouting material, including A (resin), B (hardening agent), C (filler) three components, the product adopts high quality resin and refined filler, 100% solid content, no solvent and other volatile substances harmful to human body. At room temperature, the three components of each material can be completely mixed and can be used without the addition of any ingredients. LD-007 epoxy grouting material grouting two times vibration, impact and chemical corrosion of the equipment provides a solution for the permanent installation for the long term bear, has been shown to greatly prolong the service life cycle and parts of rotating equipment.
Q:Difference between probe, sensor & detector ?
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Q:What are the differences and uses of resins, plastics, acrylics and PVC?
Plastic is the main component resin; polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the world's second largest general resin; acrylic is also a kind of resinBroadly speaking, any polymer compound that can be used as plastic material for processing raw materials is called resin.
Q:Why pretreatment of resins?
A resin is loaded into a container, the container for backwashing resin with small flow operation, to remove residual impurities mixed material and manufacturing process of the reaction did not participate in the resin production process in the backwashing drainage to clear.B, soak the resin with 5% HCI solution for 4 hours, then rinse the water to neutral. The purpose of acid treatment is to remove inorganic impurities in the resin.C, take temporary take over method, the Yang bed pretreatment into the alkali pipe connection, with 2% NaOH solution soak resin for 4 hours, release the lye, wash the resin to the drainage, close to neutral. The alkali treatment is mainly to get rid of the organic matter in the resin.D, after the above treatment, the original regeneration system will be recovered, and the normal regeneration of the bed should be carried out by the large backwashing and regeneration dose, and then it can be put into operation.Precautions for pretreatment:A and new resin should be prevented from dehydration before pretreatment, or they can not be treated directly. The new resin without normal dehydration can be washed directly with water until the water is colorless and hardness free.B, the volume of soaking liquid generally take 2 times the volume of resin, in order to fully soak the resin.C, for a small amount of resin replacement, can be carried out in the external anti-corrosion containers, should avoid the pretreatment of new resin directly filled in the exchanger.D, for the new resin pretreatment of the exchanger, before regeneration must be large backwash, and large backwash before should be small backwash.
Q:Can you sue a company that fires you for having a piercing in your face?
100% sure you should go with kneepads..That is a great idea. You are a caring person after all.
Q:The difference between an epoxy solvent and a non solvent type is that the resin is not the floor
Solvent is usually added to a percentage of the solvent, such as xylene, specifically which is good, and applicable, mainly depends on what you are using, what to do with, if you want to further understand, in contact
Q:What are the resins?
Resin crafts in 109 BC, the prime minister found in the weld hole is located in Shandong Linyi eight foot mountain under the sword forging the best in all the land, then that is just a prototype, made of resin crafts the two big, let the craftsmen carved into a seat for the eagle, which is the world's first piece of resin crafts, from the Qin Dynasty began to spread, many ancient merchants began to explore and find the raw materials on resin crafts in eight feet under the mountain, when the raw material was discovered soon after, people found the stone carving craftsmen let cost too much, take a few days to carve a resin handicraft, this forever at that time can not meet the market demand, to 300 years later in 430 years when song merchants learn to use smart silicone rubber, glass Frosting powder etc. It greatly improves the quality of resin arts and crafts.
Q:What is the principle of exchange of sodium ion resin?
The sodium ion exchange softening treatment is characterized by:(1) to remove the hardness of water, and basicity unchanged, but only Ca2+, Mg2+ and Na+ equal charge molar exchange;(2) the content of Mg2+ in natural water are generally relatively small, mainly exchanged is Ca2+ and Na+, and the molar mass of calcium M (Ca) is 20 M, the molar mass of sodium (Na) is 23, close to, therefore, sodium ion exchange softening water salinity is basically unchanged the water dissolved solids, not much changes;(3) in the regeneration process, sometimes due to wash thoroughly, or leakage of regeneration agent valve system, the water chlorine after softening treatment rather than raw water has increased, but by careful operation can be avoided.
Q:Which trees can produce resin?
Resin is a plastic product, not a knot on a tree.

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