Fiber Cement Board for Interior a nd Exterior Walls

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Product Description:

Product Applications:

Our fiber cement board is made of high-grade cement and modified material, reinforced by natural fiber. Being processed by high pressure and temperature advanced technologies. It’s a new building material with excellent performances.

Product Advantages:

Standard Size: 1220*2440mm (W*L)

Thickness Range: 5mm~30mm

Packing: Pcs/Pallet

Main Product Features:

Density: 1.2~1.5g/cm3 (medium), 1.5~2.0 (high)

Water Absorption: ≤30% (medium density), ≤25% (high density)

Non-combustibility: Non-Inflammability Class A

Wet Expansion: ≤0.25%

Bending Strength (Dry/Wet): 20/12 MPA (medium density), 24/14 MPA (high density)

Fire Proof & Insulation;

Waterproof and Moisture Proof;

Thermal & Sound Insulation;

High Strength & Light Weight;


Good Looking & Easy Installation / Replacement;

Safe & Harmless;

Product Specifications:

Fiber  Cement  Board  for  Interior  a nd  Exterior  Walls



Fiber  Cement  Board  for  Interior  a nd  Exterior  Walls

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Q:5mm cement fiber board how much money a square?
Generally more than one hundred yuan per square, all local prices are not the same
Q:How do the fluorocarbon paint on the external wall of the cement pressure plate?
Metal paint: metal paint a + varnish together. Plain paint together, metal varnish together.
Q:Can i tile over plywood floor, without using cement board?
it is not the proper way to do it im guessing someone at home depot told you to use cement board but if your tiling not with sticky tiles it will work perfectly fine. me and my mom done it with exterior tiles on a back porch which is not heated if your using it for something thats going to be wet alot also if your doing this for something thats going to last do it the right way . for example our back porch is done without cement board the grout cracked in a few spots and a tile broke because of an accident also some tiles are not stuck to the floor they came up and we used a good amount of tile adhesive our front porch is done with cement board and its even in a colder climate in winter and is flawless.
Q:Where is the cement pressure plate installed?
The following is the package of the construction method of classification, comparison brick: by the mud construction, in front of the brick, with red brick, the riser wrap up. Features: sound insulation is good, strong and strong, not easy to deformation, paste the disk is not easy to fry. Disadvantages: relatively thick, accounting for space.
Q:can I install hardwood over cement backer board?
Depends. If it is nail down flooring, not good. If it is snap together floating flooring, no problem.
Q:i can land a kickflip in the grass 40% of the time and now i really cant land it on the cement?
probly because in grass your more confedent because you did it lots of times and mabye because the grass was slippery 20% of the time or so.
Q:Decorative fire board environmental protection? How to choose to buy environmentally friendly decorative fire board?
Application of special coating process, in the sheet surface coating high-performance environmentally friendly coatings, the formation of high-quality fire environmental decorative panels. Known as green, low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection of the new decorative plate, instead of the traditional wood sheet, marble, tiles and other decorative materials, and the surface wear easy to clean, impact resistance, color stability, moisture and weather resistance.
Q:how do I lay cement board on a concrete floor with out screws?
If the concrete floor is smooth, you can place the tiles on the concrete. The thinset will do the job. If the concrete is rough, try concrete refinisher. It's easy to use and will give a smooth surface. Hardi backer or cement board should be screwed to the floor. Use a masonry bit to drill the holes. Be sure to tape the seams and then proceed with your tile. Using a high speed drill will drill the holes quickly and easily. I do this for a living.
Q:Home decoration ceiling with what plate is it?
1, gypsum board: is a building gypsum as the main raw material made of a material, it has a light weight, high strength, thinner thickness, easy processing and insulation and fire insulation and other excellent performance. Gypsum board is one of the most popular new lightweight plates used in modern decoration. 2, mineral wool board: mineral fiber cotton as raw material, the biggest feature is a very good sound absorption, heat insulation effect, often used in high temperature and noise and other occasions, such as ceiling decoration, such as kitchen. The surface of the mineral wool board can also be patterned and carved, and more in style. 3, sauna board: is a special ceiling material, a dedicated log room for the sauna, to plug-in connection, easy to install. Sauna board is treated by high temperature degreasing, high temperature resistance, easy to deformation. Often used to the bathroom, balcony and other places, are high-grade materials. 4, silicon calcium board: from natural gypsum powder, white cement, glue, glass fiber composite made of multiple materials. It has a fire, moisture and noise characteristics, can absorb indoor excess water molecules, when the air is dry and can release the preservation of water molecules, commonly used in high-end decoration, to increase indoor comfort. In the choice of ceiling decoration materials and design, should follow the two materials, solid, safe and beautiful and practical principles, according to their own home environment reasonable choice ceiling material.
Q:Drywall and Cement board quantities question?
Your husband is sweet. do away with the wallboard. while you're no longer making plans on putting up tiles there is no reason to apply cement board. i could get some Vantek board from Lowes, approximately 27.00 a sheet and use that. that's water-resistant and springs with a 25 year guarantee. It seems and acts like plywood. particularly reliable, purely ensure you placed on goggles once you chop back it, the timber flakes and performs havoc on your eyes. I used Vantec on a kitchen floor and likewise rather for my patio roof. It rained two times earlier we've been given the shingles on and did no harm. And we get slightly rain right here in southern Missouri

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