High Quality Curved Polymer Fiber

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3000 Kgs kg
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100000 Tons Per Year kg/month
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Instructions of High Quality Curved Polymer Fiber:


Our  High Quality Curved Polymer Fiber is used to instead of steel fibre to reinforce the cement concrete for crack-resistant, it has the advantage of easy dispersing blending and no need for any special maintenance.


Technical Data of  High Quality Curved Polymer Fiber:


Length(mm): 20,40,50


Equivalent Dia(μm): 0.96mm


Density(g/cm3): 0.91


Elastic Modulas (MPa)>3500


Break Tensile Ratio(%)≤ 15


Break Strength(MPa)≥ 460


Melt Point ≥ 160 ℃


Application of  High Quality Curved Polymer Fiber:


1.Recommand adding amount


3kg /m 3




Common crack-resistant usage: 50mm


For spraying concrete: 40mm .


3.Mixing process


Same as common cement concrete


Package of  High Quality Curved Polymer Fiber:

1kg per bag in common and could also be packed as customer's requirement.


High Quality Curved Polymer Fiber



High Quality Curved Polymer Fiber

Q:our prank is to dig 1 foot wide/1 foot deep trenches shaped like ***** and fill with cement, so how do we fill it cement, can we pour the powder stuff into the trench and fill with water then mix it with a stick, and dont tell me i shouldnt do it, or its mean, i dgaf, we have a full-proof plan, we just need to know how to lay cement
usually you mix it and then lay it , but do you know how many cubic feet you need, it will take a while to mix a lot of cement, and you really don't to take the time to mix it after you have already had to dig the whatever it is your digging. have you thought about getting a kiddy pool and putting it in the back of a truck and having several people mix it close by and then drive and quickly fill in the hole ? i bet 2 or 3 kiddy pools will hold a lot of cement and be strong enough to mix with out puncturing. ps this has good idea written all over it.
Q:it's square shaped 12x12 with a grill. Right next to the deck and with a view of the ocean. The house is grey-blue
A view of the ocean! You are so lucky. I am guessing that the patio is a red brick color? I think all eyes should be on the ocean, lounging in a couple very comfortable chairs with a little table. The Pottery Barn has some really nice looking outdoor wicker and if you put some neutral color cushions on them like a sandy beige, or a pale grey. An outdoor rug to go over the red cement to make it look like an outdoor room would look great also. A couple of potted plants and you have an outdoor living space. Enjoy! I have woods and trees, but no ocean.
Q:I have a science project I have to do and was wondering if you had any ideas. Thanks!
Should be on google, but .... Think of cement* as the flour in a cake, and then add ingredients sand, gravel, and water, mix, and you have concrete. The reactions started by adding water cause the concrete mixture to get warm (as compared to itself), dry out, and harden into a cohesive block of material. *it is a powdered rock of some kind, maybe limestone, idk
Q:What is difference Between Cement Paste And Mortar?
additives like latex to make it flexible.
Q:know the cement but I want to know the exact definition in engineering view.?
cement is a cementing material or binding material used in engineering construction. It is manufactured from calcareous substance and is many respects to the strongly limes but possessing far greater hydraulic properties. thanks.
Q:What is the difference between lime and cement in building materials?
What is the difference between lime and cement in building materials?
Q:how many cubic meters of cement are there in a 40 kgs. (94lbs) bag of portland cement?
The Specific Gravity of Portland Cement is 3.15 so there are 0.0127m3 of Portland cement in a 40kg bag measured as a solid. As the density of the cement in the bag is about 1506kg/m3 (allowing for the voids between the grains) the volume of a 40kg bag is about 0.0266m3
Q:im trying to add a receptacle to my kitchen island. i want to run the wiring under the cement. what other step i need to do like what do i need to use to cut that cement how can i pull that cement i cut up please help me thanks
I would have to say your probably choosing the hardest way to do this, If your house is new it could be post tension, don't cut this, cables under high tension! might be easier to go through walls and do a little drywall repair.but if you insist on concrete cutting, wet saw at rental yard lots of water and mess, jack hammer to break and remove concrete. Have fun. Don't forget to protect the receptacle with a Ground fault circuit interrupter, required in kitchens, National Electric Code
Q:The factory was established this month, not yet officially produced, is now renovated workshop. More
Can be divided into three categories: machine materials, inorganic materials (metal, non-metallic), composite materials.
Q:Hi. I can ollie, shovit, pop shovit, powerslide, but can't land a kickflip on cement. I can land on grass like every single time and for some reason, i can all ready varial flip sometimes on the grass too. I don't know y i can't land it on cement. Maybe it's because i always land with both feet in the middle of the board every time i do the kickflip on the grass, so please tell me how i can on the bolts. Also put how i can land it on cement PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THNX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
practice on cement from now on. kickflips are one of those tricks where you have to practice them ALOT and have to figure it out by yourself mostly. but if you practice them on the ground from now on you will eventually get it.
Glasser, a well-known reinforced glass fiber production enterprise. Our main products scope involves glass fiber series, environmental protection filter series,engineering plastic series precious metal products, raw materials and so on. Our company manufactures various glass fiber products, including Alkali-free glass fiber rovings, Alkali-free chopped strand, Alkali jet yarn, Alkali textile yarn,Alkali chopped strand and Alkali glassfiber scrim . ,

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Beijing, China
Year Established 1991
Annual Output Value Above US$ 20 Million
Main Markets North America; South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Africa; Oceania; Mid East; Eastern Asia; Western Europe;
Company Certifications ISO9001:2000

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin Port
Export Percentage 21% - 30%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered; Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range High; Average

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