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Hooked up my washer in new home and connected hose to the drain which is at the bottom of the wall and from that up runs a 2 pvc pipe. Everything looked good and was until it went to drain and water shot out the pipe. Is it clogged or is there a valve that hasnt been opened?
P.S. I don't think it's advised to use less hardener than half and half for good results (in fact, *exact* measuring is usually urged epoxy resins are different from polyester resins in that way.) HTH, Diane B.
I have worked at the same place for almost eight years and I have had some strange things happen. For example: I was working by myself and I was in the office which is about fifteen feet from the front counter. I heard the sound of something being set on the counter. I walked out and no one was there. The whole place was empty. Another time I was standing behind the counter and three rows of stuff just fell on the floor. I hear noises all the time when no one else is in the store. I have had customers hear things and ask me what that noise was and I have no clue. Have you had anything like that happen to you?
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I'd like to use talcum powder as fiberglass resin filler. I don't know what specifications
The thickness of the packing can enhance the strength and toughness of the product and increase the stability of the product. Previously used toothpaste powder (toothpaste grade calcium carbonate) as a filler, compared to talcum powder should be relatively expensive. As a filler of chemical products, it does not have anything to do with calcium free.
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If you just want to stiffen the tea-stained linen strips and add a bit more brownish or other tone, you could just tint permanent white glue (Elmers GlueAll, e.g.) with brown or orange acrylic paint, then apply that thickly (should dry translucent at least, and also stiffen the linen wrapping). Or you could use any other clear finish or varnish you happen to have around (polyurethane, clear fingernail polish, Mop 'N Glo or other acrylic floor polishes, etc.) and tint them to apply for probably a more transparent color.
What im trying to figure out with this is experiment is how does the temperature of a rubber band affect the distance it stretches when submersed in water and supporting a constant weight? the water will be heated and i dont know what safety materials to use except for goggles. please help me?
1) put in another battery (make sure it is new). 2) check for lint sometimes lint in the sensor will cause false alarms ( take the cover off and vacuum the inside). 3) if none of these work, then get a new one.
What is the difference with ordinary coat resin resin?
Gel coat resin is a special tree made of glass steel products gel coat ester, is a special kind of unsaturated polyester, mainly used for surface of resin products, a thin covering of continuity, its thickness is about 0.4 mm.
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