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Product Description:

Phenol Formaldehyde Resin

CAS No.:  9003-35-4

Appearance:Irregular transparent solid

Properties: Dissolved in cool tar, ester, turpentine oil and similar solvents, undissolved in alcoholic dissolved, partially soluble in petroleum products; mix well with plant oils, high softening point; fast drying.


1). Road marking paint: It can improve on the brightness, bonding, water and weather-resistance and may perfection for the dispersing and drying of any pigments.

2). Rubber: It goes compatible with both natural and synthetic rubber and characterized as adhesive, softening and reinforcement, it functions as an ideal for manufacturing of tyres and processing of any rubbers.

3). Adhesive: It is compatible well with high polymerization based substances, and is characteristic of excellent and stable bonding and heat resistance and changes retardant with both time and temperature.
Other application: It is also widely used in fields of oil ink, paper bonding, sealant etc.

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Q:Which is good for food additives
Recommended to add, is a food additive platform, there are many suppliers.
Q:Let C and C‘ be two abelian categories and let F:C---gt; C‘ a (additive?) functor. Suppose that X non zero implies F(X) non zero. Does this imply that F is faithfull?
The functor C → D is one which maps every object of C to a fixed object X in D and every morphism in C to the identity morphism on X. Such a functor is called a constant or selection functor. Maybe you can take CC' and the functor to be the constant functor. For example CAb, the category of abelian groups and the functor that sends a group to say, (Z,+). That would show that it's not necessarily to have a faithfull functor. The forgetfull functors are faithfull though.
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If you have a oil leak I would recommend staying away from the synthetic oil until you get the leak taken care of. Sea Foam is a good product to use in the crankcase and in the fuel. But I know of nothing that is good at stopping a oil leak.
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Yes, it can be dangerous if it is eaten by infants.
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4/9 + -4/9 = 0 which is the additive identity....therefore -4/9 is the additive inverse...
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Yes. you should document everything about this and hold these people to task. Have several witnesses present when the oil pan plug is removed and what is in the pan is drained into a clean vessel and the amount (volume) is documented, and possibly lab analyzed to prove or disprove that these people are at fault. If they are then they owe you an engine.
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Down syndrome isn#x27;t caused by vaccines, if she doesnt have the necessary vaccines there is a chance that your future children will have certain problems. So far I#x27;ve had the flu jab which protects me aswell as baby and due whooping cough further in my pregnancy. If she gets ill the baby gets ill, she needs to stay In top health and vaccines are only going to help her and the baby
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First, good call on Soylent Green. Both the movie and the book it was based on are excellent. Second, pink slime, and its varieties made of chicken and pork, have been around for decades. Anything that has mechanically separated . is pink slime made of beef, chicken or pork. (granted, chicken pink slime isn't pink.) I mean, what do you think McDonalds McNuggets are made of? Or the McRib? Lots of hotdogs use pink slime as well, as does pet food. Again, read the ingredients.
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The -ve of the number is called additive inverse. 3 and -3 are additive inverses of each other.

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